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  1. Iceyspy

    Dev Workshop: Nezha Revisited

    So I have 2 ideas for his 4; 1). Have it work like World on Fire, but be duration based. So any enemy in around a 15-20 m range of Nezha gets the shishkebab treatment. Why? Would synergize well with his 1st skill and him being generally fast. 2). You " enchant " an area with your energy and for the entire duration of the ability, any enemy that enters this area is immediately impaled. Why? Allows you as Nezha to hold down an important chokepoint or defense objective, while you run around CC'ing enemies with your 1 and 2.
  2. Iceyspy

    Devstream #109: Scheduled for April 13!

    Inb4 they tease Khora again and not release her lmao
  3. Iceyspy

    Devstream #108: Rescheduled for March 16!

    So, any new toys this week?
  4. Iceyspy

    Coming Soon: Devstream #107!

    When can we expect the new Nezha Deluxe skin? Also, could we expect some changes to go with Nezha`s upcoming skin as well? Would be great if we could either heal or re-cast his Warding Halo ( possible synergy with his 2, where it could heal the Warding Halo and buff it`s EHP even further? )
  5. Iceyspy

    The War Within: Update 19.4 + 19.4.1

    Still no tweaks for Ash, huh...
  6. Iceyspy

    Coming Soon: Final 2016 Devstream!

    Can we expect any further tweaks to Ash in the near future? Some ideas of mine are: Shuriken - number of shurikens thrown now scales with combo counter. Alternatively, shuriken damage could simply scale off of melee mods. Smoke Screen - make it re-castable. This would mean greater synergy with the ' Smoke Shadow ' aug, as you don't have to wait for the duration to expire to cloak your teammates. Teleport - no major revisions needed here, maybe just increase the number of things that Ash can teleport to ( like maybe even teleporting to pickups, mods, etc. ) Bladestorm - instead of Ash doing the bladestorm, he instead sends out his clones to do it for him. Tap to send clones to attack marked targets; Hold to join in on the bladestorm yourself.
  7. Iceyspy

    PC Update 19.2.0 Deploy Status 11/30/16

    Really hoping for: Re-castable smoke screen Option to opt out of doing blade storm ( clones do it for Ash ) Number of shurikens thrown scaling with combo counter Extending the number of things that can be teleported to
  8. OP, do you know something about the Dragon Frame that we don`t already know? If not, why even make this thread?
  9. >No hotfixes till U16 >U16 comes out and servers are down for 1 week On a more serious note, the update looks promising. Also, TennoLive 2015.
  10. Iceyspy

    Coming Soon: Devstream #38!

    Dear DE team, After the year long project Archwing is finally released upon the world of Warframe, what are your priorities for further revising the game? Can we expect to see the Focus by Update 16/17? Where do you guys see yourselves in about a year or two? And most importantly, will we ever see the inclusion of pink shorts as an exceedingly rare accessory item that can only be obtained in the Void with a 0.00000000001% drop chance? :D
  11. Steve, I just want to say....In a world of scumbag companies like PW, DE is real MVP.
  12. Iceyspy

    Pc Breeding Grounds Psa

    Except DE could`ve prevented this from happening LONG before the event since they KNEW how the enemies scaled and stopped spawning at a certain point, which they`ve been teasing for some time now. In any other situation, i`d agree with you, but i`m afraid not this time.
  13. Iceyspy

    Pc Breeding Grounds Psa

    Most people on here don`t seem to realize that there was no ' exploit ' and it`s simply DE`s incompetence that made quite a lot of people waste their time over nothing. If you actually took the time to do some research on how the game works then you`d know that enemies stop spawning past level 9999. a rather flawed mechanic that has been in the game LONG before the event and knowing this, DE went ahead with the event anyway. Really, they could`ve just capped the enemy level or something and not have people waste their weekend grinding out this event. Also, the scoring system made matters even worse and what did they do? Wipe all the highest scores and reset them to 405. Really wish there could`ve been a better solution for this, but I guess events are always going to be a rather messy part of Warframe :/
  14. Iceyspy

    New Contest: Codex Art Refresh

    Holy CRAP, DUDE!!! Now THAT is brutal as HELL. Love it!!!! :D
  15. Iceyspy

    Thank You For Watching Devstream #30!

    Derf confirmed for the GREATEST GODDAMN BOSS BATTLE EVER.