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  1. Many Thanks for clarification! Now I have suggestions to make, because it is something that 'kind of bothers" me since I first was introduced to DOG DAYS anyway: IMO it would be great if an alternative fire mode would be added to the SOAKTRON, so this weapon IS ABLE to shoot a beam. -> EITHER we click and hold alternate-fire-mode-button and it shoots the beam right away, OR with the click on "switch fire mode" we switch between the fire-modi A beam-water-gun would be kind of more realistic* for a water-gun after all (as we all have experience on how they work or not?xD) but.
  2. thanks, it is great fun as always, would be even more fun if we could equip the SOAKTRON SKIN on not just the "projectile shooting" rifles and Kitguns but also on the BEAM KITGUNS ...as well as other predestinated weapons like GLAXION, SYNAPSE, ...list is long...
  3. and , yes, still for me too, when there is much noise. FIX for this will be NOICE.
  4. Will there be coming a fix for: the special ability "blocking-charging-and-blindig" of Vaykor Sydon, or is that considered one of the smaller nerfs, and will stay as is in the long run ;)?
  5. I noticed this too, but slightly less awkward at my screen, yet still same thing. I think it has to do with Ambient Occlusion combined with DirectX12. -> Direct X12 currently doesn't support ambient occlusion for warframe, for some reason..(EDIT: At least MY graphics card does not support it, but it is a rather good, so I feel left out, or how many of you have same message for ambient occlusion?) You could try to play in DirectX11 maybe? Or maybe, if you already play in DirectX11, then I got no idea at all, sry^^* (this looks just like in old animated cartoons: when you could tell
  6. it's a shame I do not have the answer you are seeking. But thanks to you, sir, I now know abut GEFORCE NOW What a time to be alive 😳
  7. hi, Wisp: the amount of energy drained when augment mod [Fused Reservoir] is equipped, is not 200% more. I tested it in Simulacrum, and it is the amount of energy times two, so "only" 200% (->and not 200% more , what would mean: "amount plus (2 times the amount)" ...or not ?) "Costs 200% more" could probably be changed to costs 200% energy
  8. My resolution is 16.9, 2560x1440 pixels , no windowed or borderless, just fullscreen. In the meantime I realized, the "low latency mode" was a setting/option besides the "v-sync" option, and I turned that low latency back to OFF, what was default a long time and I did not touch that till recently, so now, without trying any fancy stuff in the NVIDIA Control Panel anymore what so ever, I have these annoying black boxes... I take a wild guess, that if I make a hard reset to over all default graphics settings, I will get them as well anyway -.-, BUT I will do so now...
  9. Yes, please look into this matter asap ^^* I have them too, huge black squares, or one huge plus several smaller ones at the edge of the huge one.. graphics: enhanced, Direct x12, with NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650, but somewhat "decent" amount of GPU settings, -not too fancy and orover the tops quality over performance prefering at all,- so this should not happen at all, plus on top of it it DIDN'T happen at all in the past... or is the problem, that I did choose the graphics too low??
  10. I have a 60Hz Monitor* (would sustain 75 Hz but only with AMD Free-Sync, however I have GeForce graphics* (with G-Sync which Monitor can't ..should've read more carefully xD) and I am stuck with 60Hz. 60 fps delivers my Monitor. *Dell S2721D *NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650 So I leave this info here just because maybe it helps narrowing down the cause of the issue and maybe it is somewhat related to " Graphics Capability plus Monitor Capability " - in combination!?: I TRIED this: With "adaptive" vertical refresh I suddenly have these black squares as well. never had them before! Adapti
  11. Thanks for the hotfix <3 EDit: i answered to a whole other thread, becasue I have black squares all of a sudden: But, however, after recovering previous graphics settings, where I have not had these issues before, they keep appearing. So I am afraid maybe it has to do with the hotfix? Maybe it is even Vaykor Sydon related? (used it after a long time again..) I could add screenshots but they basically are like the ones in the linked thread. On a side note: If I installed and played a different game that did some fancy stuff to environment variable or direct X, c
  12. Thank You for the hotfix!:)
  13. Hi all! I wonder: How old is every Warframe? Besides the fact, that there is the release order, and which doesn't necessarily represent the "age" of a warframe! For example: How old is Inaros? How long has he been around? Do we have an actual year or date? Which is the oldest Warframe, the youngest? Is there a list of all Warframes that can be filtered by such fun-fact info? And in addition: What funny facts could there possibly exist about them, which are not exactly "important" but maybe "nice to know"?
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