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  1. I don't care about metas too much, but I am an aesthetics man and I do like the customizability of the Sister and Lich Weapons. It gives a special uniqueness to your weapon. No one else has a "Cilogg Crdhilli Kuva Ayanga", ya know?
  2. The thing I'm annoyed about is needing a tier 3 coin to guarantee the spawn. I can do a granum void easily, but I don't like doing them because it took me and a friend a whole day to farm protea so I'm a little tired of doing them. Not to mention that it's harder for someone who isn't super late game or has been playing long enough to grasp all the games' mechanics to do it. I have a friend who has done all the quests required but hasn't quite fully grasped how Warframe works as a game and so he struggles from time to time, and he can't consistently do it by himself like he can Liches. While I understand the "less random to acquire" thing, I never minded just meandering through Lich missions while vibing with friends and waiting for the right weapon. I could at least have my Lich's weapon have its name as a sign that I didn't just buy it, but actually defeated something in end-game content and truly honestly worked for it. To me the whole exchange for the Weapons feels like a cheap way to skate past the work, which, as you said, you need to do to get what you want. That's why I hate the idea of being able to buy Lich weapons because I would feel no pride in getting them. Yes, it can be a slog trying to get the weapon you want, but when you finally do and you take down the Lich, to me it's just a wonderful feeling.
  3. So, the Sisters of Parvos. I enjoy fighting the Sisters, but I have a few gripes with how the whole system works. First off: The acquisition of a Sister. I don't understand the need to make a Tier 3 Granum Void necessary to get one. Why can't they spawn just like Lich Larvlings? I understand wanting to make it more endgame exclusive, but I don't understand why it had to be a Granum Void completion to make it as such. Second up: The infuriating method of acquisition for Tenet Melees. This is the part I dislike the most about the Sisters system, in fact I hate it. Not because of the hours of monotonous grinding, but because it is just overall a poor decision in my eyes. Why do we have to go to railjack, grind a resource and then BUY them from Glast? Why can't we get them as drops from Sisters? I hate the fact that there is no real choice in what aspects these weapons have in this system. They can't have a Sister name, the player can't fully choose anything about the weapon (element, percentage, etc.), and most of all, some players may have to wait MONTHS for the exact weapon they want while they could have easily gotten it in anywhere from 2 hours to 2 days by getting that weapon as drops from Sisters. My ideas of fixes for these issues: 1. Make the Candidates spawn the same as a Kuva Larvling. They just spawn at some point in the mission and the player then has the option to go after it. 2. Do away with the exchange system for the Tenet weapons in totality and add them to the Sister drop pool so the players have more freedom of choice when going for these weapons. I wouldn't mind still having to go to the Granum Void as long as the melees get added to the drop pool for the love of all that is holy.
  4. So after spending hours grinding Candidates assuming these spawned with Sisters, I just found out where they actually come from. Needless to say, I was very upset. I honestly despise the acquisition pathway for the Tenet Melee weapons, so much so that it has wholly dissuaded me from acquiring the weapons I wanted so badly mere hours ago. Why you ask? Well there are a couple main reasons: Lack of choice and lack of satisfaction. I absolutely despise that you have to wait for the exact weapon and element you want to show up in Glast's stock rather than simply farming Sisters. What would have taken at most a few days will now potentially take weeks and you won't get the satisfaction of wresting the weapon from your Sister. DE, if you are reading this, please please please, add them to the Sister drop pool. I don't want to have to wait possibly months just to get the weapon I want when I could have gotten in in mere hours.
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