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  1. IGN:Horganicorzio MR:19 Hours: 648 Country: U.S Current Clan: Reminants of the Void Discord: Horganic#7788 Want to join: Quasars About me: well this is my 2nd time applying for this clan haha and if I don’t. Get accept which hopefully I will but if I don’t I will eventually apply again but enough about that, I started this game in 2016 and enjoyed the #*!% out of it however I soon had nothing to do and was burnt out. That was around the time PoE came out however after a while I eventually came back to the game I love and got almost everything I missed, now a days im farming in Cetus or doing endurance runs, I know I have almost no operation scores but please don’t let that discourage you, it was simply unfortunate events every time a leader board event came up I was gone from the game however for the next one I will be grinding my ass off so please accept me πŸ™‚ PS: msg me on discord @ Horganic#7788
  2. IGN: HorganicOrzio MR 18 600+ hours started back in 2016 and took short breaks in between Country: U.S Language: English Looking to join: Quasars Discord: Horganic#7788 (please msg me in discord) Endurance runs my thing.
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