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  1. thewhitepanda1205

    Tennobaum gifting center

    Happy Holidays! Hopefully it's not too greedy, but this is my Tennobaum List: -Potatoes -Warframe, Weapon, and/or Riven Slots (Thanks for the Riven Slots, Kinetos!) -Solstice Daedalus Armor Pieces/Set -Trinity Stregra Skin/Collection -Staff Lower Back Holster -Ivara Thank you to anyone who's kind enough to give me anything here! Hopefully the community can reach the highest donation goal!
  2. Great job with the rework guys! :) The tweaks are amazing even though nothing major really changed. I can actually tank level 90s right now with my build. :0 :) Just 2 things: 1) Is Smite still doing bad, but slightly less bad damage, the extent of the scaling for his 1 because I thought that Smite would chip away more than 1/16 of a level 90 enemy's health with the changes. 2) I think Hallowed Ground's visuals are bugged. I run on low particle settings and right now, his magical carpet is invisible for me. Great Job again, and hopefully you address at least my 2nd point.
  3. I've always loved Oberon since I got him in April 2016 and over time I've invested several formas and two Arcane sets into him. Now I love him even more. I'm really pleased with the rework for the most part and I'm happy that you listened to the community's (including my own) feedback about Renewal. I'm personally fine with Hallowed Ground not being an aura because I've always only used it to strip procs and because now it will sort of be like Ice Wave Impedance where you cast it offensively to debuff enemies. I now only have 2 gripes with it: A) His Passive still being linked to animals. I admit that this is much better than his old passive, however, it limits Oberon players to animal companions and puts you at a disadvantage for using sentinels like Carrier or Shade. Personally, I would like one of two changes: 1) It affects Sentinels too. 2) Scrap this one and make a new one something like this: "When Oberon kills irradiated enemies, they have a chance of dropping a health orb/release a small healing pulse of 5-15 health." Edit: 3) Just replace his passive with Vauban's. It fits and helps Oberon much more than it does Vauban. B) Reckoning still only dropping health orbs when enemies are killed. I understand that it would be semi-OP on the low end if they changed it to chance of dropping health orbs on hit instead of kill with its current health orb drop chance. However, if you lowered the percentage from 50% to lets say 20%, you wouldn't be swimming in pools of health orbs, but you would have enough to make a build off of. I feel that this change would greatly help his already decent survivability by making Health Conversion more viable. Hopefully the rework still ships by the end of April, but it'll probably be delayed if you follow more suggestions to make Oberon better. *To all of the people that have posted asking for it to be a flat armor buff from the Renewal/Hallowed Ground synergy instead of a percentage, watch the Prime Time clip again. In it, Rebecca and Megan confirm that it's a flat armor buff.
  4. thewhitepanda1205

    Thanks For Watching Prime Time #161!

    I'm really happy with Oberon's rework as part of the #OberonMasterRace. The only two things that I'm unhappy with are: A) His Renewal still ending at full health. I like Oberon and his skills, but it's a bit of an inconvenience needing to cast it over and over because instead of an instant heal, it's a HoT. I'm fine with and like it being a HoT, but I would like it to last its full duration no matter what even if you are currently topped-off. B) His Passive still being linked to animals. I understand that Oberon is the Fairy King in European culture and a Paladin/Druid mix ingame, however, less than the majority of the playerbase uses pets over Sentinels because of Vacuum. Could you make his passive be something that both parties can enjoy, like irradiated enemies having a chance to drop a health orb when killed by Oberon or a healing pulse when killed by him.
  5. thewhitepanda1205

    Thanks for Watching Devstream #90!

    Quoted from his response to the Announcement:
  6. thewhitepanda1205

    Octavia's Anthem: Hotfix 20.0.6

    So is there an update coming soon this week? Also, thanks for the Hotfix.
  7. thewhitepanda1205

    PC: Where's Update 19.13.0!?

    noudblrdfiel "Build fieldron".
  8. thewhitepanda1205

    PC Update Deploy Status: 02/08/17

    Can we get the ETA for the update?
  9. thewhitepanda1205

    The Glast Gambit: Hotfix 19.5.7

    So is this week's update coming today, tomorrow, or Friday? Or has it been [DE]layed?
  10. thewhitepanda1205

    Coming Soon: Devstream #85!

    I just have a few simple questions: 1. Most Importantly, Oberon Prime in May? And Oberon Rework When? (One Suggestion is to make change the augment for Hallowed Ground, Hallowed Eruption, into a new augment, let's call it Hallowed Aura. This would simply make Hallowed Ground an Aura and the Aura would carry over all of Hallowed Ground's effects.) #OberonForLife #OberonMasterRace 2. Volt Cloth Physics and Deluxe Skin When? 3. Frost Deluxe When? 4. Dark Sectors Coming Back When?
  11. thewhitepanda1205

    Vote For Warframe! [Results are in!]

    Congratulations, DE! You guys worked hard this year and I feel that you deserve it, even though their is a lot of salt on the forums and subreddit/reddit right now.
  12. thewhitepanda1205

    PC Update Deploy Plans (10/19/16)

    :( :( :( / D: D: D: Besides that :)