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  1. > bramma is an amazing bow. > I cannot stop thinking of bramma. > i want to play. > I log into warframe, > bramma waits for me there. > i see Bramma riding my kavat > I say "what the frick?" > bramma rides on Kavat to me. > bramma speaks in smooth but strong male voice > he says "we go on adventure" > I say "where we go bramma?" > he says "In your private room" > I follow bramma riding while he ride Kavat into room. > confused yet amazed by bramma sentience. > i think bramma possessed by the sentients. > bramma stops kavat. > he slides to ludoplex. > confused again, > i watch bramma. > he turn on ludoplex > bramma then shows his true form. > it was beautiful. > he stand infront of me, powerful and strong. > a humanoid weapon mass destruction. > smiling to me like a close friend would. > I'm in love. > Bramma brings me to ludoplex. > he say "we play new game" > I ask "what it called" > he say "Brammberman" > Excited I say "omg, yes please" > i get to play with the Brammberman himself. > my mind races. > filled with overjoyed thoughts. > i ask "you live with me now?" > he say "yea, you need company." > i become speechless. > he say "now lets game bro." > I am a Bramma bro. > we game till i become tired. > he take me to bed and say goodnight. > he covers me up and pats my head. > he then leave room as i drift into sleep. > I then wake in my bed. > i realise i was only dreaming of warframe. > i ignore that detail. > i log onto warframe > when do i notice Brammerman not there. > looks around and i not find. > I become confused and go to arsenal > but then i see my bramma is gone. > i check inventory, gone. > becomes freaked out. > thinking game delets bramma. > I cry. > 60% toxin bramma gone. > Brammerman no where to be found. > Depression log off. > i go to room in house heartbroken and lonely > try to take nap but cant. > crying stop me from sleep. > i hear something behind me outside of room > door opens and i hear someone walk to me > i feel a familiar patting on my head > i hear male voice say > "hey little dude, bramma bros don't cry, i'm here." > i turn around confused. > i stop cry to see who it is > it's Brammberman > he's actually real. > i'm extremely excited and ignore my confusion. > accepting him without question. > he laughs and helps out of bed > he say "you want to go on real adventure?" > I say "yes" without hesitation > he take me outside. > it's still cold, > spring time is weird. > I notice how warm Brammberman is. > relaxing in his comfortable warmth. > i then see a landing craft come from the sky. > I ask "is this real?" > Brammberman says "as real as real life." > he takes strong leap into air > climbs into landing craft while hold he me. > we go to space. > i feel landing craft shake a little. > landing craft open. > sees that we on his orbiter. > i become excited again. > he hushes me for a moment. > he walks to navigation. > flies ship through universe rift. > rift closes behind us. > look out the window to see earth. > we're in orbit. > Earth looks different. > I notice old Orokin wreckage and rocks orbiting earth. > I realize i'm not home anymore. > i am in warframe's universe. > realizing what he says is true > it's as real as real life. > Brammberman comes out of navigation > he say "you wanna go out on a real adventure?" > i say "omg, yes Brammerman, always!" > He take me to operator room. > i see a man in operator capsule. > as old as me. > there is another capsule near his. > he open capsule > he then say "lay in capsule." > so I do. > The capsule closes. > i see my face's reflection on glass. > i then feel a strange but good sensation. > my eyes start to glow blue. > my hair changes color to snowy blue. > i feel energy flow through me. > Brammberman says "you are now one of us." > I say "I'm an operator now? > he say "yes, but more, you're a bramma bro." > I then lay back. > feeling something pull me away. > feels like my mind and body is flying over to something. > I then look around. > looks at hands and arms. > they look very different but familiar. > I look at body. > rush of excitement fills my mind. > realizing what i have become. > Brammberman comes out of operator room. > he says "You've been a great friend." > "Ever sense I was released, you have always been there." > "A loyal Bramma bro to the core." > "So for that, i reward you." > "From this day forward" > "You are now a Brammberman." > I'm filled with overjoyed excitement. > Extremely happy and energetic. > I eagerly ask Brammberman > "When do we start our real adventure?" > Brammberman laughs > he takes me over to navigation > lets me take control of map. > he say "Our real adventure starts now." > i take control of navigation. > excited to start our adventure. > thinking one last time about the memories of old home. > but then nodding as i accept this new reality. > i select location without hesitation. > warping us to whatever adventures await.
  2. I cleared 3 5k point space runs, my emblem is at 2, it didn't update to 3 after i received the inbox message giving my 10k credits and 3rd rank 3 space emblem. only after i re-log will it update, is that intentional? it sort of feels like something that would be a bug and unintentional, so i'm reporting it just in case. Before re-log: After re-log: i hope this isn't intentional as it sort of made me a little upset after doing a quite stressful 5k space run, it made me think i went through that for nothing, but at least i was wrong because the re-log fixed it which is good, if there is a bug here, then i hope this helps get that bug patched.
