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  1. Please no. Don't hide lenses. There are three reasons to pick an equipment for your mission: You need it for the job, you want it cause it's cool, or you need the focus from it's lens. The lens symbol is important in this.
  2. More cosmetic customization for the Railjack? Can we expect, in the future, to be able to place stuff like noggles or posters in the railjack? Could the "radio" from orbiter be added to the railjack so that you can listen to it's music while you fly? Could we maybe choose where we put the name and glyph on the railjack - the space for the name is very different in size for different skins. Cy sounds cool, but... Can we get to choose our combat cephalon? I would gladly pay lots of platinum to have the option to choose different voice sets for our railjack cephalon - check how titanfall allows you to choose your titan's voice and there are different themes! Would it be possible to access the store and/or foundry in the dojo (or even better, in the railjack) so that we don't have to disband the squad just because we want to craft more ciphers or want to buy a booster or repair drone. Maybe during the first 30 seconds of a mission or something if having a store open constantly is prone to exploits/abuse. Rolling Guard says on the wiki that it works while in archwing. Is this a bug or a feature and is it/will it be changed?
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