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  1. 1. eta or news on primary kitguns from rude zuud
  2. Would it be possible to have another section of mod slots just for augments just asking nothing more
  3. I have some Questions for DE that i hope they will answer on the devstream Q.1 primary kitguns from rude zuud or has this been scraped (if so darn i really wanted to make a primary rattleguts D: ) Q.2 will there be a sentient themed event for the orb vallis kinda something like the plague start event for the plains of eidolon
  4. i wander if there are plans to add more kitgun parts
  5. nice that the update is coming sometime next week but...... darn no news on rude zuud primary kitgun parts :<
  6. wish they had some info on the rude zuud primary kitguns
  7. sadly i didn't get the drop even tho i watch it from start to finish X.x
  8. Q1: ETA on primary kitguns Q2: any new update news for railjack Q3: is there going to be an event for orb vallis kinda like plague star for the plains but sentient themed? with sentient kitgun parts? Q4: any new updates on the new free roam map? Q5: crossover of zaws and kitguns between fortuna and cetus? Q6: are there any plans to add more chambers and grips for kitguns? Q7: will it be possible for the color black not be invisible for energy colors for warframes and energy weapons like dera kitguns ect ect would be awesome to have black flames on the Blazing Step ephemera along with some other weapon/warframe energy color combos
  9. to bad there is no zaw arcane that made the weapon so we can throw it like a glaive or that wolf sledge hammer that would be fun i know there is exodia contagion but that sends a projectile of energy and it needs you to double jump and aim glide(which i do not have a problem with) just thought it would be fun seeing your favorite zaw flying though the air like a glaive(or in this case the hammer)
  10. can you give us an eta or how soon on the primary kitguns?
  11. DE please tell me that you did not drop the primary kit guns i would love a primary rattleguts
  12. only have one question primary kitguns part shown at tennocon
  13. i did not get the drop even was watching for beginning to end and yes my accounts are linked
  14. when the positions on the jets and reactor will be fix? just wandering
  15. Have 2 Questions for you DE one will the archwing weapons in non-archwing missions be added with part 2? two will part 2 of fortuna will get the primary kitgun parts shown here
  16. no fix for the reactor and jets position on the k drive? or will that be tomorrow?
  17. Mean while we wait for Fortuna
  18. hope the archwing weapons in non-archwing missions is coming with this update been waiting for a long time for that XD
  19. (Question) will the heavy weapons (archwing weapons) be added before fortuna or after?
  20. hmm the archwing weapons in normal missions not coming in this mainstream update oh well
  21. didn't they say that the built charges would be refunded?
  22. hmm no arcwing weapons in normal missions yet oh well
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