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  1. I actually don't mind the current system... as annoying as it is to get commons all the time. What I don't like, is how hard it can sometimes be to get the relics, which are a stop-gate to even trying to farm for the pieces you want/need.
  2. Resource Popups like Argon Crystals

    I need this in my life.
  3. Ivara pickpocket change.

    It was literally just one extra pull from the loot table with an all Ivara squad. 4 Ivaras pull 4 times +once on enemy death, for a total of 5. 1 Ivara pulls once, Hydroid with Pilfering swarm pulls twice on enemy death, and 1 Nekros pulls once with desecrate, removing the corpse, for 4 times total in a mixed party... But Ivara isn't really effective in that setup, because both Nekros and Hydroid need to wait out her pickpocket if they want to maximize drop chances. Their stated intention was to make her welcome in farming squads: and the flat Nerf with no mechanical changes doesn't do that. The point of the thread is to discuss solutions, not gripe about the imposed limitations... you are free to gripe, I mean; I did, but that's not really the point.
  4. Ivara pickpocket change.

    No, no, he's right, you missed the point of the post. In fact, you grabbed on to something I said, rhetorically, as if it was how the ability worked. Prowl does not consume extra energy when you steal things with it. That... that is not a thing. It would be a thing, if it worked the same way Nekros' ability worked, but it is not, currently, a thing. Very few people use her pickpocket ability for additional drops, because there are better, quicker ways to get additional drops, like Hydroid with a Pilfering Swarm, and Nekros. A party comp she does not play well with, because they both need to kill things for additional drops, and she needs to keep them alive. The only time it was worth intentionally bringing multiple Ivaras out to farm for an item, is when that item was a particularly rare drop from a particularly large drop table, and even then, it was only ever one extra draw at the loot table, maximum (assuming a party of Ivara, Nekros, and Hydroid as the comparison to a full Ivara squad). I do not understand how these new drops from enemies you encounter very few of in any particular mission were the nail in the coffin to a full Ivara squad... But I also wouldn't care, if Ivara's pickpocket was reworked to play nice with the other two farm frames.... which is still a totally legitimate way to farm them with, by the way, if people really want to sit around doing nothing.
  5. Ivara pickpocket change.

    I am sitting in a mission with two Hydroids and a Nekros right now. An Ivara would not make this farm any better.
  6. So about that. I'm just going to speak my mind here because frankly, I'm a little bit astounded that this is a thing that was done. You see, the problem with Ivara's prowl is that it's an ability that takes energy, over time, and it's slow; you cannot jump around like all your buddies, or kill things willy nilly like all the other frames when they're stealthed, because those things break Ivaras stealth. All of this mechanical fudgery sorta works out in the favour of her pick-pocketing, but I'm going to go off on a tangent and come back to that after the next paragraph. Trust me, this is important. So I noticed a thing. A very, very awful, heart wrenching thing: Sooo I take it that, Ivara's pickpocket now takes no time at all, as opposed to the 2-3 seconds it takes currently (1 if you stack the mods right), per enemy? She can use her pickpocket on dead enemies now too? I don't need to carefully skirt around dozens of enemies carefully stealing from them without touching anyone, I can just go loot the corpses? Are you changing it to cost extra energy per pickpocket too? These are rhetorical questions of course. It was always the case that you only ever wanted 1 or 2 Ivaras in a group, max, unless you had a very specific drop everyone in that group was farming for, and you were all organized enough to work together towards getting that 1 thing. and I get that this can sound overpowered, but when people decide that they'd rather organize a heist, and sit through stealing from tens of enemies in the hopes of nailing that one drop, maybe, *just maybe* it's not Ivara's pickpocket that's the problem. But I digress. the whole point of this is to ask: If you're going to change Ivara up, so that she's a solo warframe, who doesn't play well with other Ivaras, because she needs those drops to keep her energy going as well, and it's already hard enough to do that with everyone else murdering everything; When can we expect the ability to take no time at all. I'm honestly fine with this, if pickpocketing is made instant. No one really wants to sit around doing nothing all day, right?
  7. [UI]Reticle Colors

    When I logged in after today's patch, I noticed that the charging reticle is now red, and the reloading one is an energetic blue. While I appreciate the distinction, I would have flipped those colors myself, so that the red was for reloading, and the energetic blue represented the weapon charging. Is there any chance we could see those colors flipped, or better yet; a way to customise those colors ourselves?