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  1. there sometimes a bug that happens with the drop loot in space where it sends it flying to the edge of the map will there be fix for this?
  2. idk if it just me but it seems some of the engineer ranks seem to be bugged at rank 7 dose not seem to increase the yields when crafting items from the forge
  3. BTW was there a fix for the asteroid base not showing
  4. nice ty for the update DE but darn it all de stop nerfing my tombfinger
  5. i take that railjack part 2[also known as take flight] will not be coming out this year?
  6. next week or the week after that but i do hope im wrong about that and it will arrive sooner
  7. I hope part 2 for the railjack will come out soon but guess we will have to wait and see
  8. Will there be more kitguns and zaw parts? and any news on the new player experience rework form that trailer was shown a while back? And also can we have an arcane for zaws that allow us to throw it like a glaive?
  9. will the tennogen skins for the zenistar be scaled up like with the sword skin from the chroma deluxe was hoping the skins would been scaled up like that one skin was. because the current size of the tennogen skins on the zenistar the hand clips though the sword instead being on handle
  10. Doubt that this will be answered but will we get the primary kitgun parts from rude zuud that was shown in a picture at tennocon showcasing fortuna?
  11. im guessing that empyrean or the dry-dock will not becoming with this atlas prime access update
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