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  1. Except it wouldn't change anything passive about it, the ability is still split so you still need to use the ability twice to get the most benefit. You get half an ability for the full cost. And yes the battery efficiency did get buff, now you don't have to spam mach rush for 2/3 of the ability to get the full buffs and you get it as early as half the duration. It's one thing not having passive gameplay but it's another to force synergies and micromanagement to the point that it's all you do instead of actually playing the rest of the game.
  2. If you want to get the best use out of it, like the armor strip, it's gonna cost you more than 75 energy at base. You need to turn on redline, already a 100 energy cost, and then spam thermal sunder twice which would cost another 100 assuming you have full redline, which would require mach rush or cold version of thermal sunder spam.
  3. So what? You got mag, hildryn, and oberon off the top of my head that can have even larger armor strips with less setups.
  4. Not unbalanced because armor is widely known to have extremely fast scaling, to the point that grineer are significantly the tankiest faction you meet (sentients, which have armor and damage reduction or are conditionally immune, could be first but they're rarer). Also heats cc isn't notably impactful and doesn't deal as much damage to health as toxin does, and it still probably won't deal as much when it's changed to stack like other dots. If anything that's gonna bring it up to par with them. Even fewer weapons have innate gas damage, that doesn't mean it's considered overpowered. And alot of the weapons with innate corrosive or viral aren't even close to meta, kripath is the only one but that's mostly because it's a zaw melee and those are extremely strong if built right.
  5. What's wrong with that though? Like I said, rhino charge and tailwind damage enemies on collision and they also have cc and mobility aspects. And I doubt that mach rushes damage would be strong enough to warrant it over weapons, even with the kenitic plating synergy. Even so it'd still be better to have it damage enemies on direct collisions than harmlessly knocking them down.
  6. Well heat should not halve health like viral does, but if it halves armor like viral halves health then that would be a good compromise for heat and corrosive.
  7. I mean heat halving health doesn't make sense, I don't even know where you got the idea. Heat being able to melt armor definitely does makes sense though. Everything has a melting point, you know.
  8. Thermal sunder is still very energy hungry if you tend to use it how it's seemingly meant to be. Halving the energy cost or making the cold blast regain energy somehow could alleviate the fact that you need to spam both versions for best results. Also mach rush still doesn't innately damage enemies on direct collisions, and the thermal sunder synergy could be called both a forced synergy and band aid. Doesn't make sense that crashing into enemies at high speeds doesn't damage them, unlike powers like rhino charge or tailwind.
  9. I'd take that compromise, corrosive can be strip king all it wants but heat not being able to melt armor in any way doesn't make sense.
  10. Heat procs being stackable like all the other dots is really appreciated, to the point that the armor stripping isn't really needed but still appreciated. Though I'm hoping her 1 could be a single, spammable version of her ults meteors. Or more like the dissic scaffold.
  11. So the redline and battery improvements are great and can finally allow one to enjoy them. Unfortunately mach rush still doesn't damage enemies on direct collisions innately. That got smooshed into a forced synergy with thermal sunder.
  12. Not at all, it'd fit right in with endurance missions. Again, it'd be balanced out primarily by armor having diminishing returns and never hitting 100% dr. Along with the decay and healing overriding armor gains plus the other stuff.
  13. Please tell me it now damages enemies on direct collisions at base, though. If it needs thermal sunder to do that then it'll just be another forced synergy added to gauss' kit.
  14. It also doesn't make since for the same stone wall to gain more health by getting shot at for a bit, but it does anyways, as it should. And since it has a (weak) damage component, it might aswell use the damage absorption to boost it aswell.
  15. Uncapping the rubble limit would be good enough for the extra passive. At full rubble you get 1500 armor total, which is only ~80% damage reduction. For ~90% damage reduction, you would need 3000 total armor. Going further, to get 94% damage reduction, you would need 5000 total. The diminishing returns, decay, slow build up, and healing overriding the armor bonus would balance it out.
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