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  1. I hope Syandana and Armor will be decent, because weapons are really frustrating. UPD: DE just updated post and added pictures. Unfortunately accessories look meh.
  2. get other weapons and frames. If you current weapons reach 30 rank you are stop gaining xp for mastery rank. So you need to put other weapons.
  3. Not only exponential armor growth, but also enemies health scaling that we used to have. Nowadays lvl 9999 enemies have the same amount of health as old 280 lvl enemies. We started using different weapons and frames since enemies are weak. Just admit that.
  4. its so true nowadays enemies is so weak. You can annihilate high level enemies with any weapon
  5. 8 player squad against 8 players--> it will be battle royale. i dont mind it, but you have to consider that it will be hard to optimize the game for such type of mod and for so many players
  6. Count me in - I have completed an Arbitration Mission
  7. As expected. Hope it will be at least on Thursday
  8. Using them is normal when you are newbie, consequently you have low level of experience and you are dont have strong weapons/frames to stay longer without activating life support towers. Sorry for my replying, but you message seemed like you said that it was impossible to survive without life support towers
  9. Omg guys just put up with it. It is not a big lost
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