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  1. Will you guys ever consider removing warframe slots Or making ilthem possible to aquire without platinum. This is one of the biggest issues that stops new players from progressing because they run out of slots before they get a good enough taste of the game to invest in platinum. I personally have had 4 friends quit for this very reason.
  2. Just want to get this out there on as many platforms as possible. Toroid drops seem bugged since mainline update. Only place people are getting them from now are very rare raknoid drops and profit taker bounties.
  3. I haven't had a Raknoid drop a toroid since the update. The only place I've been able to get them since is from PT bounties.
  4. I've been farming toroids both before and after the patch daily. Before the update I'd get about 10 Vega and Calda toroids per run of my personal run (Profit Taker Phase 3 and Exploiter) This was a consistent result until the most recent update which I have since only got the guaranteed Lazulite drop from Exploiter which is only useful for dumping on standing.
  5. 1. With the ability to combine two energy colors could this be applied to the older armor sets sold by Baro Ki'Teer )EOS Prime mainly) 2. Will there ever be Operator suit tennogen? 3. With the countless amount of mods available and much smaller amount of viable mods being used do you think we could get an expanded mod system that allows for more than 8 mods + Aura/Exilus in a similar fashion to some MMORPG's to get more diverse and personalized builds.
  6. - Any chance color mapping for attachments will be synchronized so some attachments tertiary or accents for example aren't completely different to other pieces (Targis Pirme/Tennocon sets) - Will older Primes get a cosmetic update like the more recent primes to make them more unique from their standard counterparts? - Since a 2 handed nikana skin is a nightwave reward and they've been added to tennogen when can we expect to see another 2 handed nikana (hopefully a crit one) - Since Mastery locked weapons stop at MR15 but mastery goes all the way to 27 can we expect to see some high tier weapons for 20+ MR players?
  7. Why are some immortal skins able to toggle prime parts but others can't the immortal skins are amazing yet simple and it seems a shame to not implement them on all prime frames. Are there any plans to smooth the edges of structures on walls, doorways, floors etc so players don't get caught in an infinite loop of bullet jumping on certain landscapes that have small lips and grooves extending out. Can the wolf of saturn six be given a guaranteed drop on sledge parts or at least remove him from list of enemies required to kill before ending defence missions. He's an incredibly tedious enemy to fight with low rng for sledge parts. On far too many occasions people leave missions when he appears and he's exhausting to fight even with maxed gear.
  8. Can we be allowed to exceed syndicate standing limit but only be allowed to use that excess standing for purchasing from syndicates. I'm Mr 17 and trying to max out pax charge and other arcane is tedious having to wait 24 hours to buy two more. Could bonus challenges be applied to softies to increase chances of getting rare rewards similar to relics (eg finish spy solo without triggering alarms, solo all 3 stages etc) Will there be any changes to wolf of saturn six to make him less tedious and interrupting. On many occasions squads have left when he appears simply because they don't want to deal with a massive bullet sponge with weak rewards. Could he be made so sledge parts are guaranteed drops but have his spawn chance reduced perhaps? Players are fine with him being a bullet sponge but not when we spend 10 minutes to only get a mod we could get 5 of from a random Mob unit. On top of that some form of forewarning for his spawn, it's annoying being forced to either carry a maxed out weapon around or finish a mission early when he spawns because I can't kill him, also please remove the invulnerability on his goons since they act like normal units and gun down objectives and can't be stopped without killing wolf.
  9. Will the later phases of melee 3.0 incorporate new effects for weapons with elemental status on them? A flaming tornado cleaving whirlwind would be awesome especially with particles on ludicrous.
  10. Could an option to toggle dangly attachments to warframes bodies be implemented such as Mesa Primes trench coat leggings (So players can appreciate those amazing heels hidden away), Excalibur Umbra scarf, Nekros Primes bacon wings or Limbo's Deluxe skin straps. As cool as these animated features are having the simple option to toggle them on/off like Prime details would be a great implementation that many fashionframers would greatly appreciate.
  11. Are there any plans to give older Prime frames (mainly Frost, Ember and Rhino) a visual update to give them a more unique ascetic to their standard counterparts.
  12. No word on a release date for tennogen round 15?
  13. With the new two handed katana weapon type coming with melee 3.0 can we expect new weapon types to be added to the game such as wrist blades for example. On top of that another idea that would be awesome to see would be unique idle and wielding animations for each weapon stance since currently every weapon has a single animation based on its weapon type e.g. Cleaving whirlwind could have the heavy blade held over the shoulder while moving and Tempo Royale could have the blade trailing behind the warframe. Merry Christmas and a happy new year from New Zealand 🙂
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