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  1. it's probably because the stance still has some of the lowest damage multipliers of any stance in the game, if not actually the lowest, even after the buff. most stances have average damage multipliers of 300% and above but the ghoulsaw stance has less than 300%. and the forward combo doesn't even have a multiplier at all.
  2. simular would be fine if it had a non zero status chance on the bubble damage ticks and not just the explosion. it would also be a huge improvement if you could continue making full sized bubbles after hitting the max limit of them and making the oldest one explode when a new one is made.
  3. best thing they could do for decoy is definitely making it tankier, also making it copy your weapon. it would basically end up as stationary wukongs clone but decoy is such an outdated ability that it wouldn't matter.
  4. seems like that should be more like a buff for revenants ult. now I'm not sure how useful this actually would be but I always thought a real good necromancer theme buff for nekros would be a synergy between desecration and his ult, where enemies that are successfully desecrated are added to the ults queue.
  5. I feel like every move where the saw blade directly connects should have a guaranteed slash proc, also with the mods available to melee non of them have a problem with getting stronger with every hit, it was manly just the stance having some of the weakest damage multipliers in the game so this probably leaves the move forward combo as the weakest combo in the stance now.
  6. well the bugged saxum set was fun until it lasted but atleast now there's more reasons to use the carnis and jugulus sets over it, although I'm sure there are still some niche uses for saxum. and merulina still can't use kdrive mods so it might aswell stay a worse kdrive, which means still can't see a reason to play yareli other than just for fun, especially in open worlds.
  7. this makes sense cause of the animation changes needed for most abilites, but it makes no sense for 1 handed abilities, even titania in razorwing is able to use abilities like that
  8. my problem isn't the visibility or telegraphing but more that it's by far the most dangerous acolyte ability if you do get hit by it, and it gets even worse if there are still steel path enemies around you
  9. except this only happens if you play solo with revenant with a pacifist style, cause they're actually pretty bad at spreading since they have alot of mechanics in place that limit their ability to spread despite having a 7 enemy limit already.
  10. but that's like venari not being moddable cause she's an ability and not a companion i can see that being true, exclude 100 things cause 1 thing is actually worth it in a build
  11. what about being able to use kdrive mods on merulina? cause merulina not being able to use kdrive mods is like venari not being able to use pet mods
  12. merulina is basically just a kdrive turned into an ability so not being able to use kdrive mods on it just plain makes no sense and is probably the worst part of the whole ability. other problems are harsh turning radius, not being able to use one handed or upper body subsumed abilities, and not ragdolling enemies on collision like gauss. as for yareli herself, another case of a frame with elemental abilities that can't proc status effects, but in any case probably won't be using her much anyways.
  13. melees sorta unerfed, tenet tetra nerfed as intended, kuva grattler nerfed as intended, tenet agendus just plain nerfed. anyways when will merulina be able to equip kdrive mods? the kdrive frame might aswell be able to use kdrive mods right?
  14. the tenet versions of the tetra, detron, and flux can use the unique augments of the basic versions. all skana versions can also use the unique augments of the basic skana and they all have better stats too. those are just the ones off the top of my head.
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