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  1. More options for avoiding damage never hurts. There's a bunch if scenarios where it'd be way better to go for an invincible dodge roll than bullet jumping away, and vice versa Suprised there's been no mention of enter the gungeon in a thread about dodge rolling
  2. Like, if you're using naramon, and have void hunter active, and void stalker disabled, void mode only gets 2 more energy/sec instead of 3. Void stalker still occupies focus pool space as if it was active though. If void stalker still added more energy drain then there's no reason to disable ablilities in the first place
  3. You mean like the deactivated abilities still use up focus pool if something ahead of them is active? That sounds fair, honestly. Anything to avoid annoying extra energy drain from some of the focus trees
  4. Presumably the cost is that the deactivated abilities are now deactivated ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Overall operator movement speed should be increased too. I get that they aren't supposed to be as mobile as warframes, but that doesn't mean they should be painful to play either. also, amp stances. The WIDE stance we have now is nice and all, but i'd prefer literally anything else
  5. Way ahead of you https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Saryn
  6. The last time I tried to play conclave I waited half an hour without getting a single game. If people want to play conclave, they will. Ruining a cosmetic by locking it behind an arbitrary gate is probably the worst way to get people to play conclave I have ever heard about in my life, and isn't something anyone should be arguing for. If anything, it actually pushes people who want a cool looking syandana away from the mode. I remember that I was ready to farm conclave for the syndana until I found out about its neat little gimmick.
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