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  1. You play Warframe and collect all the stuffs so pay to skip or pay to win, it's all the same: Pay to get what you want. Play the game (in this case: Riven farming) to get a chance of a chance to get the thing you want with a random stats and random nerf/buff in the future ... well, it's the same as a loot box inside a loot box inside a loot box that you "buy" with your time OR you can pay plat to get what you want right away. Just because it's not worth paying doesn't mean people can't pay to get all the things they want. To me, the Riven system pushed Warframe into the grey zone already.
  2. Instead of adjusting riven dispo every 3 months and flush players's investments down the drain, would you just put all that work hours into balancing weapons ?. Not that i care anymore because i actively avoid all meta rivens and i got good buffs this time, but this system is very unfair and inefficient.
  3. I still got kicked out of the game randomly. And is it normal to have a bunch of warframe launchers running like this? Last time i checked, only 1 or 2 instances of launcher and warframe.x64.exe running.
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