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  1. Damage 2.0 Spreadsheet

    I made the Lech Kril video in the previous hotfix. Now still working, just not everytime. Wasn't 100% in the first place. Usually need to destroy the cryotube once first. Unless you mean the fiery stage which i didn't try this hotfix.
  2. Damage 2.0 Spreadsheet

    That is because fatpig's brakk is unmodded. Even if you mod it, you will still get single digit damage after 20m.
  3. Damage 2.0 Spreadsheet

    Nope, is way more than 50%. Brakk [10,20] means damage falloff at 10m and decrease linearly until 20m where it will do its minimal (some said 25% of unmodded pellet damage).
  4. Damage 2.0 Spreadsheet

    Sobek mag size still wrong.
  5. Information On Damage 2.0

    Can we have more info on enemies armor and their scaling
  6. Forum Changes: Restructuring And Ps4 Inclusion.

    How about unified forum but allow the Thread Starter and Moderators to choose whether the post can be seen by PC/PS4/Both. May also allow the readers to upvote/downvote the PC/PS4/Both option boxes to sort them into proper viewing access.
  7. Hotfix 10.6.1 +

    First mission exit, black screen of death.
  8. New Video: Operation "arid Fear"

    Wait what? Corpus speak pure English even though their alphabets look totally different?
  9. Hotfix 8.1.0

    The multishot doesn't seems to be working anymore for my boar shotgun. I only see 6 pellets every time. Anyone can confirm this?