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  1. 8 minutes ago, mrbubblepants said:

    Oh goodness i really hope this is not how the rework goes. Reworks are supposed to be an upgrade in playability! The Bastille + vortex is a joke. Those mines are almost as pointless as a beach ball on the moon.

    You know that's literally one of the more populars rework suggestion for him right? This is DE literally listening to the players again.

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  2. 15 hours ago, GrayArchon said:

    This isn't clear, as it has never been referenced in dialogue or text. It's a gameplay mechanic at the moment, so one should be wary about drawing lore conclusions from it.

    The only indication we have is the Elder Queen saying we were there in the flesh during the War Withing, before you fight the Guardians.

  3. 21 minutes ago, VotumPrime said:

    Not to mention an infested in the back of our Orbiter that can produce new and original designs if we can just figure out how to use him. We can capture a Sentient, strap it on to the Helminth chair and let him work his magic.

    Actually no, Setients are canonically immune to the infestation. (Ignoring the absolute insanity the id Revenant)

  4. 13 hours ago, Luciole77 said:

    vuaban needs to be like counter strike....fast. No bullS#&$ tesla -.-

    ......... You do know who he's based on right? He's not a soldier, he's a combat engineer. Counterstrike shouldn't be anywhere near Waframe.

  5. 5 hours ago, Crasharr said:

    Thats 100 percent made up statistics, people you heard never said anything like that because you didnt ask new players, only old jaded ones that reverb your sentiment about Nightwave. Yes I did play alerts just because they were there when i started, I played alerts just for funny hats for frames or crappy blueprints for even crappier weapons but it gave instant acess to group play. I played them because they were there.

    The reason alerts were complained about was 100 percent because of entitled people feeling they had to have access to all the shineys all the times, wether online or not. They dont care about playing the game, only getting the rewards, Hence the whining about third party mobile apps etc... False sense of entitlement!

    Now, i could go on and argue with you about the benefits of Nightwave over alerts all day but as this isnt genereal discussion but the feedback sections, and I'm giving feedback about the new player experience. Try and stay on topic please.

    I am staying on topic. You brought up alerts to support your argument about the new player experience. I'm pointing out that, no, alerts didn't really benefit newer players that much more than or players, cause running a regular missions usually gives you more than whatever reward that alert had. The only leaves the rewards (like nitain) that new players don't really need to work about yet or rewards ( like helmets) that hit newer players just as hard since, as the previous post said, people have gone literally months before anything new can appear.

  6. 3 hours ago, Crasharr said:

    What i seem to remember from alerts is that it was a quick and easy way to get some loot, if you needed it or not is a second but most likely others would also be much more likely to just click on an alert and say "hey lets go play with some random people, lets do an alert"... So it was better than Nighwave as I got into groups much easier, learned much more just from looking at the other players and it didnt take 6 hours to level a Braton mk1 because i have to do everything alone, no shared affinity. Not to mention all the weeklies etc i couldnt do because i hadnt done certain quests or unlocked certain areas slowed everything down even more... If i didnt know what i had been doing I would never ever have continued playing this game at that point. Alerts and Nightwave should co-exist; for new players alerts were just better.

    That's 100 percent backwards from what most people have said. I know of nobody that played alerts just "because". The only ones worth doing were the ones with rewards you actually wanted. Why play this 10 minutes survival if all I'm getting in 500 plastids? You can get more just playing the regular node. There's a reason alerts were complained about because of the randomness of the rewards.

  7. 3 hours ago, (PS4)FrancisChrisWong said:

    There are frames like Frost, Gara, Limbo who have better defensive abilities.

    And? The frames with better defense abilities are generally the frames with an actual focus on defending an area. And I would really call Limbo Cataclysm a defense ability, more so just high tier CC, which Volt has in Discharge.

    3 hours ago, (PS4)FrancisChrisWong said:

    There are frames like Wisp who have better Speed buff abilities. 

    Not true. The only advantage Wisp mote had over Speed is rate of fire boost. Speed still gives the higher movement speed and attack speed boost.

    Volt has a very solid place that's very unlikely to be upset by any one frame (no new frame we know of is for sure gonna upset his place in Tridolons) His only ability that really could use a change is Shock. Speed could maybe do with a better opt out, but that's up to DE. Electric Shield is a great ability already, an invincible wall that you can spam endlessly, and Discharge does it's job fantastically.

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  8. 3 hours ago, swiftasacoursing said:

    Chains of Harrow? Defection? Relay Reconstruction events? They have plenty of lore already; Arbiters is the one that has no lore

    Now Chains was Red Veil, not Steel Meridian. The closet to a frame oriented quest Steel has is Rathuum since that brought new Kela who has Saryn. They've had a lot of events tied to them true, but no frames really,

  9. I wouldn't call any of the frame quests awesome. Parts of it, enjoyable sure, but not awesome, cause just about every single frame quests has some terrible part to it. Chains of Harrow and the Sacrifice had operator fights (Chains being even worse cause it was before we had amps). Limbo Theorem and Jordas made you go through Archwing. Silver Grove with scanning, Glast Gambit with Index, etc. The only one I can for sure think was ok to get through is maybe Saya's Vigil (Perhaps the New Strange too? I don't remember what happened in it).

  10. 17 minutes ago, pisces13 said:

    The point is to go fast. Somehow you can't understand that. You always need some reason to disagree with people?

    Because it would be a pointless change that would achieve nothing substantial. You've given no justification other than "because", which is always gonna be a terrible reason to make a change to a frame. Give 1 good, legitimate reason as to why it should buff ? movement speed, other than "I just think it should be faster" ? Cause hell, more speed is likely an overall negative effect depending on the build.

  11. 1 hour ago, VanFanel1980mx said:

    My only complaint is not getting enough cred to buy as many potatoes as I used to get from alerts, running out of tasks slows down my progression when the only thing left is 15 cred every 10,000 rep which then I can't reach until next week, and now I can only run one outbreak (3 missions) per planet to get one key so I can get only 1500 rep which falls short when I need to grind 10,000 several times.

    I would rather say that's because the recent Gifts of the Lotus haven't been the usual potatoe rewards, since potatoes from regular alerts were always once in a blue moon and were no way any kind of main source of them.

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  12. 43 minutes ago, Nilly00 said:

    I don't get why people have so immense problems with giving a underused frame a small buff. We are already gods upon men. A little more won't hurt.


    (underused as in: rarely seen outside of spy)

    How do you know he's underused? Just because YOU haven't seen him much outside of Spy mission doesn't mean a thing. The last time we got frame use metrics  Loki was firmly in the top 10, maybe top 5 most used frames.

  13. 19 minutes ago, Olphalarepth said:

    The excalibur umbra only took how many years for a 45 min quest with a hyping opening cutscene and nothing else added?

    In on this, not that long. IIRC, development for the quest only properly started like 2 or 3 months before release. They really didn't have much intentions of doing anything with Umbra without the endless complaints from us.

  14. On 2019-08-29 at 7:58 PM, -HoB-KurtOn said:

    Did you not read the part where i said and i quote "With this should also come a higher chance for better rewards. *mind blown*" Or you decided to read what you want?

    You haven't been here long enough if you actually think it'll come with better chances for anything. It's still a terrible idea anyways.

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  15. Did you mean Anthem? Cause I hear that mechanics isn't doing so hot for them ( among other things). The only reason this works for Gauss is cause he can control when the elements mix. Allowing it with all frames is just an asking for trouble. In the example you give, you've completely ruined both the Ember and Frost, as neither get anything beneficial from Blast.

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