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  1. Same with me. 2 showing both resetting. But just started playing about an hour ago and it seems like it's keeping track. So I'll try again.
  2. Kill 150 enemies with a primary weapon. It's glitched. It keeps resetting back to 0. No t getting credit.
  3. Wow I’ve been killing everything while laughing in T’s face. Jokes been on me.
  4. That is unfortunate ... but we should try again. So we can capture the little barstards?
  5. Worm Hole and Switch Teleport, only 2 decent ways to move the drone when it’s stuck. I haven’t tried it but maybe Elytron’s 4th can dislodge it. I’ve moved Lephantis away from the pile with it.
  6. Doesn't work bud. Ever. Maybe your Loki squadmate ST it while you were kicking at it or void dashing it to eternity. Bad tip.
  7. If you actually played sortie free roam it wouldn't be so vague. As for silly, no one offered tips. I already know Loki can switch teleport the drone. But maybe I want to be a squad healer with Oberon. If someone tells me I should use a certain frame, just in case, it's broke. Needs to be fixed. As for your Ps, pure and utter BS. Oh sure everybody can jump kick it and void dash it and melee at it and any number of things. But it will still be stuck. Play the game..
  8. Yeah that's right. Sometimes the wave won't be completely over until my SOS allies are REALLY dead. Not supposed to be like that. So my squad is running around for 10 -15 seconds waiting for my SOS allies duration to run out. So they can die, so the next wave can start. I should be able to keep my SOS up indefinitely. You know, for that damage reduction thing. The wave should be over when the last enemy dies. Not when my SOS die. This happened several times IO, Jupiter defense.
  9. No thanks, I’ll play it my way, not your way. My 2nd post explained it pretty well I think. But hey, that’s a great idea. A squad of Loki’s. Just in case.
  10. Or take the cetus sorties out altogether. It's 1 excruciatingly suicidal host migration after another. PLEASE! Gonna have to see if this glitchfest can be done solo.
  11. Yeah, the Index is the way to go. Thanks for the tips everyone.
  12. Weekly Nightwatch or whatever it is. Why didn't I get credit for SPOILED STRIKE mod from the derelict vault?
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