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  1. Γεια σας Οσοι θελετε να γινεται μελη της παρεα μας ελατε να τα πουμε στο Discord
  2. Greek Titans are recruting Greek Speaking Members. Elate stin parea mas kai stin megaliteri elliniki clan sto warframe. ΕΙΜΑΣΤΕ ΠΑΡΕΑ ΟΧΙ ΑΛΛΗ ΜΙΑ ΕΛΛΗΝΙΚΗ CLAN Discord Server: https://discord.gg/Q2jF3FE
  3. Hi again DE and Forum Since the decoration of dojo has gone so many upgrades and reworks in the correct direction of course i assume its only appropriate to continue that path of renovating the tools of the dojos. 1)You gave us a great room the sandbox room which is awesome to decorate BUT its too tall for us that have a second and a third floor so we cant use it on the first level hmmm WHY? Thanks for the room but a rework in the elevators to address the height problem should be reremastered. 2)For those out there that want to remaster the dojo maps but you have already pu
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