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  1. Hope they implement Necramechs in some, if not most, of the normal missions the next update without nerfing them to the ground lol
  2. Yea but I just wanted to know the community's opinion on this. I really just wanted to see what other combinations or parts I should get so that I wouldnt waste resources on the bad stuff.
  3. Just wanted to know which is better when it comes to eidolon hunting. An in depth explanation would be nice or just choose between the two lol.
  4. Kinda new to Plains cuz of potato pc probs. Now that I can play it I just got my first tier amp(not the one they give for free). Just wanna know what combination of amp parts I should get next and the next one after that. Would help alot if you would name each part lol.
  5. I'll go with biggest destruction power. But some of them are so powerful that its funny lol
  6. Just wanted to know what the community's opinion was on these types of secondary weapons. I just got back in the game after a few years and I always see the single handed ones, like the Kuva Nukor and Pyranna Prime, as the "best" ones in the tier lists but not much love has been shown to the dual wielded ones. Yeah sure there are the obvious ones like the Staticor and what not. Tbh I'm just overwhelmed by the number of new weapons there are now and I just cant seem to choose which are worth my time.
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