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  1. Sadly in all forms of chat theres always a minority of people who don't like or care a bout others in regards too common courtesy.and being conscientious, of their actions. In hope the new filtering will root out those of that intend to have no regard for others. Thank DE for trying at least, and actualy being active and constructive with clients views within the community. After all there are many developers and big game copanies that dont care and only want financial profit, whilst blatently ignoring their own code of conduct policies.
  2. I maybe a mr 25 but I'm completely confused I have built all the parts and been to the plains tried the nakak and konzo parts to the quest, but since I've apparantely completed the quest I still have no main bp for the warframe. I've been out on the plains several times at night since with mask and nothing is either shown on map or suggested by nakak. Tried to do it in a logical way and nothing g so what am I doing wrong my foundry is showing no bp either. Please explain where to get the freaking bp as I'm wasting time going in circles. thanks
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