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  1. Silver Grove will always remain the one quest I'll never finish, I'll play Farmvile 2 if I want to get the same experience.
  2. Hmm, quite interesting it's difficult thinking over a random kit on the top of my head but a Void energy based frame would be interesting, looks being similar to the new Harrow deluxe, the body being connected by energy, abilities wise perhaps have the fourth ability collect incoming damage + energy and when your energy falls to zero all of the damage is turned into void and sent out like a wisp beam, lore wise he's a Warframe once used by the Tenno, he fought in the old War and fell to a defeat, as a last stand he surged his powers through his Warframe unable to survive only his Warframe has been left. Now with the energy surging through his body, it walks once again. It's extremely random but for 60 seconds it's a fun topic.
  3. Perhaps a touch of Orokin gold may help hmm?
  4. Though makes you wonder, why would a scythe Zaw look the same as a spear type of Zaw? Skins would make them all look the same.
  5. Go full on beast mode in the War and tare the sentients' arms off and use them against their own.
  6. I believe changing it can bring a lot of backlash, by either fixing the scaling of it with other members or other means. We are all used to the good old CP as it always has been and in times if you have built a proper squad, it's rewarding.
  7. Conclave has been a topic of discussion for a very long time, having sudden changes might throw off the whole gamemode, I believe some slow changes and re-balancing might bring more people in / back and help for others to settle in, again we are unsure when such changes might arrive.
  8. I have been using 2FA with Outlook for over an year, always worked, never had an issue. So I'm unsure what's going on with your case.
  9. I don't think the Stalker lore should be revisited so often as there's a lot more going on, but of course the Stalker could easily be Prime as we Tenno use Prime Warframes, it wouldn't be hard for him to get his hands on one.
  10. Volt and Gauss are two unique playstyles. Some people see it as a replacement as they go for the speed, others don't as they use Volt for shields / as / aoe.
  11. The rather question is, what if they put counter measures to one shotting him like the kuva guardians?
  12. Thank you for posting this, it's quite nice seeing interviews with Steve. He has a pretty great mindset when it comes to mechanics and engine work.
  13. Sometimes it's best of the player learning this their own way, so it mixes with their own personality naturally. But mentioning it can help more "solo" players in public lobbies.
  14. Exilus should indeed include Augment mods, as you're using an augmentation on a slot that has been unlocked using either crafting or platinum. It's part of the Warframe itself and would make modding way easier in my general opinion.
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