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  1. I have to agree with everyone here and say no. yes no ones turning down the extra loot but also can i really be bothered to open up the 10 kinder surprise grineer editions at the end of a mission. It might be a bit of a stretch but if you feel resources aren't dropping at good enough rates, start a topic on resource rates not goody bags. Not even sure how you would remotely start justifying it in game. "oh hey this enemy dropped some resources... but not like the other ones open it later", "congrats tenno you finished your mission, here's a bag, but open it later" when some missions already have straight up rewards that aren't masked. caches and spy rewards have low percentage drops that are worth a bit of plat but aren't ridiculous like astral twilight on lua exterminate. But also it already exists, ever heard of daily logins. small amounts of resources, sometimes boosters, get on a big number get a "big win". More importantly mechanics like this, especially with larger rewards, need to be limited to stuff like a daily chance and set milestones. Stuff like this can still prey on those with gambling addictions, select players would turn their whole life into grinding for these on the odd chance of getting a built forma or catalyst. More play time isn't always healthy. You can aim to add more longitude in this game but if that longitude comes from "oh boy 50th opening today 300 plastids or a catalyst boy I wonder" It's probably time you put warframe on the shelf a bit and just wait for more legitimate content to be added as your experience with the game is unhealthy at that point. If you want your dopamine rush keep it to your fake csgo cases, but even then be aware of the toll on time in the place of money such things take from people.
  2. This would a ridiculous amount of work for the animation team. The reason stances are only for the specific melee type is exactly because of stuff like that. if you put a fragor on a bullet dance animation set you'd probably have the handle jabbing through the knuckle of your hand. Using dual wield stances on anything one handed would result in your character holding onto nothing and hitting enemies 6ft in front of them with invisible force. Also does nothing to balance the game as you just said yourself. being able to shoot our of every melee with bullet dance would just result in everyone doing that and nothing else, you'd be destroying 10 metas to make 10 mega meta. No one's thinking "boy i really want to put tempo royal on my rakta dark dagger". Stances should by all means stay within the bounds of their weapon type. I do appreciate the kind of creativity you've got here but think it should be put in different contexts or has already been put in different contexts. Excalibur has a sword that shoots energy blades already and letting everything do that would feel real bad cause his 4th is just every other melee in the game but costs energy. As for the bare fist and melee idea, would probably belong better as a weapon suggestion to create a new melee type consisting of a claw/gauntlet and sword.
  3. Excuse the fact that this thread will just be my ramblings on an idea I'd like to just throw out there. But earlier today when doing the underwater extraction room in Uranus it struck me how nice it was to see custom animation for it, however it was quite obscured by the mission progress screen. I was thinking once the UI rework comes around to manage the mission progress and end screens as to whether a UI with a column either side of the screen or a U shaped design could work. Granted it would definitely be a bit of hassle design wise fitting it all in. But it would showcase extraction animations better and would also allow better visibility when using quick mission progress to check xp and such mid mission. Visibility might become a bit more of an issue once we have our bright white or neon coloured UI implemented on a full screen end mission screen too. Just wanted to see what people thought of the concept, whether it'd be a nice change or just a bit bizarre and awkward.
  4. Might be able to get some people who've got maxed out ships to help you through the missions in recruiting chat. Apart from those doing anomalies on veil and farming intrinsics there wont be many active squads, because a lot of players have no reason to do railjack anymore. The idea your describing I don't really think would work as the game would just be who can collect the most revolite, the system was never designed for pvp.
