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  1. The way I see it, inaros is the perfect frame to go all out with the weapon load out and enjoy using the weapons without worrying about dying. With maxed out arcane grace and Magus elevate he becomes literally immortal. Add the augment to his 4 and he doesnt even need primed sure footed. Just keep his 4 topped up and good to go. I enjoy using inaros when I just wanna test out my weapons with little to no effort surviving.
  2. Just to add to this topic.. What I'm trying to get at is... would this mod replace the damage mods like we do with Condition Overload and Primed Pressure Point, on weapons that can reliably proc status? Will putting both give diminishing returns on dmg?
  3. Condition Overload isn't capped? Afaik they capped it to 3 status max. Need to check the patch notes again
  4. So the mod description says you get +40% dmg per status affecting target. For the shotgun and primary it stacks up to x2 and for secondary x3. Can we have some clarification on those stacks. Does this mean up to 2/3(for secondary) statuses? Meaning for Primary you can get only a max of +80% damage and +120% for secondary? Or does this mean it caps at +80% dmg buff for EVERY status affecting target? If this is the case, what is the cap on statuses? Same as Condition Overload now (3 Status cap)? It would be nice to have a bit more info on how this works. The description is very vague.
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