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  1. Nef Anyo has been loosing money and his reputation left and right due to the actions of Solaris United and the Tenno. Desperate to earn back his standing and wealth in the corpus board he comes up with a last ditch idea. He will hold a fundraiser to earn money and get rid of captured Solaris United crew and demoralize the Solaris in the process. Investors have 5 tiers from which to choose from tier 1 hunt a Solaris United cre across the orb valis level 0-10 tier 2 hunt two Solaris United crew across Orb Valis with a member of the hyena pack level 15-25 tier 3 hunt three Solaris United crew across Orb Valis with 2 Hyena pack members level 30-45 tier 4 hunt four Solaris United crew across Orb Valis with 3 Hyena pack members level 55-75 tier 5 hunt five Solaris United crew across Orb Valis with the Hyena pack and some of nef anyo’s finest troops (index combatants) level 80-100 Tenno goal is to kill the hyena pack allowing the member or members of SU to escape into the caves of the Orb Valis the Tenno would then have to locate them using a modified tracking lure and escort them to extraction or Fortuna under fire from investors before time runs out. Rewards would follow the same credit system used in plague star and would be awarded based on tier of mission, number of SU Crew rescued and whether the extraction point or Fortuna was used. This would encourage players to build proficiency with newly introduced game mechanics as well as encouraging them to explore the Orb Valis to seek out faster routes to the extraction points and Fortuna.
  2. I don't feel so good about the maximum limit on total enemies effected by spores. How about we make 10 the maximum it can spread to in a hit using toxic lash and 5 for the spore popping on its own.