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  1. I feel atleast her damage aspect could be improved indirectly by actually improving heat damage as a whole, by simply making the dot from heat procs stack like every other dot. If we're talking directly improving her, making WoF into an aura that hits all enemies in range instead of a couple but the damage reduces the farther away they are from ember would greatly balance out the damage, cc, range, and nuke problems. It's like a damage version of equinox's pacify but would still have it's own clear identity.
  2. What if the passive also worked on evasions as well? I feel like it doesn't offer much and you'll only get the most out of it if you use the new air time mods if it only works while in the air.
  3. Sorta agree, wished he stayed as tanky as he was but only if he wasn't completely immune to abilities and status. And by extension most other enemies like that are also not fun to fight.
  4. I'd say a compromise is probably the better route, the old bladestorm mechanics except it uses a garuda type, cone targeting instead of a radius. Except keep the opt in teleport and marks function parts but not the enemies being invuln during it part. And also make the smoke bomb stagger open enemies up to finishers while we're at it.
  5. He's a hidden gem in the sense that his whole kit is so close to being solid across the board. The passive is pretty meh and not sentient or eidolon or whatever at all, which is a huge conceptual let down of his overall kit. Enthrall is fine for what it is, but the duration decay over thralls and thralls turned by the homing projectiles not dropping pillars really self limits it. Danse is offensively decent, but it sucks against single and tank enemies and the adaptation, besides the corrosion adaptation, is really lacking. And Reave is probably the most solid ability he has, as even mesmer is noticeably imperfect in alotta defensive aspects.
  6. Imagine playing any frame and every hit you took drained energy equal to the damage taken, that's basically my entire experience so far with hildryn. It's not so bad as long as you constantly spam pillage but you really feel it in her ult since it can't be cast during it, and especially since it's so slow. Barrier/aegis and adaptation are nearly mandatory for her cause of that aswell. As for the rest of the kit, the firing cost and summoning cost seem accidentally reversed for balefire and the charging costing like 350% more shields for only 100% damage to fire is insane. Meanwhile haven is fine for what it does but it's sorta lame that it doesn't buff hildryn herself in any other way.
  7. Seems like too much work but it does seem better than embers comparingly, how about enemies are slowed down within x meters of frost? Like coolant leak but actually good.
  8. I've been wondering how uncapping his passive completely would play out, I think armor increases get diminishing returns and you'd have to keep at it but I'd imagine that'd make his playstyle more active and his tankiness more reliable, plus it'd work better as an ability consumable.
  9. Starting late and probably losing out on the umbral forma and cosmetics plus the wolf setting a further precedence of ability/status immune, tanky enemies sorta left a bad taste in my mouth.
  10. I feel like her kit will end up like revenants, as in her ult will be the most useful and practical ability atleast offensively, causing it to be overused and nerfed. For her 1 and 3 , they'll probably face the same problems as most stationary abilities. Mostly her 3, since it'll end up like vaubans grenades if it doesn't do good damage or cc, except maybe even worse since you have to manually detonate it. Her decoy is probably the next best ability but I can see myself just mostly double tapping for the blind, unless it does something to enemies if it passes through them to not warrant that. And her passive worries me the least but having it work on all evasions could make it seem more practical.
  11. Haven't thought on it much but what about her 3rd being an ability that uses actual portals useable by players? Like instead of blowing up the totems, portals are made and that way you can move between each one. And if a player or enemy uses the portals they get the totem buff or debuff version, respectively. That said, anyone else think the portal part of her concept is being underused?
  12. I'd rather that the bolts jump from target to target if the current one is killed. Ideally I'd rather have it like it was before but I'll compromise.
  13. All these signature synergies are nice and simple and don't force you to use the weapon with the frame to be good, unlike cobra and crane with baruuk. Edit: wait a minute, Octavia's synergy is "one of these isn't like the others" tier.
  14. Nah low levels are low levels for a reason, and to be good in low levels doesn't necessarily mean it's good in high levels but to be good in high levels means you're always gonna be good in low levels. That said your rework sounds more like an accelerant rework.
  15. Enthrall may be a lost cause but it might be saved by making thralls not use the remaining duration of the thrall that turned them and making the thralls turned by the homing projectiles drop a pillar. The latter especially since now your thrall limit well be bloated by useless thralls that don't do anything besides making more of themselves. Also adaptation as revs passive is still debatably a good idea.
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