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  1. So, thank you, but how in the world were we supposed to know this in-game?
  2. This directly contradicts what was said about the system at Tennocon. Changing the Helminth to be accessible to MR8 players makes this no longer a veteran player system. Make our time be worth something besides a number on a screen.
  3. It's probably because either your computer is amazing but your Internet speed sucks, or vice versa. Either way DE is working on it.
  4. Be directed to watching the Devstreams where they actually talk about what you just brought up.
  5. Chakrams (Also known commonly as "Hoop Blades") are a rare melee weapon weilded by martial arts specialists. They are lightweight and used primarily as ceremonial weapons, however can be used in certain combat situations, in which they are spun and twirled around one's body as one would use a hoola-hoop. All in all, Chakrams would be a great melee weapon, just as long as they are used correctly. (They aren't a throwing weapon)
  6. I believe there are no such things as "Neccessary" mods. While QT/R is widely considered absolute in the general consensus, that is not the case. Need some extra health? Bring a Valkyr and use her armor buffs. Need some extra energy? Grab some energy restores or bring a Trinity Need some additional power? Rhyno has some great damage buffs. Teamwork and skill matter just as much as loot.
  7. Great example of how one does not absolutely require Flow and Streamline. Let's one's build uses a ton of power at the cost of efficiency. Instead of "Changing the foundation of Warframe" in order to change the mod system to allow one to put on said mods, why not just grab a few energy restorative gears from the dojo, or, heck, bring a Trinity along with you! Warfame can always be played the way you want to play.
  8. But that is if you choose to specialize your build around using those abilities. One can do something completely different by focusing on damage output, or perhaps berserking, or maybe even evasion entirely. The point of the mod system is to give players the ability to play the game the way they want to play, and it does it well; however it could be done better with a few tweaks, not throwing it out the window.
  9. Not quite. Zamboni says that mods should be outright done away with just because a few things aren't tight enough. What they said about mods trivialising content was concerning how it is said that mods "bandaid" parts of the game... which is also not true.
  10. This is where most of the community is right and wrong at the same time. Some people truly do not have the skill or temwork great enough to survive without Redirection, Vigor, QT+R, etc. However when one has team composition and individual skill great enough to overcome these, which many do, many more oppurtunies arise. However, the current system could benefit with a different or at least tweaked slotting system for mods, imo.
  11. I wouldn't say "utterly and completely flawed," more like it could use a few tweaks to be made more useful
  12. I think the biggest problem is that Rebecca kinda read the post wrong. The Great Zamobni's point was that there are a slew of mods to use, yet not enough mods to use them. I remember reading that thread, and it was nothing like what Steve took it to be. I do think he could have said it better, but I agree with Steve's point of Loot and Skill working together; however someone misinterpreted The Great Zamboni and made it sound like Zamboni was saying that loot didn't matter - but that wasn't his point. Zamboni's point was that loot -does- matter, however we are not given enough space to use
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