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  1. Daily login stat to our profiles ? Plat traded stat to profile ? Missions stat per frame to our profiles ? Material donates to dojo to our profiles ? Badges and challenges to our profiles for completing various collectibles and focus achievements , and many more hidden achievements that are not visible to our profiles. Plat purchases vs plat trades, correct credit farm and index credits, market achievments, more sorting options for weapon and frames , skins and deluxe stats etc
  2. Please consider something about the 5 forma for each kuva weapon and we would be able to put all forma at once and level the weapon once with the xp need of 5 formas ,it's the same but easier for us
  3. all i proposed is that changing the forma system so you can put all forma at once and not going back and forth in mission. one time you put all the forma and you lvl the weapon but this time you will need more xp to upgrade it, the same amount as the 4 times you did in the old system. one weapon needs 450,000 xp to be full rank and when you put one forma you need another 450k and so on. when you forma the weapon once with 4 forma polarities you will need 4x450.000 if you put 5 forma you will need 5x450.000 and so on. BUT all at one time and not going back and forth on missions or eso or anything. its simple change and dont affect the game , doesnt change anything , doesnt need too much work and doesnt ruin the game. its just a QOL quality of life change and that is all. its not a change in the system or the game , its just a change for the players that have spent over 1000 hours in the game. i have forma more than 150 weapons cause i try new things and now with the kuva leeches i have to put 5 forma in all the weapons one by one , one by one, its tidious and time consuming. ONE TIME ALL FORMA ALL XP
  4. I will be as brief as possible the forma system should be changed as following , my simple suggestion before i make it more complicated is that i wish i could put as many forma i want on a weapon or frame and the xp to max the weapon to 30 or 40 should be relevant to that forma count. Now you put one forma and you go and lvl the weapon and so on until you max the forma you want to put in it. the choice i suggest is to put all the forma you want and then lvl the weapon and gather as much xp as you would when you put one by one. for a more practical example is that now you forma and you need 100.000 xp to max it and you do this again and again. the new system is you want to put 4 forma so 100.000x4 forma its 400.000xp to max it. This will be less time consuming for the players and better in result in the mission which you can use that weapon and do damage with having all the mods at once and so resulting in lvling that faster. the MR would be considered as well here. its simple and effective and since the kuva weapons came out and you have to put 5 forma in each weapon and like 60 forma in all of them just for the MR xp , you should consider changing the system for some QOL change that has a meaning. another idea is that the MR lvl should reward the forma system as to give higher starter lvl to upgrade xp the weapon for example if you are 20 mr the weapon would start at 5 lvl xp
  5. reworks its not new content and project flow is nothing to do with having 10 projects at your hands. when animation artists have 10 project at their hands they will do slow work. its not that i dont know how it works its that i know how DE works and that is with no real planning.
  6. Content for me is a finished new lore cinematic quest like war within , content for me is new maps and not reworked maps and new areas like plains and fortuna that i will go and explore and farm etc, railjack is content but 1/10 and not the content that will connect all warframe , its still to be seen if it is. now railjack is a side game mode. content is new war a finished new war quest , content is a finished railjack , content is finished duviri , real content is something full new experience. Content is raids , content is dark sector ,clan wars. content is frame cinematic quests. for me that is content. the reworks should not be consider content but changes to the quality of life in the game and its should be alongside the main content.
  7. you are putting stuff on counter that is not the same in size and content, the new war is 20% when is the main lore of the game and you can consider it alongside of a kuvalich update? the timetable did not bring nothing major as content updates REAL CONTENT not sprinkles , the railjack got in last minute as a publicity stand and its awesome but broken as F. railjack is the major thing is warframe that would connect ALL warframe this is what steve said and NO its 1/10 and a side game mode at the moment. Nothing there as well. The end result is that nothing major as NEW content has landed for two years. New war was announced in 2018 and railjack the same . Its been TWO years. the problem as i said before in DE is that they dont have a program and have a lot of ideas AT THE SAME TIME. you need to put one by one. finish one thing and move to another and not all at once.
  8. the roadmap was a joke by steve cause DE has never delivered on time nothing. I love the game i love the content when it comes and this is why all those years i am playing this game. But you make it harder and harder for me not to get angry with the delays since you are the ones trying to put a roadmap in place that you know you wont deliver as promised. Stop the roadmaps and just tell us we want to build this things and you will get them EVENTUALLY. and i will support the game EVENTUALLY. one month to end the year and all we got was easy stuff and the hard content is not ready by a longshot. new war will come some time in 2020 and railjack in 2021 in full.
  9. get it out when its ready , no worries the only thing i care is to see new war this year , i only want lore lore lore
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