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  1. How about the same scaling but with sprint speed is increased instead? Also adding innate contact damage.
  2. How about speed increases with battery level or distance ran. Or maybe each enemy hit increases speed in a way. Speaking of which, mach rush still not damaging enemies on direct collisions seems like the next glaring issue, I know thermal sunder adds contact damage but that's a bandaid. I still expect to damage enemies as you run over them as an innate feature instead of knocking them away softly.
  3. That's a pretty strong passive, but maybe the perma buff is a bit too strong. I'd say to just turn it from 50 armor per enemy to heal 50 hp per enemy. And then from there make nourish a radial heal to keep incentive to use it.
  4. Most base values on damage abilities are not good enough to keep up with even high level infested, 1000 damage is like the bare minimum amount for some abilities to do actual damage to high level infested with current mods and practically only the very newly reworked frame and newer frames have abilities that can do that much damage. The only other way to make them decent would be to add the enemy level scaling that grendel and vauban have. And you can test this by simulacrum, high level non grineer missions with no strength mods on, and the most obvious being the grendel part missions where the enemies aren't even high level.
  5. Has anyone tested if the nourish strike buff really gives abilities extra toxin damage? I've tried to test it many times in game but I've never seen a frost proc viral or an ember gas or whatever when I buff them, despite the ability description saying otherwise. That could be another thing they look at, would be great for nourish now that elemental augments don't buff abilities. Also his passive could heal 50 hp per enemy per second instead of 50 armor, I feel like it wouldn't be redundant if nourish gets better scaling for health and affects allies in radius, and it would offer better survivalbility at low and high number of enemies in grendels gut.
  6. So is grendel not gonna get touched on anymore? He could still use some polishing.
  7. Actually I have come across a very underlying problem and that's refining resources in the forge, not that I know exactly how it works but I imagine that once the forge hits the resource limit it doesn't collect anymore. So maybe something like uncapping the limit or making any extra resource above the limit get auto refined would help managing that aspect.
  8. So far the only problems I've had are nearly every archwing except amesha being extremely squishy and archguns being nigh unviable even when you have a god riven against even the fighters after the first few levels. I'm not even sure if the intrinsics that increase archwing defenses and offenses will be enough. Kinda cuts back on gameplay choice and makes you claustrophobic being in the railjack all the time since you'll get blasted once you fly outside in the archwing, and if you aren't then you're not gonna be able to do much except boarding crewships. Actually that's pretty much it, I guess the avionics are kinda wonky to navigate and their rng are aswell but I guess I can wait wait till the drop rates and locations are posted somewhere.
  9. Extremely underwhelming replacement but uni blink is extremely good, still gonna pretty much only use itzal cause cosmic crush has very good utility.
  10. Fireblast could definitely need it's damage also getting buffed by immolations level. And immolations could definitely get some kind of normalization for the gauge filling and energy drain. Fireball is still also boring and redundant, doesn't feel powerful at all despite being able to reach 8x damage. Inferno is still fun and decently strong but the fire rings could still use a chance to proc fire.
  11. Can the damage reduction on embers immolation not be tied to the overheat gauge? You can't make full use of the max percentage and the bonuses without having your energy absolutely chunked. Or atleast some kinda cap or grace period before the energy drain starts.
  12. Still the only gripes I've had is fireball still being kinda boring and clunky, immolation eating energy, fireblast being line of sight and having low damage that doesn't scale with immolation level, and infernos fire rings having weak spreading and no status chance after the initial explosion. The passive could also be 10% instead of 5% too, keeping enemies lit is unreliable to only get an extra 25% boost on average for 6 seconds.
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