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  1. we have not destroyed any room in a while now and the change in xp was from the recent hotfixes . we didnt change anything in the dojo and as i have seen in the past many hotfixes have cause loss of xp in the dojo that was fixed in other patches later so i guess this is one of those things
  2. -GrT-kostasp99

    Dojo XP

    Anyone else experiencing some issues with the xp in the dojo rank i have seen that we were 20.000 more and now we lost 20.000 xp we were rank 10 and needed 52.000 for rank 11 and now we want 72.0000 is there a change that happend or its a bug?
  3. i would suggest first build all nightwave for all year long that runs itself automatically the one ends the other begins and then remove alerts. remove alerts and making it almost impossible to get nitains and other stuff is not a correct move. make all the nightwave first and then release it.
  4. We need the competitive stuff and the leaderboads and i would like more of that, but in fair runs with no exploits and those that abuse that exploit ban them so the good players are plaing a fair game. good job DE ban all the abusers and the exploiters
  5. Clan name - Greek Titans CommunityClan tier - Mountain Clan Clan platform - PCClan Role - Founding Warlord The design team -GrT-Talos Architect -GrT-kostasp99 Founder
  6. I started arbitration survival with a random squad we reach 40min with some deaths and i continued solo for 10 more minutes cause i keeped getting random resurgence tokens and i reach 6 tokens and i was solo i have a screenshot too. https://imgur.com/lmwiqUy
  7. the nightwave is a great step to get more active in the game and do stuff you have forgotten or you dont know its there, you get to play the game and get great stuff, i agree on giving more options and more weeklies to the players, give more for everyone , give easy tasks , give hard tasks , give very challenging tasks. anyone can say give more or give less always someone will complain about something. listen only to constructive critisism that is based not to personal opinions but on game facts. this is boring is not an option, for me its not boring for you it is. So boring is not a term to be consider or worth considering. Just give more options to players with more choices in the weeklies so any skill can get their piece of the pie. Its for sure that high skill will always preveil so anything you give to high skill players will be consumed asap. For example more eidolos and orbs in weeklies. Spy missions. Fast missions time limits. nightmare modes, etc
  8. i am an elite player and i like the challenges and the endurance runs i would like to see more of that and not nerf the endurance runs or nerf the elite runs cause low lvl players cannot do it or some find it boring (find boring a mission in a grind game). the game is grind farm , long term comintment, long term farming, long term play, if some dont get the spirit of the game they are in for a suprise and they chose rong. elite players deserve a bone and let them play the game, let them use the hard earned mods they have , the hard earned forma and builds they have and spend time to the game the love and have fun playing. let them enjoy the years of farming the 2000h 3000h 4000h of their gameplay. criticising anything in the game is not constructive but giving an altrenative option in your criticism is the right direction. the players that post in the forums mostly dont use the right way of posting but just flaming. this is the reason i myself and others get too frustrating with that way of behaviour and some times make personal comments to those players in a way to show if they really play the game and if they really have a constructive opinion to give and not just flaming and spread toxicity.
  9. Clan name: Greek Titans Community Clan tier: Mountain Clan platform: PC Clan role: Founding Warlord Feature image: Rooms In Order Main Hall https://imgur.com/a/AoLUDSa Lab Room https://imgur.com/a/anAPnES Acropolis Parthenon https://imgur.com/a/k1yByNK Lua Plaza https://imgur.com/a/5VpzAQW Mall Stores https://imgur.com/a/zQ2u0iU Night Club https://imgur.com/a/9ATi9Sk Throne Room https://imgur.com/a/kOXGvQU Treasury Room https://imgur.com/a/uAfbUxh Fridge https://imgur.com/a/BZNJ5nk Greenhouse https://imgur.com/a/AYaFIfV Midnight Gardens https://imgur.com/a/vZgiSpW Sauna https://imgur.com/a/eb9wM3V Kitchen Barbeque https://imgur.com/a/fvQ0e76 Elevator Hall https://imgur.com/a/dIZ7zUn https://www.greektitans.gr/warframe/warframe-news/winter-2019-warframe-feature-dojo-decoration-contest/
  10. the only thing to consider is that a so called huge company like blizz activision gives destiny for free at the same time the fortuna release comes so they can hit DE and gain some players , it says a lot for the so called small company and how huge warframe really is and the drive it has and the momentum and everything. if a giant afraid of a small person it says a lot . end of story. warframe is free and never asks for money you can farm anything in the game and gain plat for free. if you dont know how to play its your issue not the game's problem. Destiny is a wannabe warframe and always will follow cause you cant copy a success. success comes from originality not copying
  11. Clan Name Greek Titans Community Clan Tier: Mountain Clan Clan Platform: PC Clan Role: Founding Warlord DOJO DECORATION TEAM -GrT-kostasp99 --> Perfection Lover (Founding Warlord) -GrT-BalexQQ --> Abstract Concept Lover -GrT-ToxicWater --> OCD Architect Vangeris --> Glitch Expert -Talos- --> Grid Lover DOJO PHOTO-VIDEO CREATOR lovemyuncle123 Album https://imgur.com/a/UXc8UFX Video
  12. Removed the requirement to be higher than Initiate to replicate Clan Research - further review of this initial change is required.  let the leaders of the clan decide if they want to lock those things or not and put more hierarchys so we can add as many as we want for member tiers and let the clan leadership decide by itself if they want to lock it and when
  13. I only care for the NEW WAR anything else let it be delayed as Steve said we have Assasing Creed to play too Relax!!!!
  14. the best would be to make many clan roles for everything in a clan as a single role and leave the hierarchys free to add as many as we want so we can adjust the tiers of the members as we like its just an add button
  15. it would be nice to be able to see a list of the vault dojo and what has already inside and of course more hierarchys to add please its so simple
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