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  1. ranked up to 4 before, now I'm rank 3 again wat Edit: when the dailies expire (regardless of completion) the points disappear with them, explains why I'm missing like a few thousand points
  2. This may be causing enemies to not spawn in the control area bounty parts. No enemies spawning from the bolkors means no enemies to kill to keep control over the area and it causes a bounty failure.
  3. It may have something to do with the bugged out bolkors, they arent spawning enemies to drop in so theres nothing to kill.
  4. Can confirm as well, as host it uses the correct trail colour but not the correct jet colours and as client it uses the correct jet colours but not the correct trail colours.
  5. I just had this issue, no enemies spawned at all but the % continued to drop, failed bounty.
  6. Archwing speeds in free roam are still down by 30% since like January, this is dumb. Hyperion Thrusters mod can't even get them back up to the speeds they were at before. If this was an attempt at a stealth nerf to make kdrives look faster you messed that up, it just made itzal even more appealing due to its teleport. Will this ever be fixed? Do we have to wait until next January for a fix?
  7. Been an issue for awhile sadly.
  8. Bolkor Ai still broken, or bolken if you will. Firbolg drops in just fine but bolkors are frozen. Doesn't attack or anything.
  9. Can anyone from DE please give a response on this? I feel like its an exploit so I'm not gonna risk it, but it would be helpful if we knew with a simple yes or no to whether its an exploit or not.
  10. His passive would allow him to repair and temporarily take control of enemy ramparts and turrets respectively by meleeing them. Repair % is doubled with hammers. This consumes a small amount of energy per hit. His first ability should be mine layer/a tool box styled skill Combine his 1st and 4th abilities into 1 unstable violent orb or "mine" vortex, both shocking and magnetizing enemies near it while pulling in any that get too close. only 1 can be up at any given time, the idea behind this is to give a turret that has some independent nature to it but would also be effective in keeping a very small area crowd controlled. Combine the concuss and shred mines into 1 proximity mine, that deals blast damage, shreds armor by 40% and shields by 60% while also placing a rad proc on all enemies in the radius. These can be tossed directly into the vortex to immediately detonate and effect those caught in it. These could also seek out enemies much like Seeker units Latcher mine/grenades. Keep bounce mine, now while this may seem silly, I want it to stick around but I want it buffed and the velocity dramatically increased possibly based on duration. I want to bounce across orb vallis on these things or high into the atmosphere. This may seem like its just for fun but any enemy that touches it is no longer your problem and is likely now somewhere in the upper atmosphere. This can be tossed into the vortex to expel those in it. The bounce pad could also be used to bounce projectiles off its surface. This second skill is based around team support This support station will randomly produce a health orb, an energy orb or ammo, ammo taking priority over health and health over energy something like 50% ammo/35% health/15% energy production chances, this deployable object has health and can be destroyed which vauban can repair with melee which will consume less energy overall than redeploying it to an extent. This would likely use either vaubans health or shields to scale up the health of the object, this would be an interactable station much like the health station deployed by the mantis landing craft but with far more usability Third skill will continue to be Bastille but with some minor alterations These alteration include slowed projectile speeds and reduced damage towards allies inside the bastille cage, the "wall" of the bastille cage could possibly allow for mines to be attached to its "surface" any mines placed would fall directly down if bastille is nullified or its duration runs out This 4th skill is a deployable rampart much like the grineer rampart emplacements The rampart would match vauban/vauban prime in the respective "train/locomotive" themes, imagine the front of a train but with guns. This deployed rampart would feature a similar overheat/battery mechanic as grineer ramparts and object class health scaling that the support station has. Rampart deployable would be usable by allies. Now for this post to disappear into the depth of the forum where neither I nor anyone else will ever see it again. Choo choo!
  11. Bolkor AI as well as well not so distant animations stops, like its paused and this seems to mainly effect the particles flowing from the sentient bones and bolkors Seems to lock down its AI entirely and it ceases to function.
  12. If the new mods such as kavats grace and such could be placed in C rotation of the new caches in Carpo > Jupiter Exterminate and or possibly C rotation of the new spy vaults on Amalthea > Jupiter it would give people a variety of options to obtain these already difficult to obtain mods. Would also provide more reason to try out these new areas as well, as it stands most are using the exterminate sans getting the caches or doing a capture mission to farm for the new lab mods.
  13. Jets on any k-drive that is, all are reverting to default colours. I can glitch my colour scheme onto it by trying to change it, which oddly drops my k-drive down to the bottom of the vehicle area.
  14. What did nyx do? I've been using her and shes not effected the demolyst (invalid target) when you try to mind control him, better to use operator/magus lockdown for it.
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