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  1. Grendel's Kit Opinions:- Passive is okay, since personally it ties to his theme. The main problem is how it's complimented by Feast FEAST: 1. Exponential energy drain needs to go, it's too much. It's understandable that eating every enemy shouldn't be exactly how Grendel is meant to be played, but exponential drain for Feast is just bad. Even with maxed efficiency, the drain starts to go nuts at around 6-8 enemies stored in the gut forcing Rage/Adrenaline to be mandatory on this frame. IMO, its better that Grendel have a higher initial but constant drain/s than the energy bar going nuts if you eat 5 enemies. Another suggestion is to make it akin to Equinox's Pacify, where it doesn't prevent Zenurik/Energy Siphon from regenerating energy. 2. Feast to be an upper-body animation (QOL). This is more of a personal QOL to help alleviate abit of Feast's clunkiness and allow Grendel to move and reposition for his Feast. NOURISH: Overall, good ability which heals Grendel and nice buffs overall, as most people said its confusing which buff you will get. 1. Nourish needs a proper Buff Indicator UI. It's honestly confusing to not know what buff you will get from your gut since you can easily get random enemy units via Feast. REGURGITATE: Probably the worst ability of Grendel's kit, due to how the damage scales poorly and lack of AoE. 1. 3 meters base AoE is too small. Most of the time the small AoE makes this ability feel like a "single-target ability" than an actual explosive vomit projectile. A suggestion to buff the explosion radius to 5m would be nice, this is so that the vomits would have more of an impact on enemy hordes than just a single target. 2. Allow Regurgitate to proc Toxin and scale off enemies consumed. Light suggestions, but it would help boost the damage of the projectile to make it an actually deadly and toxic projectile. PULVERIZE Good and fun ability personally, I do not know what else to say aside from letting you use Pulverize without needing enemies to be consumed and controlling the meatball being abit clunky. Overall, scales decently. Just needs a few more tweaks and he would feel alot more impactful and fun to play.
  2. Its mainly for those higher levelled content that Immolation is more useful, since it also increases the cast time of 1, armor strip for 3, and Inferno's damage. But the maintenance of Immolate is still very extreme, and this is coming from a person who has 170% efficiency with Energize. If you spam too much, you basically have to keep casting fire blast unnecessarily or toggle off Immolation, which needs the slow ramp up over time again, repeating the annoying spam cycle. Personally, found the spam issue more prevalent in ESO, where Inferno doesn't exactly nuke much unlike the dedicated DPS frames (Saryn/Volt).
  3. FEEDBACK ON EMBER AND SOME NOTICEABLE ISSUES So far, had some fun with her but she feels very annoying due to extreme micro-management on her Immolation meter, which turns into a "Spam 3 or suffer from exponential drain" issue. Passive itself is a really nice passive, rewards you for setting things on fire as the flame-based warframe. (1) FIREBALL: 1. So far, main issue is inconsistent Heat procs on enemies. Outside of direct hits, enemies may or may not get Heat procs. Sometimes they just take damage, other times they also suffer from a Heat proc. I am uncertain if this is a bug, but it would be great if this was addressed. 2. Lingering Napalm effect removed. Personally, this would be semi-useful for some minor CC and more AoE debuffs. It would be great if this was re-implemented. 3. 2m-2.4m AoE radius is too small. Multiple 1st abilities have a larger AoE than Fireball, a 20% increase in AoE on full charge is too little of a benefit when charging it costs up to double the energy cost. Even pre-reworked Fireball had a larger AoE, with 3m - 6m fully charged. (2) IMMOLATION: This ability is basically the entire backbone of Ember's synergy, so far it feels super micro-management needed in order to maximize your buffs. 1. Exponential energy drain. The drain over time gets often too high to sustain even with 170% efficiency when there is nothing to Fire Blast on. A suggestion is to make the initial drain/s fixed, but have a higher drain over time (maybe fixed 15/s instead of the current exponential 10/s), this is mainly so you can have more leeway on using her abilities at maximum potential. Concerns over people going AFK with this ability also shouldn't be a major issue as she does not nuke or decimate entire maps just by standing still. 2. Feels like reverse Redline, punishing you for maxing the meter when all her buffs rely on it maxed. Immolation by far is the most punishing ability in the game, the exponential energy drain means that you cannot maximize your 90% damage reduction all the time, and on top of this a maximum Immolation meter is needed to maximize all of her abilities to full effect but you are punished for doing so with continuous increasing drain over time. She basically needs a maxed Immolation meter to maximize Fireball/Fire Blast/Inferno, but she cannot do that due to how Immolation drains each time you use Fire Blast and the exponential energy drain. 