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  1. There seems to be some odd clipping/sudden end of the "fire" here? Using the Baruuk background and Fortuna colours.
  2. Things that are still not fixed.
  3. Well I think I realize why they haven't changed it as that people like me who find this easier to farm, can sell to those that can't farm the mods. Now for the mastery? its 18k total from all 3 boards which for those that find this too hard to grind probably haven't mastered every weapon or even every pet type as that too is a massive grind/credit/possibly plat sink. What we are looking at is the issue with standing/affinity gain across all things and when something is slightly too selective with it, then those issues stand out like the solar reflectors over orb vallis.
  4. error in description also says "kurbrow"
  5. Still no fix for the 30% loss in speed for sky archwing, sloughi kubrow armor clipping, fortuna amp scaffolds being upside down/sideways, loot/enemy radar not functioning on k-drive and no fix for ui legibility in syndicate shop windows.
  6. Full price even though I own most of it and I could buy the kubrow armor or syandana separately but not the mandala. If I bought the syandana, the kubrow armor, a warframe slot, 2 weapon slots and both boosters it would be 307 plat, so with that I'm already gaining 1 more weapon slot than the bundle provides. I highly doubt the decoration is worth 258 plat while the most expensive decoration you can buy is 35p unless you count the prime pedestal which is 1,000,000 credits. Maybe just maybe it will be available in a drop from the next orb mother?
  7. Why not just have smokefinger sell these things? this is dumb as hell, needle in a haystack does not make for fun gameplay.
  8. Still no loot loot/enemy radar in kdrive after all this time
  9. Still at 28/30, this is dumb as hell.
  10. Still no fix towards the 30% archwing speed loss from last month.
  11. Still no fix for the 30% speed loss in sky archwing.
  12. Definitely would be better once it can be fixed.
  13. The objective is long term, not what you consider to be a "right now" thing, newbies will have k-drives long before they ever get ahold of an archwing and will have earned their standing passively, I'm in no rush to get from bounty stage to bounty stage myself and I own everything from ventkids.
  14. Still no fix towards archwing speed being 30% lower than it used to be and no fix towards moas firing shots from their feet.
  15. Yea the scaffolds are sideways and inside the brace.
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