  3. except for the part where most of the weapons it's not allowed for are not op on their own, have you ever used a crossbow? have you ever used lenz in modern days? those weapons don't scale very well at all, even with rivens, just about no one uses lenz anymore, it's a joke, that's another reason why riven prices for lenz is so garbage now. you do realize HOW split flights works right? you have to hit an enemy, and you have to keep hitting to keep your buff up and it can't be used with split chamber, meaning that your first shot will always NOT have additional multishot from the buff, only after you hit enemies, will your next shots have the multishot buff, with that being said, you actually have to have things to hit.. the buff also only lasts 2 seconds, meaning, you have to not knockback yourself on accident if using lenz/bramma, not get cold procced, not get knocked down by an enemy, and always have an enemy near by to refresh the duration. that in combination with the fact that on those weapons split flights would only be working at 50% or 37.5% of the stack's base value power, your looking at +150% or +200% depending on what the balance is. 2-3+ shots depending on the selected stack value balance with split flights equipped is what you would need to do with bramma/lenz to make up for not having split chamber, equiped, and that is assuming there are 4 enemies where you are shooting the first shot, any shots after the stated shots that are required to shoot will only then be statistically better. it's a purely skill based conditional mod which has more than enough against it to balance it out combined with the changes i stated. not only that, but for the area of scaling where you would otherwise oneshot a group of enemies when using split chamber, you would have to shoot them twice, once to get the buff up, and a second time for the killing blow, this mod offers better scaling at the cost of easier non-conditional dps.
  4. they could do that i supposed, i wonder what the augments would be though, would they be similar or same to my suggestions? I'm curious but wouldn't it take longer to add new mods than it would to tinker with an already existing mod to be accessible to all types of bows with the suggested changes i made or something related to the suggestions i made?
  5. I hope this idea simple, I didn't want to make it weird and give it an unnecessary level complication to pull off, so here's my suggestions relating to split flight changes: 1. Split Flights stays at the same in it's statistical stacking increase to Multishot and same decrease to the accuracy for the normal bows it's currently accessible on 1a. That being a total of +400% Multishot and -720% accuracy from the stacks (or however the accuracy negative works on the mod staying the same too) 1b. However the normal bows should have another advantage, either a +100% or +50% stack duration (since they are all mostly single target bows which makes it quite hard to keep the stacks up on most of the normal bows. (so like a stat that says "x2 or +50% stack duration for normal bows") 2. Add Split flights to be accessible on Bramma, Lenz, both versions of Artemis bow and crossbows but at a smaller less effective statistical increase. 2a. The accuracy negative for all stays the same for all those weapons. 2b. The accuracy decrease from split flights changes the mechanics for both versions of Artemis bow, instead of shooting in a line pattern, it shoots like a shotgun to more accurately show the decrease in the accuracy stat. 2c. These weapons do not benefit from the bonus stack duration that the normal bows would have. 2d. All of these weapons will have a much lower effectiveness to the maximum multi shot gained from the stacks. 2e. The re-balanced maximum Multishot gain from all 4 stacks will be about +200% or +150% on the non-normal bows (depending on which is funner while still being balanced and making the mod accessible to all bows) All of this will help everyone be able to access and enjoy split flights regardless of the type of bow they choose and will allow for a less restrictive customization of bows. I figure this shouldn't be too insane of a change to make this happen, sense you have already show you can do stuff simular, (excluding certain weapons from having certain mods, bows having x2 attack speed from attack speed mods, heavy attacks having x2 crit) i'm quite sure you could probably do the same thing but in reverse, (like -50% or -62.5 multishot stack effectiveness on "special bows and crossbows" or something like that) I would love to see you flex that programming dev skill and muscle a lot more within Warframe and show us that you can do it Thank you DE and others who read this, feel free to comment and show whatever support you have of this idea or concerns if any, i hope this gets noticed and picked up, i'd love to be able to use split flights on all the weapons I love and use~<3 Good Luck, Good Fortune, Have Fun, and Enjoy Yourselves~<3
  6. 1. When you invite other players to your dojo or when you are invited to someone else's dojo they/you can spawn in the Rail Jack regardless of if they were or weren't in a Rail Jack to begin with, there have been multiple times where people spawn in my dojo's Rail Jack or me spawning in the Rail Jack of their dry dock room, it's quite annoying and slows down trades considerably. 2. When you or others spawn in the Rail Jack, you can't send or receive trade invites until you EXIT the Rail Jack, which is what causes trading speed to slow down and become quite annoying, the best thing we can do is inform people about the issue so they can know in the future about the Rail Jack preventing trading, but none the less, it's still annoying for both buyer and seller. 3. For whatever reason, i have had multiple times when someone tried to sell me something, only for them to see that the prime BP they are trying to sell me says that I'm mastery locked out of being able to buy it, despite the fact that i'm mastery 28. At first i thought that for some reason they were locked out of selling the BP because they themselves were too low, despite the fact that MR is only supposed to prevent buying from someone if your too low, selling to someone is not supposed to take into account your own mastery, but only the other person's mastery. But then i got someone who checked if they could sell their Limbo Prime BP, Limbo Prime BP requires mastery rank 5, they're mastery rank 10 and i'm mastery 28, and even that was locked because of "too low mastery" so there is clearly some kind of annoying bug revolving around the MR incorrectly restricting trades between people.
