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  1. After Update there's some problem that i found. Here list the i found so far: Takedown moa/corpus drones mission on Orb Vallis bounty unable to complete (result mission failed or unable to complete 2nd objective within time limit). Is good now that player have to go to specific place that mark on the map but the problems occurs after arrive on the place. I have both case happening today, first takedown moa mission, enemy's moa is so few and so many corpus crew arrive when drop via dropship. Second takedown corpus drones and this one is the worst not only corpus crew always arrive via dropship with one or two moa but the drones is very rare or in some case never spawn. High level bounty mission (bounty 5 enemy lv 40-60). I have assassination target on last mission today but enemy target level's exceed bounty level boundary, i meet my assassination target on lv 68 is hard to kill and it's life and armor is very thick also it's damage scale is very high. K- Drive jets color doesn't apply when player summon K- Drive, is on default color. Liberate camp on Cetus bounty. This mission have high chance to failed because everytime Grineer dropship arrive & entering mission area boundary, is decreasing gauge meter faster because system detect dropship as enemy that player must takedown and it's really annoying on high level bounty.
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