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  1. Oh GOOD, after over-nerfing the Amprex into the ground with massive CC, range, damage AND riven nerfs, it now gets yet another riven nerf. The Plasmor did NOT need another nerf either. Certain weapons feel like they're being targetted and ruined because DE made them too fun or useful, better do something about that right? Nerfing due to popularity like this feels extremely petty and spiteful (and it's clear that the Amprex and Plasmor are being targetted for this), it also makes me feel a lot less like playing. I know they've said they're now also using damage stats in the updates, but usage stats shouldn't be a part of it AT ALL, it should only, ONLY be based on damage potentials.
  2. ...Why is there no exhaust or front port energy glow on the Dex Liset skin? WHen editing colours you can see the glowing parts, but as soon as it's on the loading screen the engines are completely black. It completely ruins the look! Is this a glitch? Are you going to fix it? Please? I can't help but notice this was also a problem with the Spektaka Liset skin... and you never fixed that one...
  3. I already despise Nora. I hate seeing her giant mouth way too close and ever present on the Nightwave screen (close up mouths have always made me uncomfortable, same deal as ASMR, I legitimately have to cover the right side of the screen every time I open up the menu, can't you make her go away like every other talking head that pops up in syndicates?) and I really, really can't stand her blasé hipster radio voice showing up during missions. She reminds me all too well why I stopped listening to radio in general. Is her appearance event based or is she going to just be there annoying me from now on? Also this new system feels needlessly, aggressively grindy to me. It also completely screws new players out of crucial resources (eg nitain) by gating them behind this needless, excessive grind. This is stuff that we've always been able to acquire much more fairly than this. There is no new fun mechanic or challenge, none of this is hard or engaging, it feels like a punishment for anyone who wants the new content by offering up nothing but grind for grind sake. As it stands, this update is incredibly annoying and not well thought through, it mostly feels like forced change and "cool" at the expense of usability.
  4. DE For the love of god, fix what you've done to the controller crouch/roll button. PLEASE! I can no longer do quick bullet jumps from a standstill, I can no longer use octavia because it's impossible to do rapid tap crouches, it just instantly rolls now. All of this is beyond infuriating! Ivara can no longer move and bullet jump without breaking prowl either.
  5. I am LIVID about these ridiculous restrictions, do you have any concept for how many weapon builds of mine you have broken because you removed my rivens? You have any idea how many weapons I now have with detrimental D polarities? Here's a way to fix things: Give us back our PC rivens and MAKE THEM UNTRADEABLE. PLEASE.
  6. Ok, DE, explain this. I had 46k standing when I capped out yesterday with Solaris. From what I understand, the daily standing cap is 1k plus 1k per Mastery Rank. Which as an MR26 would give me 27k per day, correct? I just hit my solaris standing cap at 68.8k. Where did this come from and why can't I rank up today when I should be able to? No I didn't buy anything except a couple of bonds.
  7. Why does the archwing boost control no longer move me unless I'm holding forward? I have become so accustomed to using just the booster buttons to get around comfortably, I don't want to have to hold my analog stick up while flying, it can make my movement squirrely where it used to be fluid. Why did you do this? Holding the boost buttons should not make me float stuidly on the spot like this. I really, really hope this is just a bug.
  8. Seriously? Not only do I STILL not have fully functioning gamepad controls... now the brightness settings are completely blown out and headache inducing.
  9. I'm trying my best to stay calm... but DE? For the love of god, FIX THE CONTROLLER BUTTON MAPPING PLEASE.
  10. Gamepad controls still won't assign correctly FFS.
  11. What the HELL is going on with gamepad support?! Just when I thought it was all working fine, I find out it is physically impossible for me to map Alt Fire! Fix the gamepad button mapping PLEASE. Edit: Oh, and emotes cannot be activated by gamepad when inside a Dojo.
  12. Edit: looks like this issue is fixed afterall.
  13. One more thing, Please tone down the amount of blurring during flight in the plains! It's seriously messing with my eyes and makes me never want to fly.
  14. I also have to vent about the atrocious new gear wheel. Why did you change the activation button for controllers? I've used X for years and now you're messing with my muscle memory for no reason by switching it to B. It's not even logical. Worse still, is I see you continue to not understand that text labels are better than heiroglyphics, I sure do love having to mosue over my emotes to see which is which instead of being able to quickly read them. I am so sick of this trend, it also contributes to illiteracy. Bring back text labels to the emotes themselves. Also the stick input isn't functioning for the emote menu inside a Dojo.
  15. What have you done to my gamepad controls? Where is my Block button? Where is my Melee aimglide? I have always swapped the melee shoulder controls so that L Trigger is Block/Aim/glide and R is for channeling (toggled). All of a sudden my Left trigger does NOTHING when in melee mode... is this a bug? I haven't edited my controls since before you brought in this over simplified controller UI and am nervous to even try rebinding... In the UI I see "Fire Weapon/Block" on R trigger... am I even able to map block and aim to the same button anymore? Where are the block controls i've been using since the beginning? Are the controls bugged or did DE make another detremental gamepad control adjustment like when they ruined the archwing roll controls for pads?
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