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  1. Change intensify so that it gives +29.9999999999999999899999999999999999999999999999999999999999999% Ability strength
  2. I'd like to have wukong prime's massive staff replaced with his massive
  3. I disagree, the names of volt's abilities are way too long. Shock and speed are wonderful, but the other two, yeesh. "Electric shield" is way too complicated, it should just be "shield" for clarity. As for discharge... it's a good start, but it still has too many syllables. A name like "blast" or "wave" would be much more fitting. You could even call it "surge" if you want to get fancy
  4. AFAIK DE is still working on damage 3.0 and the game's overall difficulty curve. We don't know anything about what they have so far, or what changes might be implemented, so we can't design rework ideas around new systems yet. There's been a bunch of threads about overhauling damage, health, etc., but I wanted to keep this one just about ember for simplicity's sake, and so that the ember rework wouldn't be dependent on an accompanying gameplay rework. Maybe. Personally I just don't like the ability at all, but I can't deny that it's possible to make it more interesting to play with. What if the current ability was combined with some part of heatwave, like maybe a weaker version of the energy reduction and the energy cost changes, so that using wof alongside her other abilities wouldn't be as expensive? A nidus/baruuk-ish resource system like you mentioned could add a lot to the entire kit, letting you fuel up wof using her 1, 2, and 3 to unleash a devastating rain of fire and maybe temporarily power up all of her abilities while it's active, kinda like what gauss does with his battery and redline. I'll update Fireball 2's description. I wanted it to be just a little bit weaker to make using accelerant more appealing when you want to set things on fire. Also, thanks. If you have more ideas then I'd love to hear them, any suggestion can help improve the rework.
  5. It is unreliable, but it still does reduce the damage you'll take overall. I was thinking that it should sit at around 75% base, with mods bringing it to a cap of around 80-90%. It's not necessarily stealth, it's more like an extreme version of the mirages you'd see on and above the road on a hot day. I'm trying to avoid straight up damage reduction, but regen sounds interesting. Although I don't know how to make it an ability. The armor reduction is there so that you do more damage to a target the longer you attack them, like what sol gate does. It also sets it apart from the other damage abilities in the kit by giving it a unique function. I'll add it to the post. Switching to %hp runs the risk of being too weak against low level enemies and being too strong against high level enemies though.
  6. Fair enough, how about: Fire procs caused by ember will deal a percentage of their damage as finisher damage Noted The main idea is that the casting location is changed from around the caster to at target location. a slight reduction in range in exchange for the added power of the ability and the ability to cast from a safe distance seems like an upgrade to me I would be really happy if you did. i'm not against scrapping the ability entirely if you have a better idea 1. Hildryn's 4 and 1 were actually something I had in mind when I was trying to think of replacements for her 4. I was hoping it would be different enough to stand on its own though. It could just leave ember on the ground, but then the pillar might be hard to control. 1.5. Why not? 2. Alot, I hope. It's meant to be chaotic because fire is chaotic, and I want it to fit the theme
  7. Ember was the first warframe I built when I started playing the game. I was super excited to finally have something other than volt, and played nothing but ember until I sold her to make space for a new warframe, and never thought about her again. Until I did. I've read a lot of ember threads on the forums since the change to world on fire, and recently built ember prime to see if things were really as bad as people said they were. After playing her for a bit, here's my takeaway: Ember is a low survivability, ranged damage warframe who doesn't do much damage, and has 2 abilities that only work when ember is close to her target. If that doesn't make sense to you, then congratulations! It doesn't make sense to me either. Ember's design conflicts a lot with what DE seems to want her to be: a glass cannon with high aoe damage output. There's a lot of things wrong with all 4 abilities in her kit, and they could all use overhauls to make them a little stronger and more versatile. Let's change some things to make ember a little less of a catastrophe. Ember relies on fire as an elemental damage type It makes sense that the fire warframe would deal a lot of fire damage, but it hinders her damage potential because fire has what is arguably the worst elemental proc. Fire procs don't stack, they can't be overwritten by stronger procs, and they don't do much damage to anything with more armor than a t shirt. Ember should be changed so that the bulk of her damage is inflicted by her abilities alone, using fire procs to stun and boost dps. Of course, that doesn't mean we can't rely on fire a little bit. Ember's passive Ember's current passive is suicide Ignition: When ember, the low health/armor warframe with no survival tools, sets herself on fire, she gets +35% ability strength and 10 energy/sec for as long as she remains on fire. This passive sounds cool on paper, but since ember has no way to recover health or mitigate incoming damage, you'd be better off just doing anything other than taking advantage of it. How about instead, we give ember a passive that not only doesn't encourage the player to kill themselves, but also gives her damage a much needed boost? Proposed passive: Not Ignition: Fire procs caused by ember will deal a percentage of their damage as finisher damage, and affected enemies can spread the fire to their allies. (fire procs will instead deal a percentage of enemy max health every tick) This passive will buff the damage of all of ember's abilities, and make her slightly less useless against high armor enemies. With that out of the way, we can start tackling ember's abilities one by one. Anything in parenthesis needs feedback before being added to the ability. some abilities might also need be moved to a new spot because of changes to their power level. FIREBALL ACCELERANT FIRE BLAST WORLD ON FIRE That took a while to type. Ember's new kit will make her a strong ranged damage dealer with limited survival tools and relatively high energy consumption. She won't have to risk getting close to enemies to deal damage, and her fire procs will actually be a threat. This thread mainly exists because I thought I had a really good idea for accelerant, and so I built everything around that ability. I'd love some feedback so I can edit the post and make the abilities a little more solid. P.S. I don't actually have that much experience with current ember, so if you think you know more than me, please feel free to let me know if I got something wrong or misunderstood the purpose of an ability. I don't want to make ember into a different warframe, just make her better at what she already tries to do.
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