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  1. Yeah, no, enery drain is almost always used as a nerf to performance. Hell, one of your suggestions, Firewalker, was changed from an Energy Drain to a high duration, with the real solution to to this thread, making certain duration abilities recastable and/ or give them a higher base to work with.
  2. Not really, their main selling point is appearance. The minor stat boosts are nice, but unneeded for any content.
  3. Well today after 4 year that you can shoot kuva clouds with your Amp......
  4. Wait, you can place them in the air? Jesus that makes the TP so much more reliable.
  5. I think you're remembering het first showcase, where the old ability "Harness" would send out wanted of damage from motes, but only motes, so it was useless without her one.
  6. Jesus Christ, this had been a worse dumpster fire than usual.
  7. So you're mad that people get Taxi'ed? So what then? They still have to have every planet unlocked at least to progress through the game, so what does it matter if I want to take a lower rank player ahead a few places to help them level a bit faster?
  8. What exactly are you complaining about here? That people don't explore the Starchart?
  9. It would be nice, but would just shift the complaints from whether a bug is seen or not to everyone complaining about "why hasn't their specific bug been fixed yet".
  10. Atsia

    FOUNDRY Time

    Foundry times are there to make you come back, not be convenient.
  11. I gotta say, you must be taking your time, cause sorties barely take 20 minutes to do, leveling stuff should barely take 10 minutes if you're doing it right, I don't where you're getting an hour. And you seem to be forgetting that you'll likely be doing at least ONE of the NW tasks while you're doing all that.
  12. By afk, I meant just buying straight from a list, no discussing price, no going to a Trade Post in a dojo. THAT kinda click and buy AFK trading is what DE is against. They want both players to be online AND directly interact with each other to trade.
  13. I'd like a cleaner trading UI, but the best thing to expect is them just linking warframe.market. They've already said they're not gonna do afk trading, you'll have to interact with other people.
  14. First of all, why in god name would I EVER use this if it get rid of the DR? Second of all, this would be the most out place augment for a Medic frame. It make much more sense on Ivara, the Thief, or Mag, the frame that actually has ANYTHING to do with metal? And why would it have a color feature like Chroma, "realism" shouldn't impact design. Lastly, Instead of going through all that to set it up, Animal Instinct and Thief's Wit do this without any of the hassle, cause why would you ever NOT want to see Ayatan Sculptures, or Sydicate Medallions (which are half the point of sydicate mission in the first place, so why WOULDN'T you collect them?)
  15. Yes, because they're things I actually do instead of upending whatever I'm doing to jump on an RNG mission in an RNG time with an RNG reward than most of the time I already had it is a what I wanted. And then the pain of seeing something I do want, but it was only ever when I'm at work or asleep. So yeah, alerts were way more like fetch quests than NW. I can do what I want at own pace to get the rewards I actually want.
  16. I disagree, Nightwave is better than alerts on just about all accounts.
  17. True, we've got damn near every stereotypical anime story trope there is to have, we just dress it up in a weird sci-fi aesthetic.
  18. Gauss also being a fast frame is gonna do nothing to Volt, especiallyy since it kinds looks like Gauss' will be limited to only himself.
  19. Except those 2 aren't supposed to be throwing out high damage. Both are more CC frames, so they don't need any of the higher damage types.
  20. Except those limitation are SUPPOSED to be there. Damage types themselves are what needs to be changed not making a bandaid that's just gonna piss off most players and will only legitimately help 1 or 2 frames since all the frames that have high damage abilities or are intended DPS don't struggle because of damage types (except for Ember). And DE for sure isn't gonna let you break the identifying theme like this.
  21. I'm pretty sure DE had said they don't want to do that BECAUSE it could make your abilities go from reliable to useless depending on what mixes. Like Volt and Frost wouldn't really be able to work together cause Magnetic is a useless damage type.
  22. There is no problem, they've already explained multiple times that it'll take up a week for everyone to get it. If you don't have it after this Saturday, then you can start complaining and asking support. Right now, we're still within the drop window.
  23. Huh, must be a unique bug, I haven't experienced anything like this at all.
  24. As Rebecca said on the stream, anywhere up to a week depending on what batch you're apart of.
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