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  1. I must say that the demo video of an Inaros unable to kill 6 Butchers (invulnerable) is a bad demo. I'd love to see real situation where he's butchering at least a platoon of enemy with decent level, in a corridor like the rest of the game, with at least the same speed as current melee system do. Also the visual feedback (or was it your hand shaking ?) on melee hit is kinda weak, can we have some adjustable zoom, screen shake level on hit ?

    IMO, no enemy in the game is smart enough for the new changes of melee combat tactics. Right now most of the contents's limit factor is based on ridiculous level scaling and time gating. I really hope these melee changes won't become a flashy way to buy the enemies some more time and increasing the artificial difficulty. If the AI still move and act like dummies, then no matter how splendid you "dance" around them, it will get bored pretty soon, and people will still find then spam the most effective attacks just like slide attack right now.

    And if this big rework happens, please don't make melee completely useless against future bosses like the Eidolons right now.

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