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  1. I have always hated K-Drives so will give it a miss. Would rather spend time farming Plat to buy her
  2. After 2500 hours I think I have just experienced my first hacker or game manipulator (i am no expert) It was Xini interception and enemies would spawn then die, couldnt see any loot/drops. Enemies could attack the ABCD etc but would then stop and you would reclaim it. A player went down and when you went to revive him the revive button just spammed so many times a second and couldnt do anything. When round 2 rolled around there was no reward system or anything. When I said this seems suss they asked my ping (which was 230) and said that was it. Any attack on an ABCD would simply disappear. I eventually was kicked. But they said they were farming Axi Volnus for 110 plat (i am guessing thats the current rate) Sorry for my word splurge but it made me so angry Edit - to add to this it went to round 4 and I said we will get banned and the response was "only if we are reported"
  3. Cyberpunk changed theirs and included a warning after a reviewer suffered seizures. Balan Wonderworld recently had to update their game because of it. Games do have a responsibility
  4. As the title. How this got signed off as "playable" is beyond me.
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