  5. Ah fair, caught wind from a friend that it was a chance drop from veil proxima rare crates but could understand if that was just a bs rumour or something got dropped or taken out. After some searching found a fair bit of evidence but a lack of clarity either due to no official statement on it or because it was all shopped. Yeah mostly all good points, as I admitted in previous replies the game can function fine without a system such as this, though to recap it's not for a problem that doesn't exist cause there has been player frustration in a lot of comments on Inaros leaks but is just quality of life which isn't necessarily essential. I also in general I think there's been a lot of confusion in this thread due to me using valence as the closest thing currently in the game so changed the topic title. While I agree the difference between non primes and primes is minimal par polarities you could work for on a non prime anyway, there's always going to be a sensationalism to having a prime compared to the non prime. Wanting to use the prime more than a non prime as well as just conserve slots so, not really wanting to keep a non prime even with an umbral but would feel obliged to just cause the umbrals so rare. The idea of formas being one use etc. and that being their purpose is all well and good too. A straight transfer would be a bit messy and take away a bit from that. This is perhaps where the previous suggestion of a kind of "umbral scrap" from selling or using whatever process on a frame with an umbral in there might be better. Just a way to keep solely the umbral even at a large cost to restore it. I'm aware this is scarcely close to the one use argument but may be a way to meet in the middle for umbrals considering their rarity.
  6. Yeah i get what your saying with that last bit, nightwave was also touched on a bit that with catchup and everything for that atleast they're trying to promote a sense of always being able to come back later and get rewards, dont have to get things at the earliest point possible.
  7. I feel umbral forma is best left predominantly as a reward that's guaranteed. Know its already a drop in places where its incredibly rare but yeah. If you start offering it as a rng reward more you will get crowds of players doing nothing but farm umbral formas and come on the forums begging for increased drops most likely. as a sure chance from nightwave it regulates the amount of them in play and keeps the significance of it. While I'd love more umbral forma at my disposal I feel it should remain a tough choice that you don't get many of. Just as that little cherry on top of the frames you enjoy most.
  8. Yeah completely agree that it's a choice that you know will be regrettable and the game can function fine without such a feature as this. But it's just a little quality of life to help reduce player frustration for those that are quite passionate about frames that haven't been primed yet and jump the gun. Though it is definitely a bit of a gamble on dev time. It would require a lot of perfection in general so its not released in a state where players lose the progress that the feature would be designed to keep due to bugs. That's quite a nice idea to get some sort of umbral scraps. Hell would even open up the opportunity of a less rare but still VERY uncommon reward of an umbral scrap just to up availability of umbral formas that tiny bit, though understandable if they'd want to keep them where they are in drops because they are this grand investment in your favourite gear. Also keeps dev time lower, just a new resource and blueprint.
  9. Feel the passive is suiting of his theme maybe needs a buff to the range at which damage to enemies from teammates contributes to revival. Or even mark the enemy that most heavily contributed to your death that when killed fills the meter 25-50%. One way to buff sandstorm might be to have damage scale with percentage of scarab armour.
  10. In the recent youtube interview with Rebecca I think a decent point was put forward in that players shouldn't be afraid to put down the game and come back when there's new content. There will be a point where you've done almost everything there is to offer, it's just because warframe doesn't have this set goal it can at times be hard to make the realisation you may have exhausted the game for now even if maybe you haven't absolutely maxed everything like focus cause you don't find solely focus farming etc. enjoyable. No player should be afraid to take a few months off then come back. Even if they add whatever recommended mechanic to create an endgame it'll have limited rewards, one of the few ways to drag out those rewards long enough for them to be some long term endgame would be to randomise them so it takes longer to get the best version of something. But they did that with rivens and now every update has to be aware of the threat of the riven mafia raising their torches and pitchforks because of price changes.
  11. After the recent leaks about Inaros prime I saw a few comments about the pre-emptive use of umbral formas on non prime inaros. This got me thinking as to what if there was a way to transfer formas, reactors etc. from old non primes to primes. Even if it wasn't instantly applying formas but created a kind of "forma bank" which stores all forma used on the sacrificed piece of gear to allow them to be reused. The reason a "forma bank" would be recommended would be due to pre applied forma potentially clashing with new prime polarities and so you actually still have to invest time into the frame to get it to that point still. Feel as though a feature like this might just help reduce player frustration especially with umbral formas as it'll only be more of a problem over time. Umbral formas by all means should remain rare but as more and more prime catch up happens inevitably old frames will get outclassed, and to earn the umbral formas back for the primes would take a significant amount of time.
