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  1. I see lot of people complaining about the tenngen skin !! Common people , they did explain the situation in the last update! so please understand the situation like grown up and move on with it. There are many other important game play aspects and changes in this update so try to enjoy the game instead of being cry babies for a bunch of cosmetic things!
  2. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1zPT4Tw_pilPwfxFPm_DgPNxOQHMrNRIA/view?usp=drivesdk While you guys trying to address the wrong issues and resolve the problems with "sellotape solutions" the real problem remains : Host migration!! Just lost all the rewards I got from 50 mins arbitration. Thank you DE 🙂
  3. But they included revives for a reason 😢 so that all squishy players with the worst load out can start playing END GAME . Show your love to a fellow tenno
  4. Yayyy!! what a smart move ! Now I can play arbitration as a host with my Banshee and I'm sure that the squad mates would risk their life for me 😀😍
  5. I really do not understand the reason why they want to nerf Itzal. It's like killing an eagle just because the duck cant fly. 😐
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