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  1. I have to say DE, I rarely just come straight out and applaud your work, but this patch is absolutely great! I've spent the last few hours testing the new melee every way I can, and it just feels amazing. Zero complaints so far, and I'm a melee specialist who's been playing adamantly for 3 years. All of my main builds feel just as easy to use but smoother and better, and I definitely feel more powerful overall. I especially like the built-in blocking mechanic. Stunning work DE, keep this up and I'll start giving you even more money!
  2. I'm not opposed to marketing free primes and vaulted/rare cosmetics to encourage business partnership between businesses... But unique content? cosmetic options you can ONLY get if you're willing to participate in cross-market support of the game? That doesn't sit right with me, I expect better of DE. DE you need to make 100% of the items offered in these cross-business promos available to us via the Market or in another way that doesn't force us to spend money outside the game. If this color pallet and Liset skin aren't available for me to obtain in game by Halloween this year, I will make a big stink about this. Why is this a big deal to me? Because of course it's a big deal! You have trained most of us veterans to be Fashionframe enthusiasts and thousands of us collect 100% of the cosmetic options for the game. I even dropped 20 USD on the Tennocon pass just to get the crappy cosmetic armor I didn't want just so I could have it. You have made your game at least half about fashion/cosmetics, so when I see you making cosmetic options that I can't possibly have without spending money on non-game products/services that aren't a part of DE, it makes me feel betrayed and angry.
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