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  1. LOL! this comment is pretty hilarious. I'm a British guy who's been living in Taiwan working in a big tech company here for 6 years. you do realise most the big tech companies HQ's are in Taiwan right? And many big ones started here too. Nvidia, Acer, Asus, HTC to name a few. Those cheap products you buy that are 'made in Taiwan' are peddled and sourced by American business owners, you do realise that right? You sound like a deluded Trump Supporter
  2. Or am I just being stupid? I made some concepts back in 2016 saying would love a neon-ish area in Warframe. Here's the thread: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/661660-neo-asia-relay/ is similar in the color scheme!
  3. same feelings. Its just how messy it is, there' way too many fuking relics. It's ridiculous.
  4. pfft, noobs everyone knows endgame is 1millionth login reward.
  5. fukin limbo, that hat tho
  6. Really excited for it, are you guys? p.s It'll have have dedicated servers. (Runs away)
  7. Totally valid points. yeah I didn't really think that through. lol
  8. Thanks a lot for the post. Yes, I know about that matchmaking ping limit. It doesn't seem to eradicate poor hosts though and warping/doors not opening etc, or the worst of all (Lost connection to host' which makes you lose all of your resources/rewards... Making playing this game like Russian roulette with your free time.. Is DE planning on fixing this problem? (players losing progress and buggy host migration).. There is also the 'Always host' button, would that be a possibility for you guys to add that?..Maybe you could give it to people whos mission completion rate is higher than 95%?!
  9. This has been on the front page for close to a week now, DE really doesn't give 2 S#&$s about this do they lol
  10. cool, well the jiggabeam overdrive is completely discombobulated and there are at least 12 ultra high density uberboosters that just went into dsync just a few seconds ago. What I'm trying to say is i have no idea what you are talking about. but what I do know is that roughly 12 minutes ago at the end of the 2nd defense sortie today the host migrated and sent me back to my orbiter with nothing to show for it on the second to last wave, I lost around 15 minutes of my life i could have spent mindless browsing the internet or something. Do I think DE are morons? not in the slightest, they are ultra talented people who have made a game that I'm massively addicted to, with beautiful original art direction and the most fluid movement and shooting mechanics I've ever experienced in a game. I've spent hundreds of pounds on prime access' vaulted primes, plat. but man, no other game does this. that's all I'm trying to say, I'm sure it's a difficut problem to fix, but it's still a problem. and while they are quick to fix mesa's rear end, I wish they would openly be like 'Yeah this issue really sucks we can try and make a 'always be host' option' or just SOMETHING at the very least.
  11. Thank you! It's crazy how defensive I have to be on the wf forums when all I've asked is just for a stable game where players don't lose hours of time with failed host migrations. Playing a 30 min survival mission is like playing Russian roulette with what little spare time I have these days. Yet people still argue against wf being stable due to blind loyalty it seems
  12. My computer is def not the problem, it's my workstation, which has an i7 8700k, gtx 2080, 32gb of ram, and evo ssd which wf is installed on.
  13. ^I totally agree DE for sure is incredibly on the ball as far as content is concerned and playerbase interaction, but keep in mind this is their lifeline, the second they stop pushing out content is when their loyal playerbase will get bored and stop playing. I just hope they can realise that the same thing will happen with the many who are plagued by p2p issues. Instead of leaving due to boredom its frustration.
  14. haha wow, a screen shot i took of some software on my router is completely irrelevant and you're going off on a tangent here... it's irrelevant to the whole point of this thread, it probably rounded the number down, please, email the people who made my router and tell them about it?.. Would that make you feel better? here is the router: https://www.asus.com/Networking/RT-AC2900/ maybe email customer support and let them know about it, have fun dude! Meanwhile I'm gonna keep on being a lilbich in this thread because every time i play this game i lose hours of my time and resources to dropped host migration in public games, all they need to do is give us the option to be the host. that's all, no dedicated servers? fine.
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