  7. The only thing i can say to that is asking you to make a list of things about Volt that Volt does better Vs Gauss, that that is the most valuable and informative choice you could make when forming a response, I would much prefer that as it will help other players know the advantages/disadvantages and what to expect from Volt and how to use Volt. Thank you. I'm talking about speed in practice, in mission, not in a controlled environment, the Effective Speed of a Warframe, controlled environments can only give so much data when it comes to studies in general, the Effective Speed of the Warframes can only be determined through the usage of them in actual missions. There are too many situations and issues that both Warframes face that will prevent them from using their Top Speed and reduce them down to an Effective speed, a speed they end up actually going due to the many obstacles in their way, this counts all obstacles including human error and the learning process. The only place you can use their Top Speed and achieve their Top Speed as their actual Effective Speed is in open world, which the open world in itself is the controlled environment, therefore it doesn't count towards the determination of Effective Speed. All of this combined you will get: Warframe Average Effective Speed: The speed at which the average person in the community can expect to achieve when using this Warframe in missions. Warframe Top Effective Speed: The Closest to Top Speed that the most experienced and fastest players have achieved when using this Warframe in missions. Warframe Personal Effective Speed: The Fastest Effective speed you can achieve personally when using this Warframe in missions. Warframe Effective Speed Improvement Rate: The average expected rate at which players improve their Effective Speed to get closer to the Top Effective Speed when using this Warframe in missions. Warframe Theoretical Effective Speed: The Effective Speed that people think could be done theoretically if everything is done perfectly and masterfully when using this Warframe in missions.
  8. oh yea, i actually forgot about that one, i do it all the time, zoom! blap acceltra on enemies, everything is dead, zoom zoom zoom, next set of enemies, splat acceltra again, and repeat, so fast lol, there are quite a few times where i was actually faster at clearing a fissure extermination than a nuke frame by doing that, all the shots just have to have to land and hit everything and swap targets fast as you can, then zoom to next enemies before the nuke frame arrives XD, and next thing you know you have top kill count.
  9. In controlled tests you will see that volt is faster, but in actual missions and in practice there are multiple issues that Volt has that will end up screwing him over and making him worse than Gauss. In-mission in-practice comparisons between Volt and Gauss: Volt 1. Volt constantly gets 1 shotted by stuff that just simply looks at him angrily. (typically happens after mid-game) Gauss 1. Gauss's ability Kit makes him a tanky beast. Volt 2. if you have a Gauss in your game, your speed buff will buff the Gauss, there for, making you leagues slower than the Gauss. Gauss 2. if you're the Gauss, you will use that buff volt gave you and have fun with it while you then wait at extraction for 20 seconds or more for the Volt and others to get to meet you at the extraction while playing around on your shawzin. Volt 3. if enemies get in your way, they will block your movement, making it easier for enemies to kill you by slapping you with a melee. Gauss 3. I CAME IN LIKE A WRECKING BALL, lol, zoom! out of my way XD, in other words, enemies can't block you as Gauss if you use either the dash or the rush, you physically move enemies out of your way, it becomes impossible for enemies to hit you with cheap melee's after trapping you with their bodies because they simply can't. Volt 4. Volt is prone to being knocked down, you can get knock down immunity with primed sure footed but that would be at the extent of removing one of the mods you need to have equipped to be faster than Gauss. Gauss 4. Gauss can just dash through the knockdowns with the dash part of his ability and i think the rush too, he has knockdown immunity while his dash is being used and casted, so knockdowns will be very limited as the only time it can happen will be the limited time windows between each casting. Volt 5. Volt has no damage resistance ability. Gauss. 5 Kinetic plating + Red Line Synergy. Volt 6. 6+ forma minmaxing non-sense, constant polarity conflicts which will force you to build another volt if you want to make other builds in a way that won't suck, Example: the inability to make good Discharge/Eidolon hunt builds Gauss 6. 