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  1. ich fänd es schön wenn die ersten beiden mal fertig entwickelt werden würden... bei einer neuen open world mit der aktuellen technischen grundlage, bin ich raus.
  2. if we get another ****ing plain with bugs, lags, terrible spawning again, iam out. fix your game pls
  3. No Credit Booster? You Announced one <.<
  4. 50 sites backlash on the xoris change wasnt enought to rethink? typical DE. -___-
  5. interesting, almost no comments regarding: dont care about powercreep, your game is full of powercreep, fix the damn gamebreaking bugs before you try balancing. Railjack, unplayable spawning #*!%ed up in plains kuva clouds stuck in territory just to name just a few
  6. i dont argue about this. if you find your xoris useful, great. That does not change the 47 sites of frustration the ppl unleash here.
  7. if there comes a change, for one weapon and it makes it objectively useless, its a nerf for the weapon, period. dont argue about terms that are older as your funbox.
  8. i love the response we are getting here. -___-
  9. funny one xD did you try to play railjack lately? its unplayable with 16ms ping to the host, they test nothing before release. they release and adjust, you need something to put your forma and keep you "engaged"...
  10. great, maybe you should host some dedicated servers? because p2p is always a terrible idea, even with dedicated servers on P2P basis
  11. Great guys, continue fixing cheese, we have tons of cheese for steel path. i hate it to throw away forma weapons but you should start thinking about what you are doing before getting this on live servers. 41 Pages of hate because you dont care about actual bugs is a lot different than the community experience 2 years ago. But maybe you should stop developing new bugs/cheese and fix the gamebreaking bugs that you ignore for months/years now. PS: maybe it would help if some of you would really playing the game and not derping on a livestream while giggling how cool their frames look.
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