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  1. -Bv-Concarne

    Saryn Augment Changed Please?

    The pause between heal ticks could be shorter, it's fine otherwise. Toxic lash aug on the other hand probably needs a buff more than it, atleast a status chance on the cloud or something.
  2. -Bv-Concarne

    World on Fire, Ember.

    Pretty much this, would get alotta birds with one stone and would work great with an accelerant buff that increases status chance on fire damage. As for WoF itself, how about it works more like a damage version of equinox's pacify skill? Heat radiates out and damages and ignites any enemy in the area around ember instead of the limited fire explosions. The damage diminishes with range but she can still overheat, increasing damage and range (cause that's how heat getting stronger works de) at the cost of more energy used.
  3. -Bv-Concarne

    Baruuk's Desert Storm Feedback, and What Changes I Believe It Needs.

    Baruuk dealing that much damage is a valid point, his ult should be all about that since that's the part of the kit that's more about dealing damage than cc. Not to mention you have to work for it unlike exalted blade where you have more leisure at using it and with more efficiency. Apparently serene storm can reflect enemy projectiles if the energy wave hits them, but the reflected shots seemingly don't damage enemies back (at least not with bombards and napalms). It's not necessary, but it would neat if the reflected shots actually did damage back.
  4. -Bv-Concarne

    Spectorage: Making It Shine

    What if they were invulnerable and reflected back damage done to them?
  5. -Bv-Concarne

    Nyx still needs more love

    Aug or not, absorb still draining energy for damage absorbed makes it a horribly energy hungry ability. Took nyx against profit taker and my energy either got chunked or fully drained, and it even commonly happens in normal starchart levels despite having good efficiency. Bolts being single cast is also bad, considering it's new effects aren't really that strong anyways.
  6. -Bv-Concarne

    Inaros Sand Minion play style

    It only has a chance to spawn a minion and the chance isn't affected by mods, has an extremely low minion cap, low duration which also isn't affected by mods, only blinded enemies make minions, and only when they're killed by a finisher can they make a minion. The only positive, especially compared to devour, is that it's easier to make a clone. I mean the devour sand clone is also pretty bad but you're probably better off using that instead and saving the mod space for something else. You'd probably be better off using ballistica p too.
  7. -Bv-Concarne

    Feedback about Gara Spectorage augment.

    Maybe cause the mirrors themselves aren't useable that high, they got what's probably the only nonscaling cc in that enemies will actually destroy the mirrors in a blink. If they were instead invulnerable or reflected back shots so they last for the full duration, this aug would end up better along with the base ability. That said, you're right that it works better at lower levels but like, that's the case for nearly everything else.
  8. -Bv-Concarne

    Inaros Augment Useless?

    Oh man that's pretty bad, I'd would think it would work like ballistica p if it had a base duration that low. Not to mention they have to die by a finisher instead of just dying while blinded.
  9. -Bv-Concarne

    Fortuna: Hotfix 24.2.7 +

    Really hope absorb draining chunks or all of your energy for absorbing damage is also reviewed. Makes either version of absorb nearly unusable at high levels.
  10. -Bv-Concarne

    examples of potential cross-frame synergy using Spores

    Separate chroma auras should stack, maybe that'll make range less of a dump stat for them.
  11. -Bv-Concarne

    Ember: Complete Assembly of Fundamental Designflaws

    Absolutely the way fire procs work is a fundamental problem with fire damage itself and in turn ember. It's balance is completely off when you release what the other dots can do along with being able to stack, and it's not like fires panick on proc is anything amazing enough to warrant it to not stack. Fixing that would get two birds in one stone. The other glaring problems for ember is range only being useful for accelerant and wof, and accelerant not increasing the chance for fire damage to proc. The accelerant part being a good pair with the idea of making fire dot stack.
  12. -Bv-Concarne

    Baruuk is underpowered

    Nah it doesn't, because if leveling it was any indication then you want as much damage on it as possible since otherwise it'll only bounce enemies around without much happening, plus it has pretty bad status chance and I imagine shattering impact doesn't work on the range attacks so the crit stats should be justified in making it useful in higher levels. Also you gotta consider that otherwise exalted blade and valkyrs talons would have it beat in either long or close range, wukongs stick too.
  13. -Bv-Concarne

    Does titanias lantern have agro problems?

    I'm sure if you had good range on her but range on titania is pretty meh
  14. Ember is really bad defensively (and generally too), so her passive helping that is probably the best. The hard part is that anything that involves ember being set on fire is kinda useless since that's not a common thing.
  15. -Bv-Concarne

    Nyx's rework was very underwelming.

    Bolts only being castable once is definitely underwhelming for what it does, though it is better now otherwise. Mind control targets inheriting damage types would add more utility than damage absorption. And absorb should get a status chance stat, again for the added utility. Not sure if this enough to help modernize her kit but it atleast feels like a good step.