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  1. [When colouring a "fast" frame] Ordis doesn't always know where the operator is, but at least he knows how fast he is going (Reference to the Heisenberg uncertainty principle)
  2. That's not really my point. I wasn't planning to rush it and would have been entirely ok with failing it if it was due to me picking a wrong option and would gladly go through the grind a second time. However that still doesn't detract from the fact that the "fail on fall" is very poor design where literally the entire game respawns you to your previous location when that happens (if this was the case here, you'd still be punished by losing time but at least if skilled enough, one could recover from it). This could easily happen to anyone not just me and it leaves a very sour taste if it does which I'm sure it's not the feeling they want to aim for to set the tone of the accompanying lore.
  3. Personally I do not know why it doesn't just respawn you at the last platform if you fall. It does so in the parkour mastery test, why on earth does it not here?
  4. "Boringly easy" is not the issue here. This is already boringly easy. There's nothing hard about grinding things, it's just annoying to deal with and things being annoying is no fun especially when you get punished all for a bloody sneeze. Why doesn't it spawn you back up on the platform instead of being so tongue-in-cheek about it making you run through the most boring game loop ever for a second time? The respawn mechanic works in the parkour mastery rank tests there's literally no reason why it shouldn't here. Not to mention, it's very poor design to place lore in a setting where you have to concentrate on something else. Doing a puzzle while the guy is talking will end up in either not listening to anything he says or getting distracted. It's easy to call out people for being impatient if it's not you getting hours of bad RNG and having it all be for nothing for such a silly reason
  5. It's not mandatory true, but it doesn't mean I should miss out on it
  6. Why is Cephalite wasted if you fall during the platform segment of the Glassmaker Simula? I have to go through the pain of grinding to get 10 more just because I sneezed at the wrong moment... This is really annoying to deal with and completely unnecessary, the parkour mastery rank test respawns you at the last platform if you fall, why is this not a thing here??
  7. I will not be providing any values here because I don't know how to balance stuff Passive: Scavenge - ammo pickups have a chance to restore health 1: Disassemble - target a remote cluster of enemies (i.e. targets an enemy and affects also anyone within a radius like Spellbind does) disarming them. Their guns are dissassembled into ammo and melee units' weapons chip off shards reducing their damage and give combo hits when picked up by players 2: Crumbling Donation - each instant of damage taken gives a random stackable buff to team mates in range as well as providing 1 ammo/combo to their active weapons. 3: Dismember - if an enemy is below a percentage of their health, dismember one of their limbs and wear a small percentage of their armour/shields for yourself. Dismembering a second limb attaches it to you along with the enemy weapon allowing you to fire it along with your own weapon. This kills the enemy and puts the ability on cooldown 4: Salvage - cast on a team mate to cycle through their abilities. Hold to cast the selected ability with X% of the range, duration and strength. Toggle abilities are only cast for a fixed duration. If a cooldown is necessary, the same values can be used as in Sanctuary Onslaught for each ability in the roster. If you helped revive this team mate, you gain one free cast if this ability when borrowing from him/her after said revive
  8. Theme: Bosons and/or Fermions Context to further explain my point: bosons and fermions are two classes of subatomic particles. Fermions are the ones which follow the Pauli exclusion principle (i.e. no two can be in the same state) and bosons do not obey this. I was thinking something a long the lines where fermionic abilities could force their targets into different states and bosonic abilities would condense their targets into the same state. Some examples: I know it's not time for abilities yet but the following are only here for illustration purposes. Take these with a grain of salt. - Fermionic: only one team-mate can be down at one time (since the "down" state becomes occupied) - Bosonic: for a group of entangles enemies, damage dealt would be distributed among all of them (to condense them into the same "state")
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