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  1. Now it's clear to me. Same happened on pc platforms too. There was a people with a few sentients kills, without any gears(mechs, fluctus etc). And they runs after some time got removed and they were banned. I mean DE already have a practice with such a suspicious runs. And they do check people on high position of the leaderboards.
  2. It's just a beginning of the event. People are still getting used to it. People do learn how to play, and i am sure after some time there will be more players down for the 36 orphixes.
  3. Give use more information, by absurd scores how much points do you mean? And why do you think that on PS this is completely different story. I am just curious
  4. I wouldn't say they are 10 times higher. But i agree with you, considering less points gaining factor. The shop prices need to be lowered. No offense, just saying in case don't think that 2-3 runs will be enough for grinding all arcanes and other stuff, so you will probably have to do more runs.
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