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  1. If you're intent on doing the leveling solo, Spy missions with only one weapon equipped are probably your best bet. Avoid alarms in the vaults to maximize affinity. Otherwise, Mobile Defense or something with an objective is also an option. Objective Affinity is divided among all equipment. In Both cases, the farther in the star chart you can run missions, the better. But the solo options are (almost always) gonna be slower than hitting up almost any mission in a group.
  2. Inflammation causes temporary "growth" but when treated properly it shrinks.
  3. Im a big fan of gilded 233 amp with Virtuous Fury (currently rank 2) and running the Madurai school for Void Strike's extra damage. i also have all but Vazarin's way-bounds unlocked. The primary fire multi hits the teralyst and gauntalyst consistently, and the hydrolyst often enough. The secondary fire is more to alleviate the issues of aiming with a controller while moving, but it tears through vomvalysts whenever they are more spread out (like during the eidolon's final healing phase when most players ignore voms) so ymmv. And Virtuous fury is up for most if not all of my amp's charge
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