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  1. DE showed nothing they did not deliver. We received exactly what we were showed at Tennocon. The problem is the playerbase expected far more than what we received - but that is on the players, not DE.
  2. Did DE overhype it or did players overhype it? The answer is the players. DE never showed anything that did not function in-game. We got exactly what we were shown - and nothing more. It was the players who expected more, and that is not DE's fault. That said, the bugs were still inexcusable at launch. Now that the bugs are fixed, though, Railjack is a ton of fun. It just needs more content - which we are soon to receive.
  3. THANK YOU for the new weapon screen. That is exactly what it should be.
  4. "Just like previous incursions, the Acolytes will appear randomly on the Star Chart. Find where they hide and drive the Acolytes out to earn rare Mods." It says right in the OP - Acolytes appear randomly on the starchart, the community finds them and fights the acolyte on that node until they move on.
  5. ...Or you could just make the mod work on bows... *Confused Jackie Chan meme*
  6. Agreed. There needs to be a 1-3 second window for us to actually close the distance and get the Mercy buffs. Outside of Thralls, I am never actually able use the Parazon to mercy-kill enemies.
  7. It's a campaign https://www.pcgamer.com/how-warframes-most-ambitious-update-ever-is-launched-a-new-era-of-unprecedented-conflict/
  8. Any chance we could expect a dedicated mining mission for Railjack? I really enjoy sitting back and taking in the sights while mining asteroids - could we possibly get a free flight mission on every planet just to sit and mine asteroids with?
  9. Nikana Prime Dakra Prime (Gladius skin) Hirudo
  10. Bravo, my friend. Please, @[DE]Pablo, listen to this man. This is EXACTlY what is wrong with DE's current approach to UI design.
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