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  1. The amount of misinformation about Destiny on this thread is staggering and i would hazard a guess from people who dont actually play the game. To call a game that has over 500k (800k yesterday) daily players 'dead' is laughable. Looks at WF steam stats *rolls eyes* Having a few new warframes per year, tennogen, a lifetime between Tennocon announcements and implementation, and no end game isnt a solid content 'model'. Many MMOs adopt the model Destiny will be using including Final Fantasy. It doesnt mean a game is dead or dying it is making it more accessible. In their Vidoc Bungie stated they are making Destiny the MMO they had always wanted it to be.
  2. Leaderboard events as a rule are generally of no interest to me but for those who have dedicated time and effort to participate should have their valid scores be shown as that. The allowing of exploited scores will only further fuel how pointless the events are. Do the right thing DE.
  3. That Wukong re-work is terrible. AI is always trash and useless
  4. 😞 that Khora exploit was fune tho 😭
  5. How about reworking the other frames first? Many are being left behind or downright pointless to use
  6. Thank you for the quick fix on the defection. You guys rock. Have a great weekend.
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