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  1. There are a lot of good answers here so I will provide a few brief suggestions. Get yourself a Kuva Nukor and use it for a week and I think you will understand why it is so popular. For steel path its great at priming for conditional overload or dropping radiation status on the entire grid you're on to cause them to fight themselves while you pick them off. If you like more punch instead of setup then not many guns beat the catchmoon as many have suggested. It also depends on your playstyle/frame/goals/needs for what you're doing. At the end of the day though its whatever you have fun doing so
  2. I DO NOT have Rhino, I specified that in the post. I'll try the Kubrow approach, I don't have the sentinel that gives stealth.
  3. Riven challenge: Synthesize a Simaris target without taking damage AND without using traps or abilities while having a Hobbled Dragon Key equipped. I have tried using Nehza, Limbo, and Ivara. I use the respective ability that can assist with the challenge as soon as I drop into the mission and 5 seconds later it fails me. From everything I have read, you can use abilities while you are not near the target, however I fail even before taking a step in. I have made sure that I have the right dragon key equipped, I went without a companion (just in case), and I even had a clan member s
  4. The frame that surprises me the most is Nyx, coming in under 1%. Nyx is also ranked quite low in the community tier voting as well. However, she can be pretty awesome to use. Perhaps she is ranked low/used less often is due to having difficulty soloing harder content with her. She strips armor, causing mass havoc, and can mind control the toughest enemies. The data is very interesting though, thanks for sharing it.
  5. I returned about a month ago and a few things that are not obvious, I highly recommend prioritizing. 1. As others have stated, clear the star chart / do your quests 2. Get started on building reputation with Ostron in Cetus (on Earth) and Solaris United in Fortuna (on Venus) 2a. If you're a glutton for punishment/like to grind add in the Entrati/Necraloid in Necralisk on Deimos. However, I found them to be less gating than the above two factions. 2b. If you have platinum or can afford platinum, I highly recommend buying the archwing launcher segment as soon as possible. I
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