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  1. Sitchrea

    Is Loki in a not so good position rigth now?

    You most certainly can bullet jump in Prowl - you cannot slide in prowl, though. So if you try to bullet jump while moving, it will break prowl. Bullet jumping from plain crouch, however, will not break stealth.
  2. Sitchrea

    Loki and Covert Lethality

    So long as the enemy has not detected you, or the enemy has been opened the finishers, Cover Lethality will instantly kill the enemy.
  3. Sitchrea

    Shield Only melee weapon? just an idea

    ^So much this^
  4. Sitchrea

    Garuda's Talons

    Garuda's talons are no doubt my favorite melee weapon. They feel amazing to use, and have good stats. If they suit your preference, absolutely use them on Garuda.
  5. Sitchrea

    [Spoiler] Little Duck Theory

    There are plenty of Warframe that the factions would know about that aren't piloted by Operators. Rail Specters, the Silver Grove, and probably many unstated others.
  6. If the only parts of your humanity left are your biological limbs, would you be rearing to give them up?
  7. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Agree 250%. This is what is different between open worlds and other syndicates.
  8. Sitchrea

    Random Textwalls in extraction.

    It is an easter egg. Decode the Orokin writing and you will get a curious message.
  9. If I can't smash open a wall with the Rathbone, I'm uninstalling. But no, that would be a great idea... If it worked?
  10. Because this is a Q/A and these are frequent community questions.
  11. Sitchrea

    LoreFrame - First Warframe

    Maybe? We don't have an answer for that yet.
  12. Sitchrea

    LoreFrame - First Warframe

    That is absolutely false. The game explicitly states that Excalibur was the first Warframe.