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  1. Synth fiber and Synth deconstruct, the two mods of the synth set that were initially exclusive to sentinels, are currently usable on all companions. The synth set is supposed to be a mod set for sentinels and currently it doesn't have any sentinel exclusive mods. Please revert this change.
  2. Wasn't Volt also supposed to be able to run on water and coolant? He doesn't seem to be able to do it.
  3. Are we finally gonna get a fix to the broken amp models?
  4. Wait, does this man that toroids no longer drop from the temple, spaceport and the labs?
  5. Hildryn's balefire drains an inconsistent amount of shields. On my build, the ability screen says it should drain 70 per shot but the actual cost can be anywhere between 80 and 100
  6. Euphona prime doesn't spin when you use it with a glaive. Literally unplayable. Euphona prime doesn't spin when you use it with a glaive. Literally unplayable.
  7. When are fortuna amps going to be fixed? Right now the placement is extremely skewed with each part facing a different way.
  8. Fortuna amp parts are horribly misplaced in the preview screen. I dn't know if they are placed correctly otherwise but this makes the game literally unplayable!
  9. the new amp parts don't display properly in the preview screen. The scaffold clips into the brace and the prism floats away from it.
  10. The fortuna amps look scrambled in the preview screen with multiple parts not being placed correctly and multiple clipping issues.
  11. The VFX for afterburner augment for Elytron seem to be glitched. When you ignite the cloud it disappears.
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