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  1. This looks so #*!%ing good, holy S#&$.
  2. In Empyrean what uses will our crew have in normal gameplay? Will they fight incoming boarders? Can they act as an away team on missions? Etc?
  3. Difficulty in Warframe is a problem that everyone thinks they have a solution to, when in reality nobody does, but everyone still complains about it.
  4. 1. Agree - I really hope we get to see more Orokin megastructures beyond Lua. I would love to see an Ygdrasil Complex above Jupiter or a giant orbital habitat drifting derelict off the solar railway. 2. I'm not unhappy with anything in Victorian England. Just citing a historical precedent for the Orokin Empire.
  5. When can we expect more Leverian entries? Will the next Leverian entries include more exclusive cosmetic lore? ((E.G. Garuda's Suparna syandana, Baruuk's lampshade head?)) Will we receive Leverian entries for Warframes who already have quests? ((E.G. Octavia and Harrow?)) Will we receive Leverian entries for Archwings and/or non-Warframe items such as Sentients and the Dax? What is the purpose of the Leverian's donation box?
  6. *Looks at Fortuna* "Wait, is this Terrorism? This is Terrorism, isn't it?"
  7. I doubt that the Orokin actually ran out of resources. I bet they ran out of obtainable resources. What do I mean? Enclosure - the policies that almost killed Great Britain in the Victorian era. It was a policy that allowed English noblemen to close off public land for their personal (read: recreational) use. Whole forests, acres upon acres of farmable land, all wasted for the excuse of "it looks pretty when I own it." Essentially, I bet the Orokin closed off vast reaches of space to give to the rich and powerful. Like, entire asteroid fields and planetoids. I can easily imagine the Orokin giving, like, the planetoid Makemake to some noble because he was of Executor blood. These were people that literally worshiped themselves. Enclosure in space is not that far off an idea. This would also explain why there are still tons of resources to be mined even a thousand years after the Orokin. The Orokin didn't need to go to Tau for more resources - they needed to go to Tau for more land to enclose.
  8. 1. Destiny 2 has been good and popular for a year now (since Forsaken). I love both games and play both regularly. Just because people play Destiny doesn't mean they don't play Warframe. 2. DE doesn't have to be a big company to run a successful game. They've done it for near seven years now and Warframe's still in the top 10 even today with the launch of New Light. It's not a big deal because Warframe has its niche. 3. There is far more than 1 to 2 pieces of content a year. If by content you mean "expansion packs," then I'll remind you Destiny takes whole half-years or quarters between each of their expansions. 4. Stop being so doomsday. The game is fine and the numbers show it. Watch the Devstream on Friday; it alone will disprove most of the fears in your post.
  9. With the crew mechanic in Empyrean, could we be able to summon "away teams" from our crew to fight with us during missions? They could work like followers in Syndicate missions, or like Specters in letting us build their loadouts.
  10. Will we see the Orbiter in full in Empyrean? For player housing in space, we never see the full Orbiter in the game, which leads many new players to mistakenly assume the Orbiter and landing crafts are the same thing. Could we perhaps see an Orbiter docking bay in the dojo alongside the Railjack Drydock?
  11. Aaaaaaand this is why DE is one of the greatest developers in gaming. Transparent, good-willed, and, most importantly, aware of their players' perceptions. Well done, DE! ❤️
  12. Just got done with the new Emissary bossfight, and I am impressed. That was a AAA-quality boss fight right there. Well done, DE.
  13. Eidolons are a gear and comp check. I love them, personally, but they are a time investment and all but require friends. The Profit Taker Orb is a straight up gear check. There's little more to her than shoot-the-thing. However, her attacks do require a high level of familiarity with the game's base mechanics. Exploiter is the opposite. She is straight up skill check. With mid-game gear, you'll be fine during the fight - provided you can execute the fight's mechanics. Ropalolyst is a skill and gear check, but considering how far the fight is into the game, the player should have no problem figuring out the fight and executing first try.
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