3. Buildup of meter can be either super-slow or too fast, resulting in excess need to use Fire Blast. The meter building itself is super slow initially, but as more abilities are used the meter starts building up too fast that even a single Fire Blast will not slow the drain enough. This is an issue which can result in needing to spam Fire Blast unnecessarily, resulting in wastes of energy just to make sure you don't hit the 90% mark too often. (3) FIRE BLAST: 1. Blocked by obstacles. Most of Fire Blast's potential in non open-world maps like Plains or Fortuna is hindered by it not ignoring walls or obstacles. Some examples of Gauss/Banshee/Frost show that even their abilities ignore walls, but Ember doesn't 2. Base 75 energy for CC and occasional armor strip is too expensive. 75 base energy for a spam-heavy ability needed to "cool down" Immolation is too expensive. This is also considering how you have to use Fire Blast unnecessarily just to lower Immolation's meter. A simple suggestion is to lower the ability cost to 50 energy, since it's main reliance is on Immolation and otherwise, it's only function is to ragdoll CC.) 3. Inconsistent armor strip. You cannot 100% armor strip consistently with Fire Blast due to how the ability lowers your Immolation meter, the main outline for Fire Blast is how you're able to armor strip with it, but the ability itself relies on a maxed meter (which of course will start draining energy/s) and you can only 100% strip once per maxed meter. A suggestion to this is to allow players to hold Fire Blast to lower Immolation, but tapping Fire Blast will allow you to keep a maxed Immolation to strip armor. 4. INFERNO: 1. DoT on marked enemies needs a buff to damage and utility. Currently she deals 5000 explosion damage and 350-700 DoT on marked enemies, with it scaling off Immolation meter. Ember needing to constantly recast the ability to stack the damage also means that she is less energy efficient on nuking with Inferno than most of our DPS frame arsenal. This feels abit lackluster as Volt, another notable nuke frame with just pure damage has 1200 DoT on Discharge unmodded. On top of this, Volt also doesn't need Line-Of-Sight for his 4 and has CC on it. Ember just spreads DoT marks on enemies. Notable examples include Miasma scaling 4x more on spores without LOS+Viral procs, Peacemakers having moddable damage with LOS, and others. 2. Ability doesn't have any Heat procs aside from the initial explosion. This is more of a subjective issue, as enemies who get "infected" by Inferno's debuff do not get any Heat procs. Inferno is supposed to spread the heat, but why are newly marked enemies not getting Heat procs? A simple suggestion is to give Inferno a 50% status chance to proc Heat on marked enemies. This would help boost Inferno's DoT while also keeping to the theme of spreading the heat. Overall, Ember is now more interactive and stronger than her old self. However, I do think she needs more work to be on par with some our 2019 frame arsenals if she is intended to be a DPS/CC/Utility Tank hybrid with the likes of Saryn/Mesa/Gara/Gauss/Volt as some of our top DPS/CC/Utility hybrid frames.
  4. Even with max power efficiency, don't tell me you use Vortex just to disable that one priority target when Vortex is gonna cost 25 energy, while a basic Tesla/Minelayer is 6 energy (4x cheaper) for the same effect.
  5. Not every frame has to be the next new Saryn/Chroma/Equinox. From my playthroughs with Vauban, the main thing I find is that his CC was mediocre by 2019 standards and 3/4 of his kit don't even work well (Vortex included, cause it scales awfully with range) and a ton of outdated or impractical abilities. DE increasing his CC potential, and giving him minor utilities outside of just CC+CC+CC+CC looks fine. I would see it as a cheaper Vortex tbh, also its 4x cheaper than a Bastille/Vortex so I'm certain you can be more imaginative on what you can do with it at times since CC-ing a small mob feels redundant with 100 energy. Nail turret and zoom pad would be less utilised, yea unless more tweaks on how much of an influence happens. They said they're still trimming down the animations to speed it up at 46:15 on the devstream. Also, they mention Bastille removing armor over time and giving you and allies inside an armor buff.
  6. Overall, the reworks look good. Only concerns are: 1. Nail Turret grenade would feel abit underwhelming as a damage tool in higher levels, perhaps more utility on it to have it get some use the higher you go, without making it an AFK dmg tool? 2. The Immolation penalty looks too punishing. Draining all your energy if you don't keep an eye on it for a few seconds is a very big penalty. Maybe more change to how the build-up or penalty works? Other than that, very excited to try out their kits in the near future.
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