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  1. On Prime Time whilest other Tennos joining Megan and Rebecca in the sortie mission, it was said that they should just stay back and watch them, ... wouldn't it be great to be able to join friends matches to watch them? Even if the squad is full... I often waited for a friend to finish a mission, so we could play together, and it would be so much fun to be able to pay a visit as spectator for the rest of the mission. Of course it would be a request every time that must be answered by "accept request" or something, maybe via typing /allow in chat or something like that , if that is possible ?
  2. This made me instantly think of that it could be 2 weapons, either a glaive or a whip, depending on used stance !! It's a shame their stances don't have the same polarity, I still wonder if only the "grip-style" is important and DE will be making new stances for great ideas... or if it was meant as, "just weapons that can use already existing stances" it seems DE made no explizite statement to this, so it can be understand the first way, what is absolutely nice-because of all the great ideas :), ( I really hope that DE just meant the grip style, but am a little afraid that "stances" were meant) but either way, I love the weapons with more possibilities, so I just want to quote some more of my personal favs and try to influence the DESIGN COUNCIL here again, great ! And with the potential of a new glorious stance for each polearm and dual scythes, to swap between both DRUING MISSION, that would be sooo awesome indeed ! I wish i could give more than just one thumb up :D, but then again, the decision is up to the DESIGN COUNCIL heck yeah! ^now this woulb be a total new "grip style", or at least a whole new weapon category, but one that HAS TO BEcome a real thing , please DE ! Aaaaaaaaaaaannd , wouldn't it be great if one of the winning designs would somewhen in the future be elected by the community? Once in a year a weapon will be seriously concidered by the Design Council, that was voted most for in the steamworkshop , or maybe this is already a thing somehow (?) and I don't know yet ? Anyway..great thread, great idea by the staff making this creation contest, "melee thanks" ! Anyone complaining about how they make us do their work doesn't get this, period !
  3. I really hope it's ok when I quote myself now, since I wanted to edit my formal first entry on page 27 properly. I changed the look drastically, now it fits the basic idea a lot more, still not more than two pictures as allowed :) But I have to say: All these ideas are great! And some are just outstanding! the Lotus like glaive probably beats mine, but it's ok, as long as we got a glive! I love glaives :P You guys are great! Keep them awesome ideas rolling in! This is so far my favorit thread overall <3
  5. " How they should do it is that everyone has the research in their dojo at the end of the operation (as long as their clan was involved a little bit), but the top 10% get it fully researched without paying the cost. Everyone wins. The really active clans have a reason to compete and get a huge head start (not having to pay the resource costs would be a big deal) and others would have a chance to research it eventually if they grind it out over time to get the resources. " @Tesseract7777 : I created the thread to hear that exactly what I understood first would be wrong - hopefully, ...and i kind of hope(d) that DE would give EVERYONE the opportunity to the ignis wraith research. I agree on your idea here! I will earn my Ignis Wraith, that I'm sure of, and I will have to live with the fact, that I won't be able to sell ignis wraith BPs for good plat -unless I quit my clan and join a top 10% one The reason I quoted Eluminary is, that I agree 100% on what's been said ! If DE decides to put in other weapons that way, I'm not sure if I will keep on playing Warframe. It surely is no big deal for me, that I can't make plat out of it whilest others CAN. I don't think that i am getting punished here, hey we all get a new weapon eventually, yey What I am afraid of is, that my Clan will become redundant because I somehow won't be able to get to research 100% of everything there is to be researched! I am a "complete everything" gamer. I played skyrim till every other sidequest was done, played it multiple times to see the outcome of the different decisions in quests.. I once collected every single pickup in GTA San Andreas , if you know what I'm talking about. Same for Assassin's Creed .. I want to visit every m*f*ing corner of the games I fall in love with, can't help it. ( It is an addiction, I know it, I slowely work on that ) Now for warframe it is a little bit different: I won't ever get Excalibur Prime, because I simply wasn't there to fund the game, it's a shame -.- , I barely can live with that, BUT BUT somehow I can live with it because I know : Warframe is different I am now MR 23 , and there already are achievements to be aquired till MR 30 ... I love Warframe soo much right now, that I can imagine still playing it in 12 years from now I think with the frequence of new stuff comming out we'll have the first MR30 Tenno in what, like 4 years? (Don't care atm, someone else do the math ...!) I do hope so very much for Gorgon Wraith dropping at some distant point in the future maybe from invasions... I will lay my Tenno hands on every single weapon I am able to aquire in any other way. I know for shure: I will die a little inside if there will be a waepon researchable in the dojo that the ignis wraith is a requirement for Eventually I would be forced to make that decision: To leave my beloved small clan , consisting of my real life friends - - - (,of whom I hope they will join me again some day, because Warframe has got just the MOST FUN gameplay out there ...with the parkour, the melee, the guns... the different mission types.. the fashion...!!!) - - - to aquire a gun somewhere else, because I can only get to MR 30 when I join another clan... That is just my greatest fear: I won't ever get to 99% completion because I won't reach MR 30 because I am not a founder and don't play in the top 10% of clans !? Please DE promise us, don't make that happen. If there are players out there that only can enjoy the game by owning something the other 90% won't ever be able to have, that's just sad, and I hope that this isn't the fact ! I often whish to be able to turn back time, if i could, I would make sure to get an excalibur prime, before erasing my fails in RL thanks for reading and sorry for bad english!
