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  1. DE please tell me that you did not drop the primary kit guns i would love a primary rattleguts
  2. only have one question primary kitguns part shown at tennocon
  3. i did not get the drop even was watching for beginning to end and yes my accounts are linked
  4. when the positions on the jets and reactor will be fix? just wandering
  5. Have 2 Questions for you DE one will the archwing weapons in non-archwing missions be added with part 2? two will part 2 of fortuna will get the primary kitgun parts shown here
  6. no fix for the reactor and jets position on the k drive? or will that be tomorrow?
  7. Mean while we wait for Fortuna
  8. hope the archwing weapons in non-archwing missions is coming with this update been waiting for a long time for that XD
  9. (Question) will the heavy weapons (archwing weapons) be added before fortuna or after?
  10. hmm the archwing weapons in normal missions not coming in this mainstream update oh well
  11. didn't they say that the built charges would be refunded?
  12. hmm no arcwing weapons in normal missions yet oh well
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