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  1. This made me instantly think of that it could be 2 weapons, either a glaive or a whip, depending on used stance !! It's a shame their stances don't have the same polarity, I still wonder if only the "grip-style" is important and DE will be making new stances for great ideas... or if it was meant as, "just weapons that can use already existing stances" it seems DE made no explizite statement to this, so it can be understand the first way, what is absolutely nice-because of all the great ideas :), ( I really hope that DE just meant the grip style, but am a little afraid that "stances" were meant) but either way, I love the weapons with more possibilities, so I just want to quote some more of my personal favs and try to influence the DESIGN COUNCIL here again, great ! And with the potential of a new glorious stance for each polearm and dual scythes, to swap between both DRUING MISSION, that would be sooo awesome indeed ! I wish i could give more than just one thumb up :D, but then again, the decision is up to the DESIGN COUNCIL heck yeah! ^now this woulb be a total new "grip style", or at least a whole new weapon category, but one that HAS TO BEcome a real thing , please DE ! Aaaaaaaaaaaannd , wouldn't it be great if one of the winning designs would somewhen in the future be elected by the community? Once in a year a weapon will be seriously concidered by the Design Council, that was voted most for in the steamworkshop , or maybe this is already a thing somehow (?) and I don't know yet ? Anyway..great thread, great idea by the staff making this creation contest, "melee thanks" ! Anyone complaining about how they make us do their work doesn't get this, period !
  2. I really hope it's ok when I quote myself now, since I wanted to edit my formal first entry on page 27 properly. I changed the look drastically, now it fits the basic idea a lot more, still not more than two pictures as allowed :) But I have to say: All these ideas are great! And some are just outstanding! the Lotus like glaive probably beats mine, but it's ok, as long as we got a glive! I love glaives :P You guys are great! Keep them awesome ideas rolling in! This is so far my favorit thread overall <3
  3. Cool ! This is it ! As a glouriously slaying ninjafighter I can definitively contribute more to this contest than to the valentine card contest :P , that wasn't my metier ^^
  4. Coming Soon: Devstream #89!

    - Toggle Prime Parts on immortal skins please?! (Toggle Prime Parts EVERYWHERE please :D) - Feral Kavat skin for our kavats please?! - idle animation for warframes with equipped melee weapons please?! - Instant throw with Alt Fire for glaives please?! (can be weaker than the charged one holding E maybe?)
  5. The Glast Gambit: Hotfix 19.11.4

    what error when switching between resolutions? I need the fullscreen resolution on a 16:10 monitor fixed, so when I select 16:9 there will be black bars like in cinems ^-^*
  6. The Glast Gambit: Hotfix 19.11.1

    Can we please have 'toggle prime parts' for immortal skins as well? (Or am I just too stupid to find the option?) but BIG THANK YOU for all your great work and effort you give DE ! Slowly yet steady ! Keep up the good work !
  7. Coming Soon: Devstream #88!

    thanks very much for the "default skin" option! And the "toggle prime parts" for the Tennogen Skins as well! Nooow: just wanted to equip the immortal skin on my nyx prime, ...and without the prime-details, but... well, you know...^-^* Can we have a toggle prime parts for immortal skins too,please? Or maybe a "toggle parts switch" in general..? (I am so sorry for whining on this high end particular point, when you JUST brought out these long wanted options! So sorry ! Really am -.-)
  8. Thanks soooo much for the default skin option <3 ! Edit: I just wanted to equip the immortal skin on my nyx prime, but then the prime parts are there again, and the "toggle the prime parts" seems to be "only" available for the Tennogen skins(?) :( ..., hm, guess i keep on playing with my normal nyx then :) ...thanks again anyway though! But maybe the toggel switch could be added soon for immortal skins too, please?
  9. The Glast Gambit: Hotfix 19.9.3

    please fellow Tennos, be aware that clanleaders invite Tennos, who want the HEMA, to their clan (temporary^^) to get a bp. Simply search for "HEMA" in the forum and you'll find the post eventually! Spread this! please... and let's be aware that DE could put HEMA as neccessary research for upcoming stuff, just so they can prove that they still are "at the longer lever" , Oh I can't wait for the peace in ditant future, when we all are friends again DE, and we players, when we all can laugh about it and call it the "HEMA INCIDENT"
  10. Clan & Dojo 3.0 Ideas, Suggestions & Changes

    I think more windows are cool, also a cool thing would be to see our station from outer space, @Seth-M has pretty neat ideas in "Here's the thing". I noticed, when looking out of some windows (not only in the dojo but in missions as well!), that other rooms exteriors aren't visible. No outer walls whatsoever, No station noticable. Would be beautiful if that could be fixed at least for the dojo, that we see the outer hull of the station, and not any random stuff, but the exact architecture it actually has got. (For stations in missions that would great too) The architecture and alingement of the rooms would have impact on the appearance of the dojo in space, and then -even though i know this is plenty of work- In the scene , when our landingcrafts are about to fly towards our dojos and dock it would be soooo awesome to see our actual dojo, and not a default dojo in the landing sequence. (But maybe that is too spaced out, surely too much. Too special, too niched, that is really maybe a wish that ONLY I have got) Please give us all the usefull consoles in our ship also placeable in the dojo as decoration in any room. We could have Arsenals in the arena, incubators in our gardens, a codex in the observatory... Please let us move "groups of decorations". Let us mark up to maybe 3 big or 6 small decorations so we can move them all together at once. Also let us rotate it around the geometrically calculated common center of the group. That'd be genius.
  11. Prime Gaming Giveaway

    I love how - if you are from Canada - you have to correctly answer a mathematical question Quote: [...] 5. PRIZE CLAIM CONDITIONS [...] If entrant is a resident of Canada: correctly answer without assistance of any kind, whether mechanical or otherwise, a time-limited mathematical skill-testing question to be administered at a mutually convenient time in person or by telephone. end of quote It's kind of a pity i am not from Canada