  6. Cool ! This is it ! As a glouriously slaying ninjafighter I can definitively contribute more to this contest than to the valentine card contest :P , that wasn't my metier ^^
  7. this is all so messed up We should start a petition, no FOR REAL: "Please DE at least promis that HEMA or IGNIS WRAITH or every therlike upcoming waepon WON'T ever be requirements for other further weapons PLEASE, for the sake of the game!
  8. So here / hear my concerns: Packground: I am one of those "Lone wolfS" , all my clan-colleagues somehow eventually lost interest. I want to stick with my clan though, a lot of love and effort went into building the dojo and "we" have everything researched except 1 waepon (guess which) so far. I think I will recruit more players in the near future, but did i understand this correctly from other posts in the Forum: When players join our clan during the ignis wraith event, it won't help because the points of new members won't count towards the clan ? Is that correct? If this is true ^ ...WHY WOULD someone make such a rule d*mn ! Is it because, for a moon-clan that would grow in numbers RIGHT NOW -just for the event- to get into the top 10% that would be "cheating" or what ? ... and therefor this rule that everything stays as is right now? Well f*ck me, ok, I shall live with that. But here my actual whining: [quotation] HARDCORE TIER: To Get THE IGNIS WRAITH WEAPON RESEARCH IN YOUR CLAN DOJO at the end of the Operation: Ghost Clans must earn a score that puts them at the top 10% of scores within Ghost Clans. [end of quote] Do I understand correctly, that only the top 10% of clans will have it "fully researched without spending resources" as a reward? (thank god if so, or more or less DE!) Or is it, that ONLY the top 10 % will be "able to research" the ignis wraith in the first place? (Sure thing that can't be, right? It's just me not fully understanding the english language, it must be!) i fear that my clan won't be able to research everything there is to be researched , becasue of the possibility, that the HEMA will be a requirement for something else... and now this ignis wraith construct I do nut fully understand yet ... I am really frustrated right now
  9. - Toggle Prime Parts on immortal skins please?! (Toggle Prime Parts EVERYWHERE please :D) - Feral Kavat skin for our kavats please?! - idle animation for warframes with equipped melee weapons please?! - Instant throw with Alt Fire for glaives please?! (can be weaker than the charged one holding E maybe?)
  10. what error when switching between resolutions? I need the fullscreen resolution on a 16:10 monitor fixed, so when I select 16:9 there will be black bars like in cinems ^-^*
  11. My fov is 69 right now, not maxed, and as already mentioned above in my first post, I did all the comparison with the same fov. So if you just try it once and set it to windowed 1920x1080 and 16:9 you might get an even larger view!
  12. Thanks for that advise. I just tried it (again), and with help of various youtube tutorials. I managed to set the resolution to 1900x1080 with the "Radeon Crimson" software. But as soon I start the game it just ignores, that I selected another resolution overall in windows and or radeon crimson software. So My desktop in 1920x1080 but the game still in FULLSCREEN in 1920x1200 ...no thanks! The game just won't "detect" that I selected 1920x1080 as my resolution in general... " I am at the end with my latin here "
  13. I made another album with more detailed information. Hope this can help to make it clear what my thoughts/concerns are on the display settings. [ Maybe it's just my built? idk, am now happy with my window mode though, DE should rather add 'toggle prime parts' for immortal skins as well before looking into this one :) ]
  14. You say "1080p norm" , and I understand why that is the norm. (I think assassin's creed aslo has the wide-screen norm, lot#s of games use it as norm, and I myself like it more, too) I let out the issue with the aspect ratio completely for "understandeable reasons" ,sorry, but trust me, i tried everything, and it didn't work, it even got worse. For some reason to slecet the ratio 16:9 plus selecting 1920x1080 won't make it the way I want it, no matter if fullscreen is selected or borderless or what else there can be selected. When i try to select ratio 16:9 and resolution 1920x1080 the outcome is even a stretched image with eggheads ( i think with borderless + 16:9 + 1920x1080 )...so it's worse I can add images, if you want ( already would have, but imgur won't respond right now)