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    Ash Revisit 2.0

    For augments, yes they are. While the general use for the slot is supposed to be utility, for augments specifically, only ones that purely and only affect movement to into in, like Mesa Waltz, or Escape Velocity.
  2. If you pick a frame not entirely suited for a mission or enemy type, you should accept that it's not an optimal choice. You're making the choice to pick that thing, which is never wrong, but don't complain when the game works exactly the way it's supposed to and you have some difficulties. And now that I think about it, the only frame that really comes to mind that stuggles cause of it's damage type is Ember, since she's supposed to be a DPS frame. Every other DPS frame either already has a suitable damage type, of has stats high enough for it to not matter. It wouldn't matter for most frames as their problems stem from mechanical issues or just how their kit is set up, like Nidus being less suited for shorter missions, or frames like Vauban or Nyx where it's just issues with their kit. There's very few frames where changing their damage type would legitimately help them, and not just shoot them into OP-ness. It would seem logical, which is why DE tried that with Chroma. And we have very vocally said we don't like it. It's better now that it's decided by emissives rather than energy, but that still affects fashion.
  3. It will disrupt players fashion choices is literally an entire reason DE that won't this. Players very vocally hate this, and want it changed on Chroma. There's literally no way to get the majority to want this because we already have it and STILL don't want it.
  4. Atsia

    Ash Revisit 2.0

    I mean, maybe, but considering it's supposed to be a passive, something usually restively minor in comparison to the kit, it wouldn't be justified in having a full augment for it. That's mostly because they don't affect one of your active abilities. And to ease a bit slot space considering I also added a set bonus for Augments which requires at minimum 3 augmen That would maybe be ok, but there's no way DE is make augments work the same as set mods.
  5. People HATE THIS on Chroma, why would DE subject every frame to this idiocy? And this would be going against the explicit themes of a frame? Volt for example is supposed to be the electric frame, it would make no sense for him to suddenly be using Toxin, or Gas.
  6. Atsia

    Ash Revisit 2.0

    Soo.......why are you giving a passive an augment? And why are they going in the exilus slot when they have nothing to do with movement, the usual requirement for an augment to go into exilus.
  7. And yeah, that's something DE has said they don't want to encourage.
  8. Or the fact that doing something like fixing armor scaling is a massive undertaking that would also require them to rebalance a bunch of other factors in the game to keep any semblance of balance. Or something.
  9. Yeah, you tested on the worst kind of enemy. Most Corpus weaponsdo puncture damage, which means they were the Tech was doing bonus damage to you cause of the Ferrite armor.
  10. No, it was never said to be an endgame area.
  11. Banned for turning in a circle like the Grineer
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