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  1. I still haven't encountered him yet. Maybe bump up the spawn chances next time please?
  2. what's the point of the new clan role?
  3. When will you be adding orb kill counts to player profiles?
  4. WTF? Instead of fixing what it broke you take this away??
  5. Tried wasn't working. Had to jump into archwing to remove it. Could be a client-side issue
  6. It's not letting me remove my archgun after equipping it btw
  7. As I said previously here in the link attached below. This prime access could have been a great source of income for you guys. Funds that you could reinvest into your game to improve the infrastructure yet you shot yourselves in the foot by giving us a sugatra and accessories that we could most likely get from Tennogen. It is NOT worth the price tag, I suggest you guys throw in a syandana or something in there otherwise you will be losing out on a lot of money.
  8. The Kreska is still too expensive for any MR6 player. Please consider revising the other resource requirements as well so they will be fitting for the players' expected mastery rank in the game
  9. This was such a nice niche why did you remove it? 😢 Also why is the bloodshed sigil bundle only???
  10. I hope the next guy (we all know who it's gonna be) will be getting a rework along with his prime. I'm not spending money on a PA for a frame with only 11/4 "OK" abilities
  11. So it doesn't hurt max range builds like mine 😛
  12. wtf? it needed a buff and compensation was unnecessary tbh
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