  12. so Xoris was "an addition to player choice" re read the thread, what did they say? "we are doing this because restricting your choice to a single weapon for indisputable best performance invalidates all others" which is exactly the issue, again they referenced the mentality of "if your not using the xoris your doing it wrong". Your taking away from player enjoyment if you think having one weapon supreme for a purpose is the way to go, especially from when in my experience glaives aren't the most adored by other players.
  13. I could see a very altered version of this in the game. Rather than having 2 equipped at all times with de buffs you could have companion spectres. though ultimately feel it's relatively unnecessary as well as the above statements that it's also broken. companions can serve a strong purpose but usually you'll only need one equipped for a given purpose, and purposes rarely they overlap. If you forgot to equip the right one just seems easier to go back to ship or leave at earliest point then equip that one rather than have a mechanic to give you 2.
  14. Yeah that's fair I can agree with that. As a console player I'm definitely coming from a perspective of "oh it can't be that bad" without having experienced the nail biting experience of waiting for the first wave of balance checks. Something that might be nice to counter these kinds of feelings could just be more developer commentary in patch notes as a start. rather than just having "damage on X reduced" give a bit of insight why. Like is usually done with the "big bads" like the bramma, it kinda gave some good insight into the desire for it, to be for the occasional group you thought was worth an arrow not for use in the entire mission. Know that's no fix all to the issues at hand might at least help the player base and developers get a better understanding of intentions. In the youtube interview with Rebecca they talked about frames she designs and balances and there was this kind of intention she felt the frames were meant to be perform. Now understandably that will create conflicts like in scarlet spear where a setup created a meta that was against intentions and so it was changed. But having more knowledge on the kinds of intentions the devs have behind things might help everyone with navigating the issue. For instance the Xoris nerf may have been because it was acquirable at such an early point in the game or cause they genuinely thought it was just a problem weapon but we dont know. Even if not through content creators stuff like Steve's twitter poll on lichs a while ago was nice i just feel that should be part of the game. If a weapons up for changes fish usage stats from players, if they've maxed it and say had at least an hour or 2 playtime with the weapon slap a message in their inbox with an in game survey. Hell you could even make it lore based just so it wasn't so out of place, like it being an intercepted message from nef to corpus R&D asking to reduce xoris potential now its made its way to tenno hands and asking for suggestions. Bringing content creators into some panel to green light changes might be nice but as previously mentioned just as the player base in general they might over react to needed changes and refute them. I can't claim to know what happened in the old partner program but surely things would've been passed by them at least in light discussion. But I think DE have their vision and they probably often stuck to it, and its there game so fair enough. But unless we understand that vision how are we to argue in a way that might even tempt them, I would love more wordy patch notes or anything to properly communicate the direction they are intending to take, which would hopefully create active discussion on forums that tackle that in a semi informed way that may actually lead to change. Cause at the moment who knows whats congruent and polar opposite with what they want and until we know it'll be hard to have genuine insight to create discussions that may actually help.
  15. So your argument is they buffed things after releasing them and that's bad? As well as they did a nerf rather than leaving it in game and working for a lot longer while its still broke to solve the systematic issues. The game has a lot of issues and I'm sure they're full aware of the nightmare of stat sticking especially with the recent update, the things will take time till they come around. think how long some issues were present until they got Improved. Games ever changing its just gradual. They have admitted that test servers take alot of resources to run. we cant expect it for every little thing as theyve only just started dipping their toes into that realm of possibilities and have probably yet to hire and or allocate a proper team for it. I imagine over coming months we will see test servers be more and less extensive as they find their balance for what they can manage. The devs are fully aware the game is a nightmare web of things their past selves thought would be good and have now pushed them into a corner. Solutions will take time as the issues are complex. If you knew something would take months to allocate staff to and properly fix between updates would you leave a broken thing in the game cause "oh it'll get fixed in a years time once Jimmy fix it comes out his stat stick revised hole while we borrow him every other week to cater for content demands".
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