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  1. Always like a little sm0lFix. My Cat Gerin will no longer be left behind 💜
  2. TYPE: In Railjack Mission DESCRIPTION: Any mission, Just killing grineer crewships VISUAL: Clip of Mooha doing it earlier: https://clips.twitch.tv/KathishTangibleSoybeanWOOP REPRODUCTION: Shoot Crewship Engines. Get off pilot seat, get into forward artillery Shooting central destroyed engine with forward artillery does 0 damage to engine. Also does 0 damage to artillery. EXPECTED RESULT: The Damage should have passed through to the crewship, potentially destroying it OBSERVED RESULT: No damage was taken by either the destroyed engine, or the crewship itself. REPRODUCTION RATE: Every time we've wasted a dome charge on a destroyed engine.
  3. Good read, Good Patch notes. Thank you! Always feels nice when you see a bug you reported or verified get fixed.
  4. Bumping this. I was about to report it myself. If you ever Transference to Operator from Razorwing you lose your crosshair for your amp! Easy to repro!
  5. Tbh if you put a blast radius build on it, it could clear the entire play area of ESO and 1hko all mobs. That was... kinda broken. On top of that, if you stacked it with a frame that could get damage buffs, like a chroma, then you could have this thing doing enough damage to literally overflow the datatype used for the damage and healing numbers, causing a rather spectacular crash. It was exciting discovering that on wave 16 of a condrix assault. I do agree here however. I feel the scaling damage was interesting, and made an otherwise useless gun have some use. I was hoping the fix would lead to some degree of moderation, but now all we can do is hope for a buff. I like the concept of this weapon, but now this very aparrent bug has been fixed, it definitely needs a buff before it can see any use.
  6. Not sure if bumping this is the correct thing to do. I was going to do a report and decided to do a search first. I encountered this same issue. I was building a crit build basmu, and then I saw this silliness happen. The Healing pulses can get Crit Procs with Arcane Avenger, but also with Cat's Eye from the Kavat. At first I didn't think this was a bug, however today when doing a murex raid with my squad, we had a chroma giving a damage buff, and stacked with the stupid numbers, this caused some kind of integer overflow. My client refused to allow me to give any inputs except for Esc>Quit, and all enemies stopped targeting me as if I was dead. My health read as 0. I didn't manage to capture a video of this, but can probably do so if you wish for me to show repro steps. After encountering this error, I knew something must be up, so I came here to report it.
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