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  1. I had an idea that disposition you have right now wouldn't change, but when you go and trade the riven the stats would get nerfed. This makes it so new rivens are under the new changes, but the ones you have personally are subject to no change. It's a good way of keeping players happy imo, you aren't nerfing their builds.
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    Thanks for Watching Devstream #107!

    We're gonna need to farm wisps to get the goddamn katana... but anyway, great devstream, enjoyed every minute.
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    Umbra warframes [Discussion & Appreciation][*spoilers*]

    What if the Sacrifice is when the [REDACTED]'s energy is used to power Umbra frames to defeat [REDACTED]? If you have played the Apostasy Prologue then you know what [REDACTED] means in both. Idk, just a thought and I highly doubt this is gonna be a thing
  5. I hope DE continue working on the operator to make them more smooth because right now, they are really boring compared to Warframes. All they need to do is look at inFamous: Second Son and take some inspiration from that. Operator still looks jerky and twitchy in the Prime Time, with just some new little additions to the fluidity of going out and going in. Combat still looks really stilted and boring, they don't have stealth finisher attacks (which would be an amazing addition!) and overall combat is stale. It would be really cool to have stealth finishers and for operators to be proper stealth utilities because combat with them doesn't look fun.