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  1. When entering search terms in the Universe>Mods section of the Codex, only owned mods to which this filter applies are displayed. This is undesirable if I want to see which mods I am still missing from e.g. a specific location like (Kuva Fortress) Pago (see examples below), or Arbitration:
  2. This may or may not count as a bug, but I find it odd that in every Railjack mission I've been to by now (all Grineer nodes, and most of Venus + Neptune Proxima) every locker drops Carbides. We've come to associate Carbides with the Grineer, so I fully understand that resource dropping from lockers on Grineer ships and POIs, but I find it a bit irritating that it drops from every locker in Corpus-based missions as well. I'd much more expect Cubic Diodes in those cases (because, logically, why should the Corpus hoard Carbides in their lockers, but the Grineer have no business at all with Cubic
  3. Noticed the same issue. Thanks for pointing out that it at least works with the gear wheel!
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