1 forma and you're basically good, not a minmaxing dump, will work with other builds easily. Volt 7. Volt's ability duration might actually be at or close to base duration due to getting almost max strength and you will likely also have negative efficiency due to blind rage being practically required on volt speed build, meaning that it ends up being more energy intensive. Gauss 7. Gauss loves ability duration and efficiency, does not use strength to make him faster, only sprint speed alone makes him faster, due to being able to comfortably equip both duration and efficiency with literally 0 problems at all, his energy demands are very tiny and limited in comparison, that and having Red Line up will half the energy consumption of Mach Rush and it's dash, meaning that your energy demands are even lower. Volt 8. As stated in "Volt 1." he is extremely squishy, making him unplayable in most missions after mid game, especially sorties, and don't even try on rail jack, he dies on early rail jack pretty hilariously due to how hard hitting the enemies in rail jack are by default. Gauss 8. Can basically play anything, as stated in "Gauss 1." he is a tanky beast, meaning that he can play pretty much everything late and end game, Sorties and Rail jack Veil are no problem for Gauss. Volt 9. Energy reduction missions are a big fat pain for volt. Gauss 9. Energy reduction missions are not a problem what so ever. Volt 10. Nullifiers are scary for volt, you can more often find times where you are too low on energy to cast it back up immediately due to how much energy each cast will take (with 45% ability efficiency due to having blind rage on) Gauss 10. Nullifiers are a minor inconvenience bulk majority of the time it goes like this,"oops, i accidentally touched a Nullifier, well it's a good thing i still have like 100+ energy from how little i'm consuming" *shrugs* (175% ability efficiency) Volt 11. lack of kit use flexibility, he is full on reliant on his speed ability, the rest of his kit is basically useless to him. Gauss 11. great flexibility, can and will actively cast and use his 1, 2, and 4, only his 3 is not useful to his speed build. Volt 12. Volt Suffers from not only from Acceleration but some pretty annoying momentum that is hard to combat and control. Gauss 12. Gauss is full speed almost instantly and can easily combat and deal with the momentum he has through use of the Dash part of his Mach Rush, instantly changing direction and canceling out his previously gained momentum and his Dash adds a very limited amount of momentum making it very easy to control after coming out of his dash. In my conclusions: Speed Volt is faster and better at early game up to mid game where stuff has trouble killing squishy things, but doesn't scale past mid game, it can do Void Capture Hepit Faster than Gauss, but takes lots of practice, you need to know how to get up to speed as fast and efficiently as possible while knowing how to combat it's ridiculous momentum. Gauss is faster and better in later mid game and up to end game, he scales greatly due to his damage resistance ability in his kit and the synergies between abilities in his kit, it takes a bit of practice to master how to use the Dash and the Rush to the best of it's ability while you don't have to worry much at all about momentum as learning about momentum is not a big part of learning how to Gauss right. Both have their their own advantages. Which frame wins overall? Gauss wins due to his ability to play General Well Rounded Content much smoother and cleaner than Volt can, and the fact that Gauss is much easier and much more casual to set up, pick up, and play.
  10. What Nyx Really Needs another nerf. because memes.
  11. Kareekoe

    Limbo tweaks

    readd bullet stopping so people can't use their guns again, this would be the best move for DE to remove fun from Limbo.
  12. but.. b-but.. if DE did that, mag would be fun.. and like.. I thought we aren't allowed to have fun, aren't we supposed to post about what we have fun with in the forums so DE could fix that problem by nerfing and removing that pesky gross fun we find and have in the game? -visible confusion-
  13. increasing base speed won't do anything to Mach Rush's awful maneuverability... which is the reason why no one uses the Rush... Dash provides a much better maneuverability and is faster at traveling through general game play missions than Rush because you aren't constantly crashing into things to stop your rush and it's also less consuming on energy and less annoying to cast because it's tap spam rather than holding down the ability. Additionally, Gauss is the fastest frame on land currently on PC, because Wukong's cloud walker was nerfed to crap with it's sprint speed no longer affecting cloud walker's speed anymore, and Gauss is the fastest on land specifically, i'm pretty sure DE has no intentions on making him faster than or as fast as an Archwing or Titania through normal modding/statistical means if that is what you are suggesting, it would just be too ridiculous, not even Wukong's cloud walker with sprint speed mods affecting him was faster than Archwing/Titania before the nerf, and i'm pretty sure it's going to stay that way.
  14. the Irony about Mach Rush is that most people use the Dash of the ability and not the rush, because the dash is better and the Rush sucks in far too many ways in comparison to the Dash in all around general gameplay. the only way to fix the ability in my opinion would be to increase the amount Dash customization available to players and ignore rush for now until after Dash is reworked, currently the only thing that the Dash is affected by is Ability Efficiency and nothing else, which is pretty limiting and bad for an ability. they should also rename the ability to "Mach Dash", because the Rush is a joke and because having the ability named after the least used and worst part of the ability is embarrassing.
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