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  1. Maybe DE can look at Guild Wars 1 Mesmer class to rebalance or retool Nyx. Mesmer's in Guild Wars 1 were all about controlling, denying, and punishing your enemies actions. Mesmer's would cast hexes on enemies and when the enemies attack or cast a spell that action will be canceled while dealing damage, taking their energy away, or applying conditions to enemies such as deep wound. It was a power house in the right hands and a tough class to play if you didn't understand the Mesmer. That's a direction I can see Nyx going into because she is our mind control frame but doesn't really capitalize on the mind control and when you really think about it what control does she really have ? Just imagine if Nyx uses an ability that deals damage to enemies when they're attacking Nyx and her allies. Then Nyx cast another ability that spreads status effects from one enemy to all the enemies in range, plus refreshes the status effects on the enemies. A good CC option would be casting a stun debuff to enemies activating as their moving. It's not all fleshed out and different than what may have been proposed in the past, but these are some ideas that are appealing to me.
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