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  1. shootin at the walls of heartache bang bang
  2. Read the OP and comments on the first page. In a game where mechanics are so easily subverted in the late-game, i don't think warframe has had any content that has been truly "endgame" in the challenging sense. The greatest challenge in warframe, honestly after going back through it on a PC account, it the initial starchart with lack of credits, endo, forma, and available weapons. No operator, no arcanes, no easy self-heal that doesn't take up mod space, etc. The greatest challenge is found in early-game unless you don't partake in the mechanic abuse. And it is/was(?) very easy to respond to the call of mechanic abuse.
  3. Syndicate missions that provide standing upon completion reset when sortie resets (12pm-1pm EST) vs the other "daily" reset (login rewards/argon half-life/sndicate rep etc.). This is from my experience in the past and may not be accurate any longer: If you reach the Standing limit in the syndicate (5000/5000, ex) and advance the rank in that syndicate (0/25000), the unlocked tier of missions (maybe all three no matter what?) will become available prior to the next normal sortie reset.
  4. Numerical Dipsositions Balla .9 Cyath .9 Dehat 1.1 Dohkram .85 Kronsh 1.15 Mewan 1.05 Oothla 1.1 Keewar .85 Kripath .8 Rabvee 1.15 Sepfahn .9 Dispositions in the UI may still be "3/5 Dots" or what a numerical value of "1" usually translates to. I haven't checked since the update and don't know the numerical breakpoints vs the displayed dots. The above as of
  5. And unless something has changed in the years it has been around, it removes 6 base armor per hit, so enemy level (and scaling) doesn't matter. It will always take the same number of hits to remove armor from a specific enemy type.
  6. Inflammation causes temporary "growth" but when treated properly it shrinks.
  7. Were you looking at the heavy attack damage value at the bottom of the arsenal stats?
  8. Cuthol count. They're my NW go-to (not too shabby for standing either). I recommend "The Ribs" for the location. Smallish pond with 3 possible hotspots (that i've saw). Dye/Oxylis from shore illuminates most of the pond. All is visible from a dashwire.
  9. The New Strange quest takes you there early as well.
  10. It'll probably work. But compared to viral/heat or even corrosive/heat i wouldn't call it "good" by comparison. And i don't even know what blast actually does at this point.
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