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  1. At least for now. We still have to see what the final decision is.
  2. Atsia


    I'm assuming they're talking about the removal of her ability to bullet jump in prowl, since DE says she shouldn't be able to parkour in it at all.
  3. That's an entirely different scenario. It wasn't Ash joining in that was broken, it was the one button AoE invincibility that also locked enemies from being damaged by anyone else that was the real problem. DE is fine with letting join in, as long as the build up to joining in isn't 1 button press and doesn't get in the way of other players.
  4. Yeah, I wish DE had the other parts of the rework ready before they shipped this first part to make the inbetween period as short as possible.
  5. I mean, DE has already seen how we get when "new" content gets out on hold for reworks, just look at 2018. Turnaround on the rework should be faster, but they're unlikely to want to put content in pause for reworks anymore.
  6. So does DE.They keep in little glitches, like the Zenistar skin interaction. They based our entire movement system around glitchy mechanics. What they're not gonna do is bring back glitches that allow for broken/OP mechanics, like Chromas old damage calcs, or gold old invincible Trinity.
  7. ............You're trying to compare broken OP mechanics frame mechanics to QoL weapon changes. This is the most apples to oranges comparison I've ever seen.
  8. There is no dedicated rework team, different people lead different reworks.
  9. Atsia


    Ok seriously, can you do anything else than trying to promote your own ideas? Give some actually worthwhile feedback.
  10. I'm assuming this was translated from another language cause or makes very little sense.
  11. There are reasons abilities get changed. DE has no reason to change them back to their old broken mechanics, no matter how much we complain.
  12. I disagree, and it's far too early to completely write it off, we still need to see the combo rework and new channeling.
  13. I'm pretty sure I've heard people say that that RMB will just bring gear back up
  14. Atsia

    Limbo filter.

    Anybody have the forums bingo card ready, I think we've got a space to fill out
  15. Dreamers specifically refers to the Tenno, because of how we used to exist in the " Second Dream
  16. Are you and everyone else just choosing to ignore that THE CLOTH WAS SUPPOSED TO BE THERE?! They literally said on stream that what we saw last Devstream was incomplete. DE didn't cave into anyone's demands and I doubt it's gonna hit Wisp sales any, we don't even know her abilities yet. All this outcry is so completely idiotic
  17. Yeah, you actually are getting the same amount of affinity, it's just going to waste unless you have a focus lens on.
  18. It's a random weapon so as to incentivize actually taking a look at some lesser used weapons, rather than just getting rivens for meta weapons and ignoring everything else, like we do.
  19. In terms of stuff like mods, frames, weapons, resources, etc. There's no way they're gonna allowed Valve and Tennogen artists to be screwed over so heavily. And just because they said they wanted to doesn't mean it's gonna happen, or come without caveats.
  20. You know that would be something that would explicitly NOT be allowed, right? Plat and Tennogen are the 2 thing I fell confident in saying are not gonna be shared between accounts, or at least between Console and PC accounts.
  21. Because of the rules of Steam. Steam takes a cut of the profits and aren't gonna accept plat, plus the actual artists need to get paid as well. DE can only sell Tennogen on plat for consoles because they buy the rights to the item. Selling it for plat on PC would also be screwing over the artists because PC gets plat discounts and thus has far more plat to burn than consoles, who don't. DE could make their own steam workshop system to get around this, but why go through all that extra work. So now, unless DE completely overhauls the entire economy and contract with Valve, PC Tennogen will always cost straight cash.
  22. Eh, not really. Stalker is assuredly gonna lose just about any invasion, unless it's against a real newbie.
  23. Well congrats OP, your suggesting is something they've already said they're gonna do. DE established well early on the we"d be getting all new combos.
  24. Well, channeling as it is is being scrapped and all the clunkiness in the current combos can partially be attributed to the fact were still waiting for the combo rework that was made for the new mechanics.
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