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  1. Feedback regarding Hildryn's overall kit. Passive is pretty good by warframe standards, shield gating is a nice way to know its time to fall back and having slash/toxin procs not ignore overshields is pretty neat. Base stats are also really high on the shields, which makes sense for a frame super-reliant on them. Low health, but pretty high armor which is pretty fine since more armor is good but will rarely hit levels where you need it outside of the "godmode decaying key Hildryn" setup. Ability wise, she seems much better as a support/utility frame than actually using her Balefire/Aegis Storm to deal damage. BALEFIRE: Literally the worst exalted weapon in the game bar none, not even Wukong's Iron Staff is as bad as this. There are so many glaring issues with this ability that I actually actively avoid using her balefire, even if its to just mess around. -Remove the walking animation locks. The main gripe about this ability is the dumb ""animation locks"" it has. Each time you fire, there is a short window where you're stuck in an awful walking stance especially when you're charging. You're basically a sitting duck as slow as a prowling Ivara, except Prowl makes you undetectable while Balefire forces you to stay still just to shoot. There is no incentive on using this weapon compared to a Staticor/Sonicor/Catchmoon/Arca Plasmor/Opticor when literally those weapons don't hinder mobility at all even when they need charging to deal more damage. Also, for those who say "Aim gliding/bullet jumping will cancel the walking animation" it doesn't. There is a hard animation lock for 2 seconds each time you fire Balefire, meaning you're stuck in an animation lock whenever you land after shooting via bullet jumps/aim glides. Peacemaker gets a pass to its animation locks considering how powerful of a room clearer it is, but Balefire shouldn't have animation locks especially when its AoE and dps potential is so slow compared to Peacemaker. -Buff the base stats. Having a raw damage exalted secondary is out of the question now, especially when we have the Staticor/Catchmoon/Sonicor which all deal potentially the same amount of damage but they all have higher Status/Critical Chances for scalability without actually draining your survivability aka your shields. The AoE is also so tiny that you would barely notice it. Charge time of 2s is also subjectively slow, when its more efficient to just spam the ability even with Anemic Agility equipped. Atlas can get away with raw damage Landslide since his ability benefits from combo multipliers to get absurdly high numbers, but guns do not have that benefit. A reasonable suggestion I can give is to buff the base Status Chance and the AoE on charged shots, which will give more incentive to charging than just spamming the ability. SHIELD PILLAGE: Really good utility for shield/armor removal and also good form of sustainability for Hildryn. Only downside is that this ability becomes pretty useless if you run against Infested or want to run 4 Corrosive Projections. Subjective opinion, but I would suggest allowing Shield Pillage to restore a very tiny flat amount of shields based on each enemy hit as a backup for when enemies have no shields/armor. HAVEN: Good supportive tool, nice for giving allies shield gating and bonus shields. However, it is pretty bad for an offensive tool unless you are running low level exterminates (basically, an Ember with line of sight). AEGIS STORM: Really mixed opinions about this ability. It has good crowd control, and it is pretty fun to fly around. However:- - No actual incentive for flying higher. You can fly higher, yes but that means you lose your AoE crowd control for more damage? More damage? The game has already reached levels where ""more damage"" means tickles to enemies. We are gimping crowd control potential just to deal slightly bigger tickles. Aegis Storm is already slow as a mobility tool, with parkours being better for traversal, but losing crowd control just for more damage is not the way to go unless said ability has a way to deal with armor/shield scaling (Like Danse Macabre/Miasma+Spore Combos). Instead of asking the AoE radius to not be changed while flying higher, it would be better to make Hildryn get more utility out of limited enemies when flying higher, such as enemies getting more orb spawns the higher Hildryn flies. This would help Hildryn be more supportive to allies who need the energy and allows her to sustain herself better for Aegis' crowd control. -Forcing fake synergies, and Balefire getting no boosts in Aegis. The forced synergy here is really obvious when using Aegis. You're not allowed to use any weapon except Balefire. This would be decently fine if Balefire actually gets boosted in Aegis. Also, Hildryn getting 2 Balefires in Aegis is merely cosmetic. It doesn't make her shoot 2 Balefires at once, nor does Balefire gain anything special to its damage. There is no damage buff, not even a fire rate buff, the 2nd Balefire is just there as a cosmetic feature. Only reason people use Balefires in Aegis is cause they are forced to, not because it is a good damaging ability. If other weapons are allowed to be used in Aegis, Balefire won't even be touched cause of how many weapons can easily outdo its damage. The main aspect of this ability that is problematic is the forced and fake synergies. Simple suggestions would be making Balefire have a 2-burst firing mode while in Aegis, or even double damage/AoE while in Aegis. A more extreme suggestion would be to allow the use of guns, except melee in Aegis Storm (since meleeing while airborne doesn't really make much sense outside of gunblades). Conclusion: Too many ability limitations. Hildryn could be made into a fun, and powerful offensive utility frame but she is exceptionally held back by so many "ability locks". So far, Hildryn has the most obvious ability limitations among our warframes up to date. You can't parkour with Balefire, you can't use Pillage without shields/armor existing, and you can't use any weapon in Aegis except the awfully mediocre Balefire, which also fakes its "doubled potential".
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