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  1. I need a job and seriously know i can meet these standards for less money. When do I start and what's the address? Plus I've got some seriously good ideas for better robots. Like the pirate robot. The pirate robot is cool.
  2. Can it truly be about the reason for the Holiday? The Resurrection of Jesus Christ? “ HE IS RISEN “ Something like that?
  3. I am SO relieved I have no desire to fall for this scam.
  4. This topic has probably been around for awhile but I recently started doing railjack missions and had no idea. No telling how many squads I've caused a mission to fail by trying to provide more REVOLITE. In my defense though it's kind of misleading when I access the forge and the 1st thing I see at the top isthe SQUARE button and REFINE. Of course I'm thinking "yes REFINE these resources for more REVOLITE so we dont fail the mission!!!" Which we ended up failing because I used the SQUARE button instead of the X button. Probably a dozen fails so apologies to the squads I took down. Use the X bu
  5. This is superb! How do the powers that be blind themselves to the point of idiocy? Grade: "F"
  6. Why does this message appear sometimes when I check to see if I'm still "PUBLIC"? I started a public railjack mission, the easiest one, and completed the objective. No one joined the mission. So I go to check if I'm still PUBLIC or if I can invite someone and that's when the message pops up.And to be honest it happens frequently. Probably once a day. Any ideas? Thanks.
  7. And thats all her bar shows is armor. No healers around. I thought after 2 slams that